46 South Welles Street Welles Paranormal Caught on Camera

ghost pulls shirt at the haunted welles house

In 2014 we lived at the haunted house located at 46 South Welles for three months straight trying to document the paranormal activity on camera that was reported for the past century.  The paranormal activity in the home climaxed during the 1970s when the Bennetts left all of their possessions one night.   The basement of the house over the years has had numerous reports of paranormal activity and it is one of the oldest areas of the house.  It is speculated that before the house was completely built, the residents used the basement as a temporary place to live while the rest of the home was being built.

46 south welles st wilkes barre haunted house

The previous owner lived alone in the house for ten years.  Wellness checks were performed once a week by her family, during the checks her family would find her in the basement with the lights off talking to the walls in the basement. When asked what she was doing, she wouldn’t reply.  Other family members experienced unexplained cold spots, voices, and feelings of being touched there.  Unwilling to move she eventually died in the home.

While we stayed in the home we experienced many of the same things that the family reported.  Often times I was drawn to the darkness of the basement, and sometimes I saw blue orbs that would manifest on their own out of nowhere.  I remember the first night that we slept in the house we had wandered down to the basement when he heard an unexplained scream that seem to emanate from the walls of the house.

Paranormal Caught on Camera at 46 South Welles Street Wilkes Barre

During this video, Tim was investigating the basement when his shirt was pulled by an unseen force.  Before this happened Tim was using playing audio from an Islamic exorcism prayer as a means of provoking the demonic entity.  Soon after Tim started playing the exorcism tapes numerous audible EVPs were captured on his voice recorder, and the atmosphere in the basement became extremely heavy.  It became so heavy in fact that Tim during the live ghost hunt said that he was having trouble breathing. Soon after that, his shirt was pulled by the entity on camera.

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