ZoZo Demon Ouija House


Starting October 21st the livescifi.tv team and Darren Evans, co-author of THE ZOZO PHENOMENON, are combining forces to investigate and broadcast from the location known as the Zozo House in Sand Springs, Oklahoma. The investigators will spend 72 hours straight locked into the location, live streaming the entire time, beginning October 21, 2016. To watch the live broadcast, and chat with other paranormal enthusiasts visit the livescifi.tv YouTube page

The entity known as Zozo is frequently referred to as the Ouija demon, because of its appearance during spirit board sessions. Currently on YouTube, there are over 289,000 videos of purported encounters and paranormal activity linked to the entity. Tim Wood, founder and lead investigator of LiveSciFi, and Evans are no strangers to Zozo.
Evans is perhaps the most famous Zozo researcher, documenting his experiences since 2008 online, in print, and in film. Evans has appeared on the Travel Channel’s popular GHOST ADVENTURES program and as himself in the 2014 film I AM ZOZO. His book into the demon’s origins and methods, co-authored by Rosemary Ellen Gurley, was released in May of this year. His journey began when in 1982, he discovered a strange two-sided Ouija board buried in the basement of a house. “Playing” with that board introduced the demon into his life, with destructive and terrifying results.

The live broadcast is scheduled to start on October 21, 2016, 6pm PST / 9pm EST, and will be running throughout the weekend until October 24th. To watch the live broadcast you can visit livescifi.tv, or visit their YouTube channel.

To read more about the ZoZo Ouija Phenomena, or to post your own Ouija Experiences visit the livescifi.tv forums.

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