Hunting for Ghosts on the Haunted McEwan Road of Port Costa


Many people traveling along McEwan Road in Port Costa have reported seeing the “Lady in Red” between the hours of 12am to 4am. Her origins are unknown however their have been numerous deaths over the years due to car accidents involving pedestrians and bicyclists. About 10 years ago a close friend of mine had an experience with the “lady in red” after traveling home from a paranormal investigation we conducted at the Burlington Hotel. She described driving down the winding road, after a long period of time she believed that she had gotten lost. After what traveling down the road for over an hour she got nervous and scared and just as she was about to have a nervous breakdown, a lady appeared on the side of the road walking a dog. She pulled up to the lady and started to roll her window down, right when her car got to the lady she came to a complete stop and the lady turned around. The lady in the red coats eyes were glowing green, scared as hell she sped off and not more than 2 minutes later she was back to the highway. The distance from the start of McEwan Road to Port Costa is only 3 miles yet it took her 2 hours to travel that distance..Where did the time go?

After hearing this story, I decided to travel the road alone at midnight with our viewers. I have to say that this road is one of the most haunted roads after what happened that night.

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