Charlie Pencil Game…How to Play

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“Charlie Charlie,” is a demon summoning ritual whose Internet urban legend suddenly exploded to popularity in 2015. Nobody knows where this game originated. Or who or what “Charlie” is. Some people have speculated that Charlie is a ghost and others a demon, whose characteristics are similar to the ZoZo demon phenomena. The game is very similar to the ouija board, due to the fact the game’s main purpose is to facilitate spirit communication. However, the game is severely flawed.  One of the biggest problems with playing this game is that the pencils can be easily moved by the players breathing, also the pencils if not balanced correctly will just topple over.

How to play the “Charlie Charlie” Game

Playing the Charlie Charlie Game is pretty simple and doesn’t require buying a board, or anything special, in fact, it only requires two pencils and a piece of paper. To prep your demon summoning session you need to draw an X on a piece of paper, label Label two of the resulting quadrants “no,” and the other two “yes.”, and place two overlapping pencils on each axis of your grid, crossing them in the middle.

Once you have done this say “Charlie, Charlie, are you there?” and ask a question. (i.e., “when will I die,”.)

Is Charlie Charlie Real..

When we first discovered this game,  we were shocked at how many Charlie Charlie paranormal videos came up on Google Search.  Upon reviewing many of these videos we came across many that were faked. Due to all the fakery that we found on the net we decided to put this game to the test.  This is what happened when we played, Charlie Charlie…

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