Spirit of the Coin Game

The purpose of the Spirit of the Coin game is to contact a spirit or demon.  The game is all about intention, it is impossible to guarantee what or who you will be communicating with.  As always it is imperative to understand that if any time you wish to talk longer, you can end the session at any time as similar to Ouija Board.

How to Play Spirit of the Coin

The Spirit of the Coin game begins with a board or piece of paper having the English alphabet (A-Z) and Arabic numbers (0-9) and four words in the middle: yes, no, start, and Goodbye.

spirit of the coin game
The spirit of the coin game layout

The board with the above mentioned and a coin are essential to start the game. For playing this game, a minimum of two persons (maximum three) is required plus someone to keep track of the rolling of the coin over the board.  Prepare the board as shown on a paper and stick it to a board to prevent the paper  from moving during the play.

1. The spirit board game can be started in a dark room (open area during nights also) with dim light or a candle. This will create an atmosphere for spirits to move around.

2. A coin is used here. Two or three people are required to hold the coin.

3. Now the coin should be placed on the “START” circle over the board. Players should place their index fingers gently on the coin. They need to close their eyes and should concentrate on inviting the spirits into the game.

4. No pressure should be applied so that the coin can move over the board.

5. Patience is required to continue further. Anyone of the players must call the spirit saying the word “spirit come”. The same must be continued until the coin moves on itself in a circular motion over the board, any preferred names (of the dead) can be mentioned but there is no such thing that the same person will come.

6. When the coin is moved in a circular motion in any way, it is said that a spirit has come into the coin and will play the game.

7. You can question it, saying “are you here?” When the coin moves on to the ‘yes’, then it is confirmed that the spirit is there.

8. Any questions can be posed.

9. To end the spirit of the coin game, slide the coin over to “goodbye.”

Watch this video to learn how to play spirit of the coin!

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