calling satan, calling 666-666-6666

Be careful when you are calling 666 666 6666, the Devil just might call you back.  One of the scariest phone calls that I ever received is when I tried calling 666 666 6666 and the devil called back.  Before I tell you why I tried to do this, I need to give you a little background.

Ever since people started using phones, people have reported receiving unexplained phone calls from the dead. Many paranormal researchers believe that ghosts and other spiritual energy can manipulate recorders and other electronic equipment to form EVP.

Frank Sumption was one of the most notorious ITC researchers in the present day who developed the Franks Box aka “The telephone for the dead”. Frank supposedly received messages from beyond that instructed him on the schematics of the device he was to build, in order to properly communicate with the other side.

Another device similar to Franks Box that is used as an ITC device is the Ovilius, which was created by Bill Chapel. But is it possible for people instead of receiving calls from the dead to place a phone with them?

In 2012 while I was at the Sallie House, I received a scary phone call that went to my voice machine, which contained 2 mins of EVPS. Below is the video.

Scariest Phone Call Video

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Calling 666 666 6666 and Horrible Events that Followed

Many urban legends and creepypasta rituals have recently surfaced that involve the player(s) placing phone calls with the dead or the devil. Some of these include calling 666 666 6666 or using apps to conduct the MoMo demon. Being the skeptic that I am I decided to call the phone during the live show to see if anything would happen. I dialed the phone number numerous times but the phone number never worked.

calling 666 666 6666, scary phone call

After calling 666 666 6666 numerous times I gave up because the phone would ring, and ring, and then would lose it’s tone.  After trying to call this phone number for about 5 minutes I decided to give up. Shortly after I stopped calling I suddenly received a series of disturbing phone calls from the phone number 666 666 6666.

I could not make out what was being said, as the voice was garbled. I thought it was someone playing a prank on me so I decided it was best to silence my phone. What was really strange is that this phone call started a series of strange events that would later affect me.  The main event that seemed to have the creepiest timing was that when I opened my door to go to work the following day I discovered that my next-door neighbor at my apartment had committed suicide.

When I got home from work and took a shower I found the following words written on the mirror, “We see you, 666 666 6666, HA, HA, HA.” I was the only one living in my apartment at the time, was this a way that Devil left some sort of sick text message on my shower?

About 2 years later I decided to dial the phone number again and had no luck with anyone picking up the phone. However, I did receive a call back from the number, with the same garbled voice. The next day I discovered that my neighbor and her sister had died in a horrible car wreck while leaving a cemetery. By calling 666-666-6666, did the devil call me back?

My Experience Calling 666-666-6666 Video Diary

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