ZoZo Demon Haunting – An Exorcism in SF Bay Area

The Demon Possession – ZoZo?

In January 2018 we received an email from a family who believed that they were being tormented by a demon in the SF Bay Area.  This was the first time that I have ever seen or heard exorcism being done ZoZo.  The family first experienced minor paranormal activity, that led to poltergeist activity, depression, suicide attempts, and to demonic oppression.  We believed that the family was being tormented by the ZoZo demon due past Ouija sessions that they had conducted in their home.  Husband and wife reported getting MAMA on the Ouija Board, and shortly after that they started experiencing unexplained phenomena.  After numerous paranormal investigations we were able to document severe paranormal activity.  The paranormal activity reached a high point early in February 2018 with a sewing board being thrown across the room by the poltergeist.

With the family in dire need of help we contacted numerous priests, however we felt that exorcist, Bishop James Cloud was the best fit to assist with cleansing the home and family of the demonic activity that had infested their home.

The Exorcism

The exorcism lasted for about 4 hours.  Bishop James Cloud blessed every area of the house first with incense (palo santo), and holy water to drive the demon away.  During the exorcism there were a couple of strange events that happened.  The first event that was captured on camera was when I felt flushed with heat, and almost felt like I wanted to faint.  To be honest I am not sure if I felt this way from breathing in all of the incense that was burned in the home, or if it was just plain nerves. From the beginning to the very end there were a number of strange growls and sounds that occurred during the exorcism, that I cannot explain.  One of the last things I remember which was caught on video was the strange growl that occurred in the home after the exorcism concluded. In the video you can hear me questioning to another investigator whether not the cleansing ritual actually worked, shortly after that a loud growl is heard. Later that night I took the Ouija Board that was used in the home and conducted a binding ritual to bind any residual energy to the board.

Did the Exorcism work?

[[update 1/10/2019]] A few months ago I had spoken to the homeowner to see if she was still experiencing any lingering effects from the haunting.  She had told me that shortly after we had left she had felt a positive change in their house, and that no paranormal events had taken place in their home since then.  She no longer feels any signs of depression, and she and her family are able to enjoy their lives.

The video was originally broadcasted live on YouTube and shows the exorcism in an unedited, raw format.

Exorcism Video