The Dybbuk Box – The Most Haunted Object

the dybbuk box opened

In this video, you will watch a paranormal investigation that we performed on a dybbuk Box that I received 7 years ago from a Rabbi. Since Zak Bagan’s show Haunted Possessions, a lot other YouTube channels and paranormal groups have claimed to have haunted boxes that they purchased on eBay. Unfortunately, most of these boxes are probably hoaxes.

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A lot of Jewish families had wine cabinets just like the great dybbuk box that were not haunted in any way. Those wine cabinets are now being marketed and sold as dybbuk boxes whether they’re haunted or not. So just because you have a Jewish wine cabinet doesn’t mean you have a haunted object. You don’t. Not all wine cabinets are dybbuk boxes, and not all wine cabinets are haunted by demonic entities–that’s why most of those available online or highlighted in shows are hoaxes. You need more than a Jewish wine cabinet to have a dybbuk box.

You need a dybbuk.

We acquired the dybbuk box in 2012 and it’s the most haunted object in our collection. After having the box for a couple of years, I decided to have the box sealed and hidden on the first day of Hanukkah in 2014. I placed the dybbuk box in a secret location so that I could be distanced from it and no one could find it.  As luck would have it though, I received a email in August of 2018 from someone who’d found it, and they wanted to send it back to me.  After months of communication with the person who wanted to return it to me, I finally had the box shipped to me and delivered in November 2018. Coincidentally, the box would be opened on the first day of Hanukkah.

the dybbuk
A psychic’s rendering of the entity that haunts the Dybbuk Box

What is a Dybbuk?

A Dybbuk is an evil spirit whose primary goal is to attach itself to a host. The word “Dybbuk” comes from the Hebrew word דִּיבּוּק‬ dibbūq which means “the act of sticking” and is a nominal form derived from the verb דָּבַק‬ dāḇaq “to adhere” or “cling”. The term “dybbuk box” was created, however, by Kevin Maness, who was the owner of the first allegedly haunted dybbuk box. It’s not a traditional or historical Jewish item or name by any means. The first use of the term dates back to Maness’s original eBay sales page in 2003. It appears to us, after researching the contents of both boxes, that the famous “dybbuk box” was used in a binding ceremony to incarcerate some entity but LiveSciFi’s “dybbuk box” was used to curse someone through witchcraft as opposed to using it to protect the people around it.

So you’re probably asking what types of things I experienced during that time?

Some of the things that I had experienced at that time were phantom smells (urine), unexplained poltergeist activity (glasses and shower doors exploding, objects moving) and tall black shadow figures which would roam around my house.

So what happened when the Dybbuk box arrived?

A week prior to the Dybbuk Box arriving I started experiencing nightmares that would always involve a woman whose facial features were decaying.  The dream reoccurred throughout the the week until the box arrived on my front doorstep. One of my roommates confided to me that they had also had a reoccurring dream of demon that would not let them leave the house.  When the box arrived, I opened up the box and saw that an ashy type of substance was leaking from the crevasses of the box. I was not prepared to open the Dybbuk Box at the time. I placed the box on the cabinet in my garage and surrounded it with a salt circle so that any negative energy could not leave.

Have the items in the Dybbuk Box changed?

Whats inside a Dybbuk Box
The Dybbuk Box Opened

No, the items in the Dybbuk Box have not changed. However the picture of the woman’s face that was in the Dybbuk Box seems to have been consumed by the entity and is now blank.  How this happened I don’t know.  The contents of the box include an antique china bowl with a lid, a geode, animal bones, human molar, candle, a ceremonial cloth, ash (not sure what of).

So what happened when the Dybbuk Box was opened?

When the Dybbuk box was opened, there was a horrible smell that seemed to engulf me, and it was so bad that I couldn’t even breathe. There were multiple bangs and weird noises that started to occur around the box.  We were able to capture numerous EVPs and anomalies on the full spectrum SLS camera that we couldn’t debunk.  After speaking to the other investigators who were present during the Dybbuk Box opening, we concluded that the box was trying to confuse us. We felt at times the dybbuk box was trying to divert our attention to other things in the room.

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Where is the Dybbuk Box now?

The box was sealed again thanks to a witch and priest who we consulted with.  Since it has been sealed, I have not moved the box and it is still at my house.