Water ITC Ghost Pictures

Hydromancy Water ITC

During the live water ITC experiment conducted by Tim Wood, many ghost pictures were caught on camera by our live audience. Water ITC or Hydromancy is a method of spirit divination/spirit communication using water, including the color, ebb and flow, or ripples produced by pebbles dropped in a pool.

Water ITC Methods

Water ITC, or Information Transmission through Water, is an ancient practice that has been around for centuries. This method relies on water to receive, interpret and transmit information in order to gain insight on the future or answer questions. In this blog post we’ll explore the history of this practice and dive into seven different methods used by prognosticators to gain insight on their surroundings.

ITC Method 1: The Ring Hung by a String

This ancient method dates back as far as medieval times when people would hang a metal ring from a string over a bowl of water and ask it questions. The idea was that the ring’s movement in response to the question would be interpreted as an answer from the gods. This method allowed people to gain insight on many aspects of their lives such as marriage, health, finances and more. It was believed that the metal ring acted like an antenna which could pick up signals from beyond our realm and transmit them back via movement.

ITC Method 2: Throwing Pebbles Into Water

Another common method used for ITC is throwing pebbles into water and interpreting the movements they make as answers from the gods. This technique has been around since ancient times and can be used to answer questions related to love, health, career and so much more. It works by allowing each pebble represent one possible outcome or interpretation of a particular situation which then manifest itself through movement in the water.

ITC Method 3: Agitating Water for Prognostication Purposes

Another popular form of ITC is agitating water for prognostication purposes. This involves stirring up a body of water with stones or other objects while asking specific questions out loud or mentally focusing on them while doing so. The idea behind it is that certain motions will create certain patterns which can be interpreted as answers from beyond our realm. This technique has been used since ancient times and is still practiced today by some cultures who believe it can provide valuable insight into their lives or current situations they may be facing.

ITC Method 4: Observing Colors in Water

Observing colors in water is another form of ITC which involves looking into a body of water and analyzing what you see there such as shapes, shadows or various shades of color which can then be interpreted as answers from beyond our realm. This technique has been around since antiquity but is still practiced today due to its ability to provide meaningful insights into any given situation one might find themselves in at any given time.

ITC Method 5 : Utilizing an Ebullient Glass of Water

Utilizing an ebullient glass of water is another form of ITC which involves taking a glass filled with clean drinking water and watching bubbles form inside it while asking specific questions out loud or mentally focusing on them while doing so. It’s believed that these bubbles will provide answers from beyond our realm regarding whatever query has been asked thereof—especially when combined with other forms of divination such as tarot cards or astrology readings (as pertains to timing).

Water ITC Ghost Pictures Caught on Video

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