Demon Possession – Falling into the Darkness

I was always told that using Ouija alone is extremely dangerous, and can result in demon possession. Although I have been attacked by a demonic entity before I was unable to be provide solid visual or audio documentation of the attack, hence the main reason why I continued to experiment with the Ouija Board. I have found that as I continue to try to contact the same entity over and over the responses that I am document become more clear and even more violent in nature.  However in the demon possession video below I continued to use it which resulted in the demonic possession.

I know there are many skeptics out there that believe that the spirit board responses are nothing more than the ideomotor effect, but how can that explain for the “class A” evps that are captured via the voice recorder.   During this session and many others have been able to document clear, intelligent, evps using the Panasonic RR-DR60.  The demonic responses on the recorder clearly say the name “ZoZo” when I ask who is here, or what its name is.

What does it feel like to be possessed by a demon?

demonic possession
“demonic possession falling into the darkness” -tim wood livescifi

I am sure that anyone who has been possessed by a demon will have a different answer, but I will give my own. The first time I was possessed by demon was in 2008 during a demonic private home case in Antioch CA.  I remember falling into a trance-like state on the spirit board. As I watched the candle flickered, I suddenly felt a hot, electricity feeling, that circulated from toes to all the way up to head. I then felt myself falling into a black hole whose only opening was getting smaller and smaller. Control of myself seemed to be slipping away into the darkness and that was what scared me the most. At the same time thought I felt like I knew everything that was going on around me, and what was going to happen.

During the ouija session the other investigator asked questions, which unbeknownst to me I answered during the the demon possession.  At some point I knew I had to break myself of what was going on and I was able to pull myself out of it, by remembering an early childhood event. I do not recommend anyone trying to conjure or summon a demon as it is extremely dangerous.

Demon Possession Video

The demon possession video is an edited (condensed) version of the ouija board session that did not go well and of subsequent evps that were captured during the event. I highly advise everyone to heed the warning of not playing the Ouija Board alone, and not to attempt to contact the demon known as ZoZo.