Valak Demon Real History Conjuring 2 Movie

Is the Valak Demon Real?

Last week the movie the Conjuring 2 debuted, in the valak demon movie it featured the demon Valak. But is the Valak demon real in the Conjuring 2? The demon Valak is real, however it has never been depicted as scary nun as seen in the movie the the Conjuring 2.  This aspect of the Demon Valak is completely fake, thanks Hollywood!

Who is the Real Valak Demon?

Historically the demon Valak takes the form of child and has wings. According to the book of Goetia the demon Valak also goes by the names Valax, Valu, Valic, Volac, ais the Great President of Hell and possesses 38 legions of demons.  In the book of Goetia Valak. Valak appears as a hild with Angel’s Wings, riding on a Two-headed Dragon. His Office is to give True Answers of Hidden Treasures, and to tell where Serpents may be seen. The which he will bring unto the Exorciser without any Force or Strength being by him employed. In the movie the Conjuring 2, there were a few scenes were a possessed child is seen running through the house in Amityville down to the basement, is this a manifestation of Valak?  In any case, I found it interesting that the producers of the Conjuring 2 decided to use this demon in their plot and tie it back to the Amityville case.

Other Historical Texts were the demon Valak is mentioned

Dictionnaire Infernal – Collin de Plancy (1863)
Volac, Valak, Valac is high-president of hell and commands 30 legions. He appears as a child with angel’s wings and riding on a two-headed dragon. He tells of the positions of the planets and where to find serpents

Pseudomonarchia daemonum – Johann Wier (1583)
Valac is a great president, and commeth abroad with angels wings like a boie, riding on a twoheaded dragon, he perfectlie answereth of treasure hidden, and where serpents may be seene, which he delivereth into the conjurors hands, void of anie force or strength, and hath dominion over thirtie legions of divels.