Bloody Sweater Discovered at the Sallie House

Possible Cause for the Sallie House Haunting?

Back in 2011 we discovered a sweater that was covered in blood at the Sallie House. Could this blood soaked sweater be the cause for the Sallie House Haunting? What was really strange about this discovery was that the sweater was accidentally found in the attic of the Sallie House underneath the insulation. Subsequent luminol tests that we conducted would reveal that the sweater and the closet did have blood on them.  Weeks before the investigation of the house I had a dream were I was sitting in the living room with a boy.  The boy walked me up the stairs and brought me to the master bedroom closet. Shortly after that in my dream I saw the boy wearing a blue sweater, chained to the pipe, and bleeding out from several stab wounds. Could this be a premonition of something that occurred in the Sallie House, could it be just a sweater that was used as a rag. The master bedroom bedroom closet has been a hotbed of activity for many paranormal investigators in the past, with unexplained noises, feeling of dizziness, and physical attacks occurring there.  In the Sallie House documentary psychic Robbie Thomas, described the closet as a portal for paranormal activity.  Could it be that he was possibly picking up on the energy from the sweater?

Some of the key characteristics of this sweater.

  • Brand – Sears and Robuck, label shows that sweater to be made  from 1970 to 1996.
  • Puncture hole in Front and Back of Sweater
  • Blood stains are more concentrated in lower stomach region of the sweater, back and front
  • Blood stain on right elbow

Could this be from the little boy ghost that multiple eye witnesses have seen, and captured evps from?

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