Mark and Debby Constantino Demonic Attack, Demons can kill

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There’s never been any doubt that demons can kill. New evidence suggests that Mark and Debby Constantino were under demonic which contributed to their deaths.  Right before their deaths, Debby and Mark Constantino were disturbed after investigating the Washoe Club in Virginia City, in January 2015. In the paranormal investigation video we filmed together, Debby Constantino said “the dark energy could get me at any time”.

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Following the investigation of the Washoe, they tried multiple clerics to help them overthrow this frightening entity, only to be turned away. Investigators Mark and Debby Constantino had even reached out to Ghost Adventures for aid which, unfortunately, could not help either. The curiosity within Mark heightened seemingly when I mentioned demonic entities like ZoZo and Beelzebub; he eventually asked me directly to reach out to this so-called ‘Demon’ about which we were learning.  It was only a couple of months later they passed away from a murder-suicide in Reno, NV.

Conducting an ITC Session in the Seance Room at Winchester House

The paranormal investigators chose the seance room at Winchester House as the location for their ITC session because of its connection to supernatural activity and spirits. During the session, they used tools such as EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) and EMF (electromagnetic field) detectors in order to attempt contact with Mark and Debby’s spirits. The investigators believed that if they could make contact with Mark and Debby’s spirits, they could get some insight into what happened before their deaths.

Mark and Debby Constantino’s Spirits Communicate During ITC Session

During the session, multiple accounts of Mark and Debby’s presence were reported by participants. They heard footsteps, felt cold spots in certain areas of the room, saw shadows moving around them, and even heard voices speaking both English and unknown languages. Several people reported seeing apparitions of what appeared to be Mark and Debby Constantino standing in various parts of the room during these encounters. These occurrences indicated that there may have been some sort of demonic attack on or near their property prior to their deaths.

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The evidence gathered from this ITC session strongly suggested that a demonic attack was indeed responsible for the death of Mark and Debby Constantino. The apparitions seen during this session showed us that there may have been more than one entity present when they died, which is consistent with stories of demonic attacks involving multiple entities attacking a single target. We can only speculate as to what exactly occurred on that fateful night but thanks to this investigation we now have a better understanding of why it happened. We can only hope that further investigations will bring further light onto this dark story so that justice can be served for Mark and Debby Constantino untimely deaths.