Scary Prediction that Came True – Predicting the future

Predicting the Future

Is it possible to predict the future by using spirit communication devices? If so who or what is responding to messages on the other side? And are these messages future prediction messages accurate? These are some of the questions that I continue to ponder till this day. In the not so distant past mystics would use different ways of scrying to see if they could detect images that would relay them information about future events.  The basis for the bloody mary ritual was to predict the future.  In Victorian times it’s main purpose was for unmarried woman to discover who her future husband would be.

A scary prediction that came true

There have been a handful of experiences that I have had over the years were the ghost box has predicted the future.  The first time that his occurred was during a live show that aired on YouTube were a number of viewers were asking me to ask questions regarding future natural disasters.  I did not know that 2 weeks later these predictions would later mean something.  One of the worst natural disasters that ever occurred in Japan happened in 2011. A  powerful Tsunami which was triggered would take the lives of over 16,000 people. Listen to the scary predictions that came true in this video.

Since then I have wondered whether or not I was speaking to a fallen angel or a ghost.  Was this mysterious energy warning our viewers who were watching from Japan.  I thought it would interesting experiment to try once again to see if get responses from Bezel.  If you happen to hear anything in the video that could be a response please document the prediction by leaving a comment below!