Yellowstone National Park Ghost Sightings

Greetings Tim and Crew!  Love your work.  I was a skeptic of the paranormal until my paranormal experience at Yellowstone National Park.  Here’s my ghost story and it is absolutely real.

My Yellowstone National Park Ghost Sighting

I worked as a surveyor in SW Montana near Yellowstone Park and had a job beside the Yellowstone River in the Upper Yellowstone Valley and I believe this to be one of the most haunted locations that I have ever been to.  One day as I was walking along a river side channel, I stepped on a half-submerged log and a large trout swam out from beneath it.  All of a sudden, the light and air around me seemed crisper.  I looked down and found a large rectangular stone about 50 lbs in weight with a red ocher design painted on it.  It was the most formidable Native American artifact I had ever seen!  It looked like it had been placed near a small river tributary which had long since dried up.  I picked it up, put it in the truck and took it home.

My apartment was in a basement and I placed the stone on a platform built to cover the water meter and line in my living room.  On the night of a total eclipse of the moon, I was working in the adjacent room, my office.  The instant the eclipse happened, my room was filled with small tapping noises, all coming from different places.  I thought it might have been mice frightened by the eclipse, so I discounted the noises.  In a few minutes, the tapping ceased in that room but started up in the living

yellowstone ghost sighting
A rendering of a Yellowstone Ghost

room.  Curious, I got up again and went in.  When I did, the noise somehow translated to a faint growling or grinding sound which I  understood to be coming from behind the stone!  As I stood there in disbelief, the growling became louder and louder and began to sound like rock being crushed.  I was frightened.  The sound became louder and louder until I thought something was going to burst into the room from behind the rock.  I panicked and the only thing I could think of was to remove the stone and place it face down immediately.  When I did this the noise stopped instantly.

Several months later, that winter, I was working in a very remote hill region near Round-Up, Montana.  My partner, Dave, and I were setting a corner down in a snowy, tree-filled hollow.  The temperature was around zero and the air was so cold the air glittered with sparkling ice crystals.  The snow was very deep.  As we were working, I glanced up a hillside and spotted someone coming down toward us.  I showed Dave and he looked at him through a binocular.  He said the guy only had a shirt, hat and pants on, he wasn’t properly dressed at all.  When the fellow arrived at where we were working, I couldn’t look him in the eye for some reason and Dave carried the conversation with him.  It was all very vague and his answers were odd.  Dave told him we wanted to take him out of there and the guy agreed saying he had a place up on the ridge above us.  He asked if he could ride with me, climbed on and put his arms around my waist!

When we got to the ridge, the guy said he’d get off because he lived just around the bend.  There weren’t supposed to be any houses in this area but we didn’t argue with him.  In the time it took us to whip the ATVs around, he had vanished without a trace.  As we drove back down to the hollow, I looked toward the direction the guy had taken to come down to see us but there were no tracks!  When I recalled seeing him approach us, he just sort of floated to us and my brain couldn’t process that at the time.  That must have been why I couldn’t look him in the eye.

Anyway, I had many more bizarre events transpire while I had the stone so I contacted a Native American woman I knew and asked her about it.  She contacted several medicine men but none of them wanted anything to do with stone.  She said they told her it was a spirit stone, a manitou, and it is very sacred.  I finally just left it on her steps.  My life has never been the same since, one misfortune after another.  I even met a little man, who, if he wasn’t the devil himself, he was one of his close personal friends.  That encounter lasted for several months, was truly strange but it’s another story all together.  I survived his spiritual attack upon me so I must be doing something right!

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