Welles House – Living in a Haunted House – Day 1

Welles House – 46 South Welles Street, Wilkes Barre  – Day 1

I still can’t believe that I am purchasing a haunted house.  While meeting with the family members we discovered some paper work that was left in the house by the mother who had died in the house.  They included numerous newspaper clippings and paperwork showing the Ed and Lorraine Warren had investigated the house in the 1970’s.  After meeting with them we finally got settled in the house around 7pm and started unpacking.

When JJ and I started unpacking some of gear and exploring the house we were standing in the living room and heard 3 bangs that were immediately followed by scurrying sound, as if something was running on the side of the walls, almost as if child was running. I have heard mice before and this wasn’t anything of the sort, overall I would say JJ and I both heard it about 10 times throughout the night which really makes me wonder if it was something paranormal in nature, I guess we will find out.

As JJ and I continued to clean the house we decided to take a break and travel down to the basement to see what lies down there and check on the broiler. As we got down into the basement it reminded me a lot of the same type of feeling that emanates from the Sallie House, real dark, depressive, and as if something is always watching you. It really didn’t take us that long all but 1 minute to hear something could be paranormal in nature. There was a loud, deep moaning moan which turned into a growl that surrounded us. We didn’t have any recorders at the time, however there was no mistaking that it originated from the basement. As I lied in my bed hours later, footsteps could be heard upstairs, pacing back and fourth as if it was watching over something..I was awoken this morning by something tapping me on the head, as I opened my eyes I realized that JJ was still asleep. One thing I noticed is that it is really cold in this house, even though the temp reads 7o.

Welles House Day Paranormal Investigation Video

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  1. Hi Tim! Wow….looks like it kicked off straight away at the house for you, be CAREFULL!! Thank’s so much for doing this for us all….it’s very exciting and I won’t be missing a minute of this event!! Hugs!! 🙂

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