Under Demonic Attack Mark and Debbie Constantino

Mark and Debby Constantino under Demonic Attack

During our last investigation of the Washoe, in Virginia City in January of 2015, both Debby and Mark Constantino were disturbed because they believed that they were under demonic attack. In fact Debby Constantino in

constantinos caught on evp
Tim Wood and the Constantino’s investigating the Washoe Club in 2014

this video states, “the dark energy could get me at anytime”. After the investigation of the Washoe I had placed numerous calls with priests however no-one could help them get rid of the demon that they believed was haunting them. Debbie Constantino also stated that she had tried to reach out to Ghost Adventures and they couldn’t help them either.¬† I strangely remember Mark being almost fascinated by my contact with ZoZo and Beelzebub, at one point he had even asked me to reach out to them to

Demonic Attacks

While many people believe that investigating the paranormal is for fun, or thrills. There is a real inherent danger that comes with investigating these locations, demonic attacks. I was told in my last conversations with Debbie that she believed that they were always in contact with a demon that presented itself as different things throughout there years of investigating and that it was haunting her in what were to be her last days.

Making Contact with Mark and Debbie Constantino

I choose to conduct the spirit box spirit communication session in the seance room in the Winchester House, because of how the Constantino’s died, from a double murder / suicide by the hands of Mark Constantino. It is speculated that many of the spirits that haunt the Winchester House, are those that died by the guns from Winchester Company. Was Mark Constantino possessed by a demon? In the paranormal video you can hear clear responses that we captured during our ITC session that appear to be Mark.

During this  spirit box session watch as not only Mark and Debby Constantino come through the spirit box but also the spirit of Sarah Winchester.