3 am Demon Attack – The Dangers of Summoning Demons

3am demon attack

This ghost story was submitted to us by a reader, Spring 2018.  Demons are known to attack between the hours of 3AM to 4AM in an attempt to mock the holy trinity.

My name is Kimberly. I was an all American normal kid. Born in Minot, North Dakota.  I grew up  on a small farm till I was 10 years old, I now reside in  Bakersfield, CA

My 3 AM Demon Attack Story

As a child, I was raised up in a Christian home. With the belief in God, the Devil, Angels, and Demons. In my family some of us are gifted in some aspects of ESP, seeing spirits, and being sensitives. I remember seeing a Native American man sitting on the foot of my bed night after night after night as a child. Never in fear just excepting that he must be family from a while back in the past. Usually, I would see human spirits. Sometimes shadow beings but I was seldom lay was afraid since my mother had insured me to pray if you’re scared. They’ll go away.

It wasn’t until I was 15 years old that I began to get more curious about the darker side of the unexplainable. I was a dark child. I loved everything that had to do with warlocks and vampires.  There were many nights I would see shadow people. I also had countless visits from the old hag. In which I was pinned down to the bed. Unable to move a muscle. Not even able to make a peep, feeling hot breaths in my face with a hissing noise. It wasn’t until I could muster enough strength to get out a peep that this spirit/ thing would get off me. That was terrifying. But soon after these attacks happened. I started receiving nightly visits. By a young man who said his name was Daniel. He always showed himself as a gorgeous young man dressed in a black shirt with black slacks flawless creamy ivory skin, and light yellowish beautiful brown eyes. And Loose curly shoulder length brown hair I still see him in my mind’s eye he is complete angelic perfection. I’m even tempted to call upon him now. Even though I know now he is a complete embodiment of Evil. Once evil truly gets its claws into you. It never let’s go.

Not long after this young man began coming to me for nightly visits I was awoken by him being on top of me. In which he forced me to have sex with him. I was so frightened. I had never had sex before. But I reached a climax not humanly possible and I was left intrigued, truly it was exciting to me. It brought this strange feeling of heavy joy over me almost devious. These visits repeated nightly at first for about a year. Then tapered down to a couple of times a week.  I remember being obsessed with Vladimir Tempes, and Aleister Crowley. So the research in magick began. I jumped in deep. Researching the 72 Goetic Demons of the Lesser Key of Solomon.

Did we summon ZoZo ?

I was so foolish. I thought I was so powerful. I remember friends coming over to spend the night.  We would go out to my play house ” where I had my alter” and also my Ouija board.  Every time we would use the board. The demon on the other side would make a figure 8 to let me know it was my Daniel. (I wonder now if my Daniel was actually the demon Zozo). This took place 24 years ago so little was known of the demon Zozo then.  Anyways I had a lamp that would hang from a hook in the ceiling with a long cord. I remember asking Daniel to move that cord and he would scare the hell out of my friends then in return the board would spell out  GO OUTSIDE repeatedly. My friends were so terrified. They would have to run threw the backyard to reach the main house to go home. The whole time I would be laughing at them.

demon possession ouija board

This is where I took the leap into darkness. I can’t tell you why. I bought the Lesser Key Of Solomon, Why I began drawing Sigils on myself,  I always had one written in the palm of my hand. But shortly after studying these demons, I decided to ask one to do my bidding. I was being bullied.  The demon did what it was asked. But after this things went bad for me. I began seeing shadow people walking around my bed at night. The visits from Daniel were rough and angry leaving me scratched bruised and bitten. Scared to death I became a reborn Christian. I thought Christ would save me and fix it all……lol.

The 3:00 am demon attack occurred later that night I came home. As soon as I got home I threw everything away that had to do with the occult, except for my Ouija Board, and planchette as it had disappeared.  Soon after  I got into bed with my cat and went to sleep. I was awoken at 3:00 AM by what sounded like a small bell. When I opened my eyes there was a flash of light.

Like from a camera. Except for the illumination stayed brightly lit. In front of the bedroom door stood a 7-foot-tall demon dressed in a black cloak, he looked like a man that had all of his flesh burnt off his eyes were just black sockets. He had his arm stretched out to me and at the end, in his hand, there was a huge black dog. I sat up in bed thinking WHAT??????

When I did this. That dog growled.  My cat jumped up on my chest and clawed me really badly.  I started praying to Archangel Michael. I guess at some point I passed out from exhaustion. The next thing I knew it was morning. I woke up thinking it was a horrible dream till I noticed my pajama’s stuck to my chest with dried blood.  I still have the scars to prove this happened.

I now work with the 72 higher Angels of the Realm.  My advice to anyone curious about the occult is don’t dabble in the darkness. To this day I still have demon attacks that occur at 3 am but not often. Demons never give up on their mark.