Is the Slender Man Movie Based on True Story

In August of 2018 the new Slender Man movie was released, and I am sure that many of you are wondering whether or not the Slender Man movie is based on a true story, or real events that have taken place.  But before we answer this question it is important to know who, and what the Slender Man is.

History of the Slender Man

The Slender Man first made it’s appearance in June 10, 2009 on a creepy pasta meme forums, on a website called Something Awful. The Slender Man thread was posted by user Eric Knudsen, 28, who went by the aka of “Victor Surge”. Erik entered a thread that had challenged users to a paranormal image Photoshop contest, in which made two black-and-white images. The images he made showed groups of children playing and among the kids, Knudsen added a tall, thin, faceless figure outfitted in a black suit.

slender man movie

The Slender Man in Knudsen’s photos and subsequent artwork was portrayed as a thin, faceless, 8-foot-tall, semi-human monster with tentacles that stalks people.  The Slender man would use it’s tentacles would stalk children as there prey. The Slender man in later creepy pasta’s would carry out it’s evil actions through “proxies,” which are human servants that Slender Man communicates with telepathically. The two 12-year-old girls who carried out the 2014 Slender Man stabbing in Wisconsin claimed that they were acting as proxies.

Is the Slender Man Man Movie Based on True Story?

As evidenced The Slender Man character is completely fictional and the movie is not based on a true story.  However it is possible that the fictional character could have evolved into a Tulpa through collective thought manifestation.

tulpa is an entity created in the mind, acting independently of, and parallel to your own consciousness. They are able to think, and have their own free will, emotions, and memories. In short, a tulpa is like a sentient person living in your head, separate from you.

It is believed that many entities that have been attributed to paranormal events have started off as fictional characters and that by the fact that people have placed there energy into believing in the entity that it eventually becomes reality.  One of the other entities popular in modern day culture that is believed to have do this is the Ouija Demon Zozo.