Due to the fact that I could not travel out to this paranormal investigation that Tim was going to be doing with Patrick we came up with an alternate plan. I would be FaceTiming  in during some point of the night so that I could feel the space around them and possibly see anything paranormal.
 About an hour before I got the call I had a blast of visions going through my head which led me to start drawing immediately. This is sometimes how images come to me quickly, furiously,  and I have to sketch quickly and furiously. Any of you who have watched me during live shows know how that process can be very frenetic. Unbeknownst to me at the same time, Tim and Patrick were experiencing a lot of paranormal activity. I could see where they were.  I could see what was around them and I hadn’t seen where they were through FaceTime yet.  I could see the black haired woman that wears white that I see a lot around Tim.  She felt very rooted in this place even though she is obviously mobile.  She had outstretched arms and was reaching out towards Tim.  There was also a smaller creature much like what I would call a minion, that looked somewhat like an insect at first but as I started to see it more clearly, I could see it had horns on its head and horns coming out of it shoulders and very long legs. It was hunched over and staring directly at me. I believe that this entity is a soul holder. We’ve all talked or read or heard about soul keepers, soul takers, soul collectors, this entity is not that. This particular entity holds the souls for its keeper.  It’s only purpose is that to hold onto the souls that it’s master has collected.  I assume it’s master is this black haired being.  I also feel that the reason it follows Tim is because he is one soul it has yet to collect and has become obsessed with collecting him.
The trees and shrubbery around them were unkempt and wiry and the gravestones were also unkempt. It was an unusual scene because cemeteries are usually kept well somewhat and this being memorial weekend I would expect that. But that’s not what I saw. As I finished the sketch and texted it to Tim just as he called me. He started asking me questions and I asked if he’d received the text yet and he had not. It came in while we were talking and he said in a hushed tone, “Kristin, this is exactly where we are.”  I have to admit I’m always a bit surprised when what I see is what’s happening but to have him say he was right where I’d sketched and I hadn’t even seen the place before was amazing.
zozo psychic drawing
zozo ouija demon drawing by kmanningart
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I'm an artist, a wife and mom of two. I'm also a sensitive. Love the paranormal and like to see how far we can take it. I get visions of spirit, I see spirit, and get premonitions of death and events.