Sallie House Paranormal Evidence Brick Thrown on Video

The Sallie House is one of the most haunted locations in the America, and this paranormal video documents evidence why.  This video was filmed in 2016 when Tim Wood investigated the house alone for 3 days straight.  Paranormal activity in the house increased with each day that Tim investigated, until it all culminated with a series of strange events, and with a brick being thrown by and unseen force on camera.

One of the last ouija board sessions that Tim did alone was in the basement on top of the black spray painted spot. Through the years we have captured numerous types of strange phenomena and even a demonic possession on film in the basement however this was our first time capturing poltergeist activity in the basement.  During the session that was filmed an entity comes through that calls its self commander, and numerous evps are captured on audio.   Shortly after the strange interactions on the Ouija board, something was captured flying in the direction of Tim.  Was this a spirit merely playing tricks with Tim, or was it the Dark energy that was summoned in the basement during the Satanic Rituals.

Sallie House Paranormal Evidence Video