Real Demon Drawings and Psychic Sketches

Being an Empath and Artist

demonic shadow figure sketch
St. Ignatius Demonic Shadow Figure Drawing, by Kmanning
I have been an Artist and an Sensitive Empath my entire life. I call myself a Sensitive instead of a psychic or medium because I find those names to be used to liberally and most times untrue. I believe I am sensitive to the other realm. It’s as simple as that.  Over the past 5 years I have been drawing ghosts, demons, and other paranormal anomalies that I can see psychically while I am on the investigation or watching remote via the livestream. Some of the real demon drawings are disturbing in nature, reader discretion is advised.
I’ve always drawn what I’ve seen real and spiritually real. I’ve never shown the spiritual works with explanation to anyone but my husband. In college I’d make up a story or say nothing and let the professors make their conclusions on the subject matter because I live in Kansas and my gifts are quite frankly not welcome here.
Always interested in testing my abilities, but being suspicious of any para teams in Kansas (sorry I didn’t know any then) I would search the Internet and YouTube for people doing paranormal investigations. I’d also search for haunted places in my state that I could drive to. This lead me to the Sallie House website and then to discovering on YouTube doing investigations at the house. I’d never seen a group do live shows, and watching them I’d be drawing madly at what I was seeing around them. This was back in the days of Scotty, Tim, and Patrick in the house. I was transfixed  and what I saw had nothing to do with the Pickmans experience in the house, which was several years earlier.

Real Demon Drawings

When drawing what I was seeing, and still to this day, I keep it to EXACTLY what I see no matter how strange or unusual. One particular scene Tim was upstairs in the operating room of the Sallie House, and you could hear the sliding and footsteps of something in the hallway approaching the room as he was challenging whatever was there.  I saw a dog like animal come in and circle him. He said he could feel something in there and as I was yelling at my computer screen “look out!!” It’s tail hit him and he immediately reacted to the hit.

Demonic Hell Hound? Demon Drawing by Kmanning

Most of the time in the house I also saw a woman spirit with crazy black

scary witch psychic drawing
Woman Spirit Drawing by Kmanning

hair and dressed in all white. She seemed to focus on Tim and she responded to the franks box in the basement several times. I wondered if she was a Beelzebub demon minion or separate entity.

I kept my drawings to myself until I saw on Tim’s website and that he was going back to the house.  I thought about it for days, reaching out to show him my demon drawings.  In my previous experiences people just don’t believe you. I finally thought, screw it and emailed Livescifi. Now I didn’t know this until later that Tim NEVER just up and invites or meets a viewer due to the overwhelming amount of people who would show up and ultimately disturb the real reason he was there which is to investigate and get evidence. So basically I never share and he never invites. It was a moment meant to happen.

I emailed Livescifi and Tim invited me to drive up during the day to show him the demon drawings and then leave. I arrived as the guys were having lunch and after an awkward hello Tim said “we are having lunch, you’re welcome to tour the house by yourself if you want to”.  Now something they didn’t know about me was I would take that as a challenge.  I replied “ok no problem”. I first went upstairs and took time to feel the rooms. I then went back to the first floor where they were eating and walked past them to the basement. I wasn’t going to back down or look like a scared woman damn it. As I descended the stairs I could feel the air become thicker and heavy.

sallie house demon, real demon drawing
Dr. Finney, Psychic Drawing by Kmanning

I walked slowly to the other side of the basement room from the stairs and stood just soaking it all in. I cleared my mind and said to myself “don’t think about where you are…open up to what is here”. As I stood the limestone wall started to rock and sway like the carnival effect. I then turned my attention to the hole and was met in gaze with two red eyes. I’ve said before on camera when in moments like these I feel more like an observer, which I think prevents me from running away scared. We stared at each other, this thing and I for several moments. I really don’t know how long it was or even realized that there were static cameras on me. I eventually went back upstairs to show them the reason I had come, which was to show the demon drawing.

Finished with lunch, they invited me to sit down and first I showed them a separate sketchbook of my regular art and portraits because I wanted them to understand my level of talent. I then described the moment I’d seen the dog like creature hit Tim’s leg and showed the drawing.

They all were polite and seemed interested. Tim was sitting next to me on the couch and I turned the page while saying “I see her around you a lot” and as my drawing came in to his view he suddenly got up and left the room. I didn’t know what to make of that, did I do something wrong? Patrick came over and looked and said “oh my god” and then I realized I must’ve hit some kind of nerve. Tim gathered himself and came back at me with a plethora of questions “where have you seen her….how many times….does she say anything…..” And so on. What he then told me is that he had been told by other psychics that he has a spirit, described like my drawing, attached to him. I was dumbfounded and happy. Validation!! I’d never had that! I knew he wasn’t going to talk much more due to the shock of it all and I also knew I didn’t want to overstay my welcome. Come, show sketches, leave. They invited me to stay longer and I politely refused because I wanted to let them know I’m here for the same thing they are. Discovery and validation, not a fan girl who wants to hang out. As I left and was opening my car door I saw over me a huge black Raven like wing, but huge like it would fit on a human and immediately ducked out of the way. When I looked back up…..nothing. I got in my car and drove home.

real demon drawings
Welles House Demon Scene, drawing by Kmanning
So that is how we met. I began drawing while Livescifi was live and tweeting them out to Tim and a mutual friendship of respect and the passion for discovery of the paranormal, particularly demons has built over the years. I will always be grateful to Livescifi for allowing me to step out of my comfort zone and show my drawings to strangers. And I will continue to do so until the day I die.

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