Haunted Santa Rosa Rural Cemetery

santa rosa rural cemetery
The first time that I visited the Santa Rosa Rural cemetery was in 2005, and we were able to capture some amazing paranormal activity on camera.  Since that first visit this cemetery has always intrigued me and has become on of my favorite haunted locations to investigate.  Scott, Patrick, and I decided to revisit the historic Santa Rosa Rural cemetery in hopes of capturing paranormal activity and it did not disappoint.
The Santa Rosa cemetery is reported to be haunted by many ghosts, and on recent visits we have discovered signs of occult activity.  Many people report seeing shadow figures that dart around the grounds, disembodied voices, and ghost like figures. The gravestones in the cemetery date back to mid 1800’s and there are many notable California pioneers buried there.  Despite the cemetery being one of the most beautiful places to the eye that I have ever visited, the cemetery has creepy feeling.  In the paranormal video below we captured one of the clearest EVPs that I ever captured. If you watch the video at the 1:00:00 time mark you will hear the EVP.   The investigator asks, “What’s your message” and it replies “It’s a vampire”.

Santa Rosa Rural Cemetery Paranormal Video

During the broadcast we had a psychic who wanted to draw a sketch about what she was picking from the investigation. Her psychic impressions are as follows

Psychic Impressions and Sketch

I could see the black haired woman that wears white that I see a lot around Tim.  She felt very rooted in this place even though she is obviously mobile.  She had outstretched arms and was reaching out towards Tim.  There was also a smaller creature much like what I would call a minion, that looked somewhat like an insect at first but as I started to see it more clearly, I could see it had horns on its head and horns coming out of it shoulders and very long legs. It was hunched over and staring directly at me. I believe that this entity is a soul holder. We’ve all talked or read or heard about soul keepers, soul takers, soul collectors, this entity is not that. This particular entity holds the souls for its keeper.  It’s only purpose is that to hold onto the souls that it’s master has collected.  I assume it’s master is this black haired being.  I also feel that the reason it follows Tim is because he is one soul it has yet to collect and has become obsessed with collecting him.
santa rosa rural cemetery
A psychic rendering of the Santa Rosa Rural Cemetery


santa rosa cemetery
Weird markings can be found on the tombstones at Santa Rosa Rural Cemetery by Day.

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