Types of Demons and Devils – Your Guide to the Infernal

We have put together this Infernal Guide to Demons and Devils so that you can better understand the wickedness and pure evil of demons. The study of demonology placed the different types of demons into distinct domains – a mortal sin, knowledge, and questionable behavior among others. Each classification of demons is dependent upon their domain, and the demon is granted certain abilities that can influence humanity in myriad ways; from illnesses and addictions to general misfortune or even specific sinful deeds.

Uncovering the demons, and devils is key in order for the paranormal investigator to successfully combat them and remove their presence from a haunted location or person. Rituals such as exorcisms are made significantly more effective when armed with the knowledge of whom or what must be cast out.

Notable Texts that Offer Guides to Demons

Testament of Solomon Demons

The most notable demon guide was written by King Solomon. In his Testament of Solomon, he reveals interactions with Beelzebub and other legendary entities; enslaving them to aid him in an ambitious endeavor – the construction of his magnificent temple. Today, many still use magickal rituals and sigils derived from such powerful texts.

demon sigils from king soloman goetia
Demon Sigils from the Goetia

Psellus Demons

Drawing upon his expertise in the occult, Michael Psellus masterfully arranged a unique taxonomy of types of demons that encompassed all realms—ranging from aerial, aquatic, infernal, terrestrial, and subterranean demons. All of these categories were further divided into orders and families that determined the traits and characteristics of a particular type of demon. Michael Psellus also provided extensive descriptions for each type of demon he categorized.

He described their hierarchies; physical attributes; magical powers; the kinds of malefic deeds they performed; and even their cosmic significance in relation to angels and other spiritual entities. While his taxonomy was rudimentary compared to modern day classifications (such as those found in Demonolatry or Goetic works), it provided an invaluable insight into ancient conceptions of demonic forces—allowing modern magicians to access a deeper understanding of how these entities operated within the cosmos.

Furthermore, Michael Psellus’ work is often referred to by contemporary magicians when attempting to contact and conjure demons for various purposes. By utilizing his framework, one can gain a better understanding of how different types of demonic entities interact with the world and summon them in accordance with their natural inclinations. Ultimately, it is through these endeavors that practitioners of Demonolatry have been able to unlock many secrets hidden within the depths of darkness. Michael Psellus’ taxonomy has provided an invaluable resource for those interested in developing an understanding of the mechanics of demonology and its associated rituals.

Seven Deadly Sins Demons

Wycliffe, the English Lollard and famed religious reformer who is often credited as a precursor to Protestantism penned an unknown work now known as The Lanterne of Light. This remarkable book drew connections between types of demons and human sinfulness by categorizing demonic forces according to the Seven Deadly Sins. These same beings later appeared in John Taylor’s renowned works on poetry. Wycliffe’s work is significant as it presents a highly detailed and organized view of demons that influenced the works of later authors.In The Lanterne of Light, Wycliffe describes Satan as the master of all demonic forces and the embodiment of evil. He further details how these powers were responsible for human vices through their seduction and temptation, with each demon playing an active role in encouraging sin. In this way, Wycliffe was able to show how even seemingly harmless acts like gluttony or sloth could have dangerous consequences if left unchecked.

types of demons that attack
  • 1. Deadly Sin – Pride
    • Demon – Lucifer
  • 2. Deadly Sin – Envy
    • Demon – Beelzebub
  • 3. Deadly Sin – Wrath
    • Demon – Satan
  • 4. Deadly Sin – Sloth
    • Demon – Abaddon
  • 5. Deadly Sin -Greed
    • Demon – Mammon
  • 6. Deadly Sin – Gluttony
    • Demon – Belphegor
  • 7. Deadly Sin – Lust
    • Demon – Asmodeus

Types of Demons in other Renaissance Works

Alphonso De Spina – Inspired by different Legends and stories of his time, Alphonso de Spina, in 1467 classified demons by their rank, power, and role in society. He divided them into three major classes: Supreme demons, Infernal Princes and Subordinate demons. These categories were further divided into seven ranks with various powers. Supreme demons included Lucifer, Beelzebub and Astaroth who had the highest authority while the Infernal Princes named Asmodeus, Belial, Ziminiar etc. wielded lesser powers than the former class but more than Subordinate demons like Moloch and Belphegor who had limited roles to play. Alphonso de Spina was also responsible for introducing numerous other concepts related to demonology such as the binding of demon spirits in objects or talismans to give their owners extraordinary powers over nature.

Peter Binsfeld – In the Princes of Hell by Peter Binsfeld written in 1589, different types of demons again are classified by the seven deadly sins, the only exception is that the names of the demon are slightly different than Lanterne of Light’s. For example, the demon who is associated with the sin of pride is called Baal or Bael instead of Lucifer. The demons again are described as fallen angels and they have a degree of power over mankind but also can be influenced by God.

Demon Classifications According to King James – In 1591, King James’ work Daemonologie illuminated the ways in which Satan wrought suffering upon humankind. This uniquely comprehensive developed classifications for demons into four distinct categories according to their predilection for inflicting pain on both living and deceased persons.

The categories are as follows: the nocturnal, which caused nightmares in sleep; the occasional, who were responsible for hauntings and storms; the aerial, who utilized a person’s dreams to make them do evil deeds; and finally the diabolical, who had direct control over humans.

Daemonologie even included instructions on how to successfully summon and bind a devil. It was seen as an invaluable resource for those seeking protection from demonic forces or attempting to understand the nature of evil. James’ work went on to become one of the most influential texts on demonology, providing both insight into its history as well as practical advice for individuals looking to keep themselves safe from Satanic manipulation. As such, it remains an important document in the study of occultism.

Despite its importance, many criticisms have been leveled against Daemonologie. Some view it as evidence of superstition or even as a basis for the Salem Witch Trials. Others point out that it often relies on outdated concepts, such as astrology, to explain demonic behavior and influence.

Demon Rankings According to Michaelis

Sebastien Michaelis, renowned for his work on the Admirable History of Demons and Spirits, earned an exclusive demon classification system when he encountered Berith during an exorcism. The devil’s temptations served as a foundation to organize types of demons – with numerous sins ultimately codifying chaotic evil in these demon rankings. Michaelis’ system is still used today as a baseline for understanding and classifying these supernatural creatures.

Michaelis categorized demons into nine orders, which are:

Seraphim: The highest order of Angels, rulers of the Heavens due to their purity.

  • Beelzebub – the demon that tempts men with pride, is opposed by St. Francis of Assisi.
  • Leviathan – the demon attempts people to give into heresy, and is opposed by St. Peter.
  • Asmodeus – the demon that tempts men into wantonness, is opposed by St. John the Baptist.
  • Berith – the demon who tempts men to commit murder, is opposed by St. Barnabas.
  • Astaroth – the demon tempts men to be lazy, as opposed by St. Bartholomew.
  • Verrine – the demon tempts men with impatience, opposed by St. Dominic.
  • Grissel – the demon tempts men with impurity, opposed by St. Bernard.
  • Soneillon – the demon tempts men to hate, opposed by St. Stephen.

Cherubim: These angels serve as guardians and protectors in Heaven, but can also be found on Earth in various forms.

Thrones: This order includes those Angels who act as heavenly councilmen or advisors to God. They remain closely linked to divine will, often offering guidance through direct teachings or visions. Their presence provides insight into God’s plan.

Dominions: These larger than life Angels guide us towards destiny while also enforcing justice and natural order.

  • Rosier- a demon of dominions, this demon He tempts men against sexual purity,  opposed by St. Basil.

Virtues: These heavenly messengers are responsible for helping us bring our hopes and dreams to fruition. They also help protect the faithful from any form of harm or danger that may arise.

  • Belias – a demon of virtues, this demon tempts men with arrogance and women to be vain, and raise their children as wantons, and St. Francis de Paul opposes gossip during mass
  • Carnivale – the demon that tempts men to obscenity and shamelessness, is opposed by John the Evangelist.
  • Oeillet – the demon that tempts men to vow poverty, is opposed by St. Martin.

Powers: This order of Angels helps us better understand our power structure within Heaven and Earth, as well as use it wisely.

  • Carreau – the demon of powers, and is opposed by St. Vincent and Vincent Ferrer.

Principalities: The rulers of different regions within Heaven, they ensure that each area is running smoothly while providing guidance to those in need.

  • Verrier was the prince of Principalities. He tempts men against the vow of obedience and is opposed by St. Bernard.

Archangels: These angels serve as the leaders of various sections within Heaven and act as God’s direct representatives on Earth when needed. They are believed to be powerful warriors who can control the elements and provide divine intervention in times of need. For example:

  • Olivier was the prince of the Archangels. He tempts men with cruelty and mercilessness toward the poor and is opposed by St. Lawrence

Angels: This is the most generic term for a spiritual being or messenger of God. They are incredibly plentiful and often appear on Earth in physical form to offer assistance or bring prophetic messages from the heavens.

  • Luvart was the prince of Angels. At the time of Michaelis’s writing, Luvart was believed to be in the body of Sister Madeleine.

Sebastien Michaelis’ classification system has greatly helped in understanding the different types of supernatural creatures that exist. It has also allowed us to better classify these entities so we can more effectively protect ourselves against any possible dangers they may present. By understanding each type of demon, we can equip ourselves with knowledge and safeguards needed to stay safe while still having an enjoyable experience interacting with them. As always, it is important to remember that not all demons are evil; some may even prove helpful if approached properly and with cautio

These demons and ranks also appear in the Sabbath litanies of witches, according to with Jules Garinet’s Histoire de la Magie en France, and Collin De Plancy’s Dictionnaire Infernal.

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Demon Hierarchy According to Francis Barrett

In Francis Barrett’s book The Magus (1801), offered his classification for types of demons. Demon Hierarchy According to Francis Barrett , the occultist who authored The Magus (1801), demon hierarchy is divided into nine different orders:

  • 1. Thrones – These are the highest ranking demons and associated with divine knowledge and wisdom.
  • 2. Dominions – They are in charge of overseeing other lesser demons, ensuring that they follow orders from God or Satan correctly.
  • 3. Virtues – They act as messengers between Heaven and Hell, relaying information to both sides.
  • 4. Powers – They have command over the forces of nature such as storms, floods, earthquakes etc., and can be called upon by magicians to bring about chaos or destruction on Earth if necessary.
  • 5. Principalities – They are the protectors of nations and cities, acting as guardians against evil forces that might try to enter a given area.
  • 6. Archangels – These are the most powerful angels, created to serve and protect God in Heaven.
  • 7. Angels – They are the lowest ranking demons, but still have some power over humans and can influence our lives in subtle ways.
  • 8. Seraphim – These are a group of highly spiritual beings that act as intermediaries between God and humans.
  • 9. Cherubim – They possess incredible knowledge about the universe and its inhabitants, making them invaluable resources for magicians seeking answers about life’s mysteries.

Demon Names and Their Functions

Below is a complete resource list of known demon names from A-Z along with a brief description, and key characteristics.


  • Abaddon is a demon, whose name comes from the Hebrew root meaning “to destroy”. He is often depicted as a destructive force, serving either as an agent of divine retribution or chaos. He is sometimes seen as the embodiment of death and destruction, but can also be viewed as a figure who brings balance to the world. In some cultures, Abaddon is regarded as both benevolent and malevolent, depending on one’s interpretation. In Christian tradition, he is linked with the Apocalypse and serves alongside Satan in his role as ruler of the underworld. He is referred to variously by names such as Apollyon, Abbadon, The Destroyer, and Angel of Death.
  • Apollyon is known as the King of Demons can be found in Revelations 9:11. In Christian tradition, Apollyon is the Demon of Death and Destruction. It is sometimes said that he is the “angel of the bottomless pit” mentioned in Revelations 9:11, who leads an army of locusts out of Hell to torment mankind. He is also sometimes associated with Satan or Lucifer, as both are said to be powerful demonic rulers who have been cast out of Heaven by God. In ancient times, Apollyon was often depicted as a winged creature with a lion head and a reptilian body. Apollyon has long been a source of fear and dread in many cultures around the world. The infamous monster appears in various religious texts as an antagonist or evil spirit sent from Hell to plague mankind. Throughout history, Apollyon has been associated with various disasters, plagues, and natural calamities. He is believed to be the source of great suffering for humanity, dispatching his minions to carry out his sinister work. In some cultures, Apollyon was viewed as a bringer of death, who would swoop down from the heavens in the form of a bird or dragon to snatch away those nearing their end. Others viewed him as an underworld ruler who commanded powerful legions of demons that could rise up and unleash destruction upon mankind. In this way, Apollyon became seen as an embodiment of chaos and evil in many parts of the world. Despite its dark history and fearsome reputation, some believe that Apollyon can also be used as a source of power. In some traditions, he is worshipped as a bringer of good luck and protection from harm.
  • Abigor is a Christian demon who commands 60 legions. He is most commonly associated with the ability to make false visions and grant power over the souls of others. He can also answer questions about divine secrets, provide familiars, bring down new empires and teach morality. His name possibly comes from Abigail, a Hebrew female given name meaning “my father’s joy”. Abigor is often depicted as a knight riding on a horse, sometimes carrying a lance or scepter. He wears Italian-style armor that matches his demonic characteristics. In some cases, he has wings and horns as well. According to folk tradition, Abigor is favored by Satan for his loyalty and skill in battle, making him one of the more powerful demons in Christian demonology. As far as summoning this demon, it is not recommended as his powers are immense and could be misused. However, if a person does decide to summon him then they should take great caution in doing so. They must ensure that all the necessary precautions, rituals, and spells are followed in order to protect themselves from any of Abigor’s negative influences or actions. Additionally, all instructions for summoning given by Abigor must be strictly followed; otherwise he may become displeased or refuse to assist in any way.
  • Adramelech is a demon whose name means, “King of Fire”. This demon is said to preside over the autumn equinox, and his influence is believed to cause widespread destruction. He is associated with the air element and has a fearsome reputation. Adramelech is often portrayed as a human-headed mule, either standing or riding a chariot pulled by griffins. In some traditions, he is depicted with a human head but no body, though his shape may differ depending on which source you read. He is described in various sources as an extremely powerful force that can grant success in endeavors of all kinds, especially those related to politics and power. He also allegedly grants strength to anyone who summons him—but at what cost? Some accounts describe him as cruel and unyielding; others say he takes a more gentle approach. Adramelech is often associated with the dark arts and forbidden knowledge and can be used as a tool for divination. He is said to command legions of fallen angels and demons, making him an especially dangerous entity to summon. It’s important that those who do choose to invoke Adramelech take extreme caution—as his power comes at a price that must be paid in full. He has been known to exact revenge on anyone who crosses him or fails to live up to their end of the bargain.
  • Agares is a demon who is the First Duke of the East and commands 31 legions. He is one of the few “good” demons, and will not harm anyone unless invoked to do so. He has the power to make anyone stand still, as well as teach all languages and turn rebellious people back into obedience. He can give familiars to summoners, find lost things, create earthquakes, stop waters from flowing, and make men wise by instructing them in various arts. In most demonological grimoires he is depicted with a triangular face and an old man’s voice. He rides a crocodile and carries a hawkspur with which he can cause men to run away in fear or drive them toward him against their will. Agares also has control over westerly winds and earthquakes. He can cure diseases, grant favors to people, and make them eloquent. In some traditions, Agares is also believed to have prophetic insight into the past, present, and future. He can discern past events that took place in great detail; he can interpret dreams accurately; he can foretell the outcome of battles; he can offer advice on when best to start a journey or venture; he can judge the character of people; and he can predict what will occur in the near future. All these abilities come with the invocation of Agares as well as offering sacrifices before him such as incense or other objects. There are several rituals used to contact Agares and his legions, however, it is not recommended practice as the consequences of such an action could be grave and potentially life-threatening.
  • Amdusias also Amduscias, Amdukias or Ambduscias is a demon that has 29 legions of demons and spirits under his command. Amdusias is known to appear in a number of forms, such as a man with a trumpet, a crowned king riding on a dragon, or a human form with horns and hooves. He can cause great thunder and noise when he speaks and is said to be able to bring down walls without any physical aid. He also holds the power of granting favours to those who please him. He has an army of 29 legions under his command, which are made up mostly of spirits but also contain some minor demons. Amdusias rules over all aspects of music and sound-related phenomena, making him an important figure in modern day rituals involving these elements. He can grant his followers abilities related to music manipulation and sound production and, when pleased, he can also offer protection and great wealth.
  • Andras a demon Marquise, is said to command 30 legions and is seen with a bird head and angel-like wings. He is an expert in astrology, philosophy, and knowledge of divine things. He can also manage the movements of celestial bodies and predict the future. In addition, he holds secret knowledge that includes necromantic spells and potions for summoning spirits to entertain your guests with. He can provide you with advice about military tactics or business skills as well as give wisdom about personal matters such as relationships and health. His true purpose is to help his summoners gain power over their environment and those around them. Andras will only appear if summoned by incantation, prayer, or invocation. Once summoned, it is necessary to be respectful to him and treat him with care – otherwise, he may become angry and refuse to do the bidding required of him. Andras is one of the few demons that is said to be willing to help humans and has a positive attitude towards them, though this may not always be the case. He can teach the summoning magician how to defend against powerful enemies by using magical weapons and spells. In addition, he can also provide insight into difficult situations in order to make better decisions for future endeavors. Lastly, Andras can lend his strength and support during times of spiritual and physical tribulation. It is important to remember that no matter what assistance Andras provides, it comes at a cost – as with all demonic entities. Summoners should be aware of any consequences for their actions before invoking him, as well as think twice about any bargains made with him or his minions. Despite his sometimes malevolent nature, Andras is a powerful entity and should be respected as such. Andras has been mentioned in many popular texts throughout history, most notably in The Lesser Key of Solomon – an ancient grimoire devoted to summoning angels and demons alike. This text mentions him throughout, along with the rituals and invocations necessary to summon him. Andras can also be found in other magical texts including The Lemegeton and The Goetia.
  • Asmoday is a demon prince of demons thought to be the serpent that deceived Eve. He is also known for being able to bring about wealth and prosperity. He has the head of a monster, with three crowns upon it, the body of a human, wings of an eagle and a serpent’s tail. He carries a lance and shield in his hands and rides on a dragon. Asmoday is said to be able to answer questions truthfully and give true divinations. He can teach geometry, the liberal sciences, power over serpents, or create illusions. Many magicians summon him to obtain knowledge or secret powers. Though this demon may appear friendly at first glance, he should not be taken lightly as he can become violent if angered or provoked in any way. It is recommended that if you do summon him, you should do so in a respectful manner and be prepared for whatever consequences may follow. Generally speaking, it’s best to keep your dealings with Asmoday brief and straight to the point. Asmoday is said to be able to grant wishes as well, although it may come at a price. So if you’re looking to make a wish or ask for something in exchange for your service, it’s best to be very specific and clear about what it is you want. Asmoday may appear intimidating but he can actually end up being quite helpful when summoned properly and precautions are taken.
  • Asmodeus is the demon of wrath, banished by Raphael in the Book of Tobit 8:3. He is described as a powerful, cruel, and malicious being who seeks to tempt humans into sin. Asmodeus has the ability to shapeshift in order to disguise himself and he can be very manipulative. He also has supernatural powers and control over nature, such as storms and floods. He holds great influence over other demons, making him a formidable opponent for anyone who dares challenge him. Asmodeus is often referred to as the “Lord of Demons” or “Prince of Darkness” due to his dark powers and immense strength. It is said that when angered, he can summon legions of demons to fight on his behalf. His most frequent victims are those who make promises they cannot keep or break their vows; Asmodeus will take his revenge upon them. He is also associated with lust, greed, and power; a person who gives in to those temptations may find themselves subject to Asmodeus’s wrath. Despite his malicious nature, Asmodeus has been known to help those he deems worthy of redemption. Whether it be through granting favors or providing aid, the demon has been known to show mercy when necessary. However, such acts of kindness are rare and should not be taken for granted. Those brave enough to challenge Asmodeus must do so with extreme caution if they wish to escape unscathed.
  • Astaroth is a demon who is a strong Duke with over 40 legions and is the treasurer of hell. He is mentioned in the Ars Goetia, a 17th-century grimoire that details demonic hierarchies. He appears as a human with an angel’s wings and three heads – one of a man, one of a bull, and one of an ass. Additionally, he holds a snake or serpent in his hand, sometimes referred to as Astaroth’s Wand. He often appears riding on a dragon while carrying scales of balance in his hands. Astaroth is said to be able to teach astronomy and the knowledge of all plants and herbs. He will also reveal secrets of the past, present, and future if asked nicely. When invoked however he may deceive by appearing as an angel instead of himself and should not be trusted unless properly summoned. He has been known to give false prophecies and answer questions with riddles. He also gifts followers with great wealth and can provide them with beautiful clothing, precious jewels, and fine food. In the modern era he is sometimes invoked as a healing spirit who helps those overcome physical or mental illness. His power can be used for spiritual development, knowledge of the occult arts, improved luck in business dealings, protection from harm and enemies, and more. Practitioners must take caution when conjuring Astaroth however as his answers may not always be truthful or helpful.
  • Aym is a demon who is a great Duke, he commands 26 legions and is from Christian demonology. He appears as a handsome man with three heads: a bull, a ram, and a man. He also holds in his hands two serpents and carries two large wings on his back. Aym is able to make people wise and reveal things from the past, present, and future. He has knowledge of astronomy, and liberal sciences and can understand human intentions. He also aids in finding lost items or secret treasures. Aym can transform men into any form he desires and give them vast wealth if commanded to do so by the conjurer. His enemies are children of Adam, however, he will obey instructions given by faithful servants of God, who should ask him questions carefully. Aym is one of the chief dukes that serve under Lucifer whom he follows loyally. He is also loyal to other high-ranking Demons and Angels and willing to do their bidding if commanded. He has been known to be very helpful in helping people reach their goals and can provide much wisdom and guidance. However, care should be taken when dealing with Aym as he is powerful and will not forgive betrayal or misdirection. Those who disobey him may suffer terrible consequences. With this in mind, Aym may prove to be a powerful ally or an even more powerful enemy depending on how one deals with him.
  • Ayperos is a demon prince, who commands 36 legions; from is from Christian demonology. He is depicted as a lion with griffin wings and the tail of a scorpion. He teaches astronomy, geometry, and all other liberal sciences. He also can make men invisible, can tell of past and future events, reconcile friends and enemies, create a magical bridge so that his legions can travel quickly to any desired place, change the place of persons from one country to another, give dignities both ecclesiastical and temporal, discover hidden treasures, make the person he appears to wise in all manner of ways. Ayperos most famously appeared before King Solomon when summoned by him. He was known for giving false prophecies under the command of Beelzebub. Ayperos has been compared to other powerful spirits such as Belial, Beelzebub, and Asmodeus. He is also considered to be one of the most powerful figures in the hierarchy of Hell. In some accounts, he is said to have been responsible for leading Lucifer’s revolt against God. Ayperos is mentioned by many authors throughout history, including Dante Alighieri, who listed him as one of the nine kings of hell in his epic poem The Inferno; Johann Weyer, whose book De Praestigiis Daemonum was a major source on demonology; and Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa von Nettesheim (1486–1535), renowned author of Occult Philosophy.
  • Azazel is a demon who is the chief of the goat-demons or “hairy demons”. He is variously described as a fallen angel or the chief of Satan. Azazel appears in the Bible in Leviticus 16:8, where he is given two goats to be presented before God. One of these goats was sacrificed and its blood was sprinkled on the altar. The other goat was sent out into the wilderness with a specific purpose: to bear the sins of Israel. This goat became known as “the scapegoat” and is associated with Azazel himself, who was believed to have taken on the burden of sin. In some cultures, including Jewish tradition, it’s believed that Azazel lives in a desert cave located somewhere between Heaven and Earth. He is said to roam around this cave looking for human sacrifices which he then takes to Hell. Azazel is also associated with the occult and has been worshipped in various forms throughout history, including as an angel of death. He is believed to have power over storms, earthquakes and other natural disasters, giving him a formidable reputation in some cultures. Many believe that Azazel was the first fallen angel who rebelled against God and has since become synonymous with evil.


  • Bael is a powerful demon leader in command of 66 legions, commanding the Infernal Armies to follow his every order. He has the ability to make a person invisible and can transform into any shape or form he chooses. He is also capable of teaching philosophy and other sciences. Additionally, Bael is a source of great knowledge on many topics including astrology, alchemy, herbal medicine, and other occult matters. He can offer protection against poison and disease as well as give blessings of fertility and confer honor upon those who are in his good graces. Finally, it is said that if Bael appears before you in a pleasant and accommodating form, then success will be yours. Bael is typically portrayed as having three heads: one of a cat, one of a man, and one of a bull. His body is covered with dragon-like scales.
  • Balam is a terrible demon king with three heads and commands 40 legions. He is very powerful and can take various forms. He is known to be a master of illusion, able to create false images in the minds of those around him. He can also transform himself into any shape he pleases, from a human being to an animal or even a monstrous creature. Balam has an intense hatred for humanity and seeks to bring about chaos and destruction wherever possible. He has been said to bring about great plagues and disasters as well as stir up wars between civilizations. In addition, Balam possesses vast knowledge that can be used for both good and evil purposes. Those foolish enough to make deals with him often suffer greatly for their mistake, though some may have luck on their side when making the deal.
  • Beelzebub, also known as the Prince of Demons, aka Lord of the Flies, is the ruler of Hell and the most powerful demon in existence. He is commonly portrayed as a large, bloated fly, although some sources describe him as having goat-like horns and a tail like a caterpillar. Beelzebub’s main purpose is to tempt human souls into evil deeds through deception and temptation. He is also said to have been responsible for introducing humans to many sins such as greed, pride, hatred, envy, and sloth. Beelzebub’s realm in Hell is known as the Pit of Filth where he rules over other demons and can transform them into various forms or creatures to do his bidding. Beelzebub has often been portrayed as an enemy of both God and mankind, with some religious texts calling him the former highest-ranking angel in heaven.
  • Belial is the chief of all devils, who brings about wickedness and guilt. He is mentioned in the Bible and is among those who rebelled against God. He commands an army of fallen angels, often referred to as his ‘host.’ Belial’s power is tied directly to his ability to manipulate people and lead them into evil. He encourages people to commit sins such as murder, theft, deceit, and immorality. He leads humanity away from any good works they might do by tempting them with forbidden pleasures or riches. Belial is also known for being a seducer, preying on human weaknesses through lust and greed. This may explain why he was able to convince so many angels to join him in his rebellion against God. In some traditions, it is believed that Belial can even be summoned by occultists by using his sigil.
  • Belphegor is known as the demon or “god” of the Moabites, Numbers 25. There are many stories and beliefs about Belphegor, most of which focus on pride and sloth. He is often associated with greed, laziness, and wealth. He is sometimes depicted as a terrible being who tempts people to sin in order to destroy their souls. Belphegor has also been linked to the occult and black magic practices. These can include divination or fortune-telling, necromancy or communicating with the dead, and astrology or predicting future events based on the stars’ positions.
  • Berith is a demon who is the Great Duke of hell who governs 26 legions, appears as a red soldier on a red horse. He teaches mathematics, astrology, and other secret arts gives perfect familiars, reveals past or future secrets, and tells where treasures are hidden. He gives true answers concerning the divine and humanities. Berith can transform into a human form if commanded properly by the summoner. He is depicted with a red crown on his head and he carries a scepter in his right hand when appearing before people. He is also known to create discord among people as well as make them swear by their gods and deities to carry out whatever task was given to them. His specialties lie in influencing others through words and convincing opponents to change their minds or thought processes. Berith is an extremely powerful demon who should be approached with caution due to the potential consequences of summoning. He can be invoked to bring forth wealth, power, and success. Berith also has the ability to create objects out of thin air as well as conjure spirits from the dead who can provide knowledge on any number of subjects. Some people even believe he was capable of granting immortality to those who were worthy of it. Berith can help summoners gain knowledge and power that would otherwise be inaccessible. He is also known for his ability to break down barriers in the physical realm as well as help summoners access hidden information or realms that are off-limits to mortal beings. In addition, Berith is known to have a particularly unpleasant temper and will use his powers with great force if provoked or challenged. He is not one to be taken lightly and should only be invoked when absolutely necessary. Despite the danger, many believe him to be a powerful ally and source of wisdom due to his vast knowledge and experience.
  • Bifrons is a demon of knowledge and wisdom, possessing expertise in the mysterious art forms of geometry and astrology. He can be called upon for both insights into your future as well an understanding of complex fields like mathematics. Bifrons has been called upon by many over the centuries for his vast knowledge and keen insights into mysteries of all kinds. He can be trusted with matters both spiritual and mundane alike. Among his most sought-after abilities is numerology; he can help you study and interpret the numbers associated with your life, giving you a better idea on where your journey is headed. He can also use astrology to provide guidance on relationships and other important matters in life.
  • Botis is a demon that appears as a viper and proclaims the past and future. He has the ability to transform into a man with two horns on his head, and can be both good and evil depending on how he is treated. He commands thirty-six legions of infernal spirits and can give true answers concerning past, present, and future events. Botis can also make men invisible so they can go anywhere without being seen. He also gives great wisdom in all secret arts, as well as courage and boldness. Those who seek him must do so with caution, however, as it is said that he will sometimes try to deceive those who call upon him if not approached carefully. In addition to these abilities, Botis is said to look after the interests of anyone who serves or worships him faithfully. He will protect them from harm and bring them success in all their endeavors. Botis is a powerful spirit, and those who invoke him should take great care to approach him with respect and caution. When Botis presents himself, he will usually appear as a strong manly figure with two horns on his head and wearing a crown of fire. He often carries a sharp sword in one hand, which he uses to punish the wicked or protect the innocent. He is also known to have an army of infernal spirits at his command that can be used to do various tasks such as helping people find lost items or discovering hidden secrets. In addition, Botis has the power to shape-shift into any animal form, although he usually chooses vipers or dragons.
  • Buer is a high-ranking demon, president of the fiery depths, and commands fifty legions of evil forces. His existence, occupying one of hell’s highest positions in the second order, is an ominous foreshadowing for those unfortunate enough to cross paths with him. Buer is said to appear as a large five-legged creature, either in the form of a lion, a bear, or a human with goat legs. He teaches natural and moral philosophy, logic, and the virtues of all herbs and plants. Buer is also said to be able to heal any diseases, even those caused by witchcraft. Some sources also say that Buer can teach how to make magical rings that are capable of healing ailments or sicknesses when worn on the finger. In addition to being an educator and healers, demons like Buer have been known to grant people knowledge in both practical and esoteric fields: astrology, divination (haruspication), geomancy, alchemy, and necromancy. Those who ask for his help must be careful, however, as he can demand a terrible price. It is said that those who make a pact with him must have the courage to fulfill their obligations or else face dire consequences. Despite his evil nature and formidable reputation, Buer has been known to show mercy on occasion and has even aided people in difficult situations. Once seen as a terrifying demon lord, Buer is now more commonly regarded as an ally of sorts by some magicians, witches, and warlocks. He can provide valuable insight if approached with caution. The key is to know when to ask for assistance and when to stay away from such dark forces. Those who do not respect these boundaries may find themselves paying dearly for it in the end.
bael demon sigil


  • Caym is a powerful demon and ruler of 30 legions, taking the form of an imposing thrush. He has been appointed as Great President for his tremendous influence in Hell’s hierarchy. He is known to be a master of all secrets and occult knowledge, able to reveal the conversations that have taken place among people in secret. He can also teach astrology and liberal sciences. Caym is an expert in debate, skilled at persuading people to his point of view. He offers true answers about hidden things and can reconcile enemies. Caym comes quickly when invoked with the appropriate ritualistic protocol. His main aim is to turn anyone to evil ways and vice, along with the harsh truth of justice when needed. In addition, he can help uncover lost objects if requested by the conjurer and offer protection from any sort of danger. He is always willing to lend his astute advice, provided it serves some sinister purpose. Caym is a loyal servant of Lucifer, obediently following his orders. He often serves as an advisor to him and other infernal rulers. Caym also serves to carry out Lucifer’s dark desires and punishments upon those deserving of them. The demon is known for being fierce yet levelheaded in situations requiring diplomacy, making sure that matters are handled with the utmost discretion. The Conjuration of Caym must be done with caution, as he can become quickly angered if not respected properly or if false promises are made by the conjurer. It is best to use caution when dealing with this formidable spirit – but if invoked correctly, it can open up many possibilities within the spiritual realm. With dedication and devotion, one may unlock some of the most incredible secrets of the spirit world. He grants favors to those who approach him, but at a great cost. He will always demand something in return, be it money or some other form of payment. It is best not to make bargains with Caym if one cannot meet his demands as he can take revenge for any broken promises or unfulfilled agreements.
  • Charon is the mysterious figure responsible for ferrying departed souls across the foreboding River Styx, a journey that marks their first steps into eternity. He is a figure shrouded in both fear and respect, with his enigmatic presence serving as a reminder that death eventually comes to us all. Charon’s boat, the Skiff of Styx, is said to be made from an ancient tree that has been blessed by Hades himself. It can transport a vast number of souls at once, and those who board it are taken on a mysterious journey across the river and into the Underworld. Charon often holds out his staff while uttering an ominous warning: “Those who enter here must leave something behind”. This serves as one more way for Hades to remind all living things that life on Earth is finite and cannot be taken for granted.
  • Cricell is a powerful Archdemon, whose very presence brings chaos and disarray to all he encounters. He embodies idleness and indulgence, scorning hard work as beneath him yet never hesitating to revel in his base desires at the expense of others. He is a creature of temptation and seduction, eager to lead the unsuspecting astray with promises of immediate gratification. He seeks only his own pleasure and will do anything necessary to attain it. Cricell can be found in dark places, tempting mortals with visions of power or glory in exchange for their souls. Those who succumb to his wiles will find themselves caught in his web of lies and manipulation until they are completely consumed by him. For those brave enough to resist the lure of Cricell’s temptations, he can become an invaluable ally – if they have the strength and courage to stand against him. With Cricell at their side, even the mightiest of foes can be vanquished with ease. Despite his monstrous appearance and malevolent nature, Cricell can be a powerful ally for those who have the courage and strength to stand against him. Whatever power or glory he may promise, however, always comes with a hefty price – one that only the brave and strong of heart will ever be able to pay.”
  • Crocell is a powerful Grand Duke Demon, said to take the form of an angelic figure and lead 48 legions. With unmatched power, he commands dark forces in unseen realms beyond our understanding. He can reveal secret knowledge of the past, present and future, as well as the location of hidden treasures. He also has the power to make men wise in all liberal sciences. Crocell is believed to be an expert musician, playing a variety of instruments that he creates himself, including cymbals and trumpets. His voice is said to be gentle yet powerful, able to pierce through any barriers with ease. Those who summon him must take caution for he is known to bring intense heat and storms upon those who displease him. Though possessing immense strength and power, Crocell’s true nature lies in his willingness to give guidance and assistance when asked for it. Those seeking wisdom would do best by invoking this Grand Duke Demon’s aid. He may bring forth a storm of knowledge and insight, or provide you with deep secrets from beyond. Either way, the rewards are sure to be great for those brave enough to try.


  • Deumos is an incredibly powerful demonic entity. She is a female demon, with a physical presence defined by four horns reaching up from her head and a sparkling royal crown. Possessing features of both destructive and constructive roles, Deumos holds dominion over those who court both chaos and order. Rumored to bring seismic changes to the world in which she exists, secrets remain as to what plan she unveils.. Her goals are unexplained, her intentions unclear–one can only wonder what might transpire should Deumos make her appearance in this realm.


  • Eurynome known by many as a Superior Demon brings terror to all who oppose her. Comfortable in a position of power, we often think of her as the ethereal prince of death. Consuming only corpse energy from her willing victims, she battles still through the ages. Seeking no apology for who and what she is, Eurynome orchestrates with calculated precision to free those around her from mortality – regardless of any means necessary.


  • Focalor is one of the Grand Dukes of Hell, a being whose reputation has become infamous over time. He is viewed as a demonic figure, known for dragging people down beneath the surface and throwing belligerent ships on high waves. His specialty is terrestrial catastrophes, the destruction of transportation at sea through devices such as sudden gales or catastrophic torrents. He fulfills his desires against humanity without remorse; whole armies have battled against this mighty force in vain as though he’s invincible. Focalor is a dreadfully oppressive figure, meant to evoke fear and demonstrate immense power when encountered.
  • Furfur is one of the fallen angels that dwell in hell. He, among other demons and rulers, commands a class of 26 legions, each serving his justice and cause. Although many speculate about his appearance or origin, the most accurate details of what Furfur may look like tend to resurface. Typically described as an angel, Furfur will have some distinguishing details to help recognize him right away; Flaming eyes and a regular flaming headpiece identify him just like a tailpiece extending behind to signify movement. Nothing induces more fear than this amalgam; fur with wings and an eldritch tail of flames.


  • Gaap, the Prince of Hell, can be seen as one able to both instigate and strengthen both passions: Love and Hatred. He exists as a Demon Transporter, capable of offsetting drastic changes in emotion for certain characters; his power allowing others distinct influences in their lives. Although this may make him come off as a cause for chaos and disruption, his work has frequently been shown to bring balance; effectually conversely intensifying emotion without skirting convention. Through Gaap one has an immediate differentiation between Heaven and Hell in astral projection spaces — A way both physical bodies and metaphysical minds can attain stimulus through sole attachments to places or pieces with material ties lies those prescribed by Gaap himself. His role ensures strength within competing forces via the ways of chaos symbolically providing a look at balance through manifestations was unavoidable dual emotions.
  • Geryon, the giant centaur, is indeed known for his legendary role of being a guardian of hell. Stemming from Greek mythology, his extensive knowledge and Might was thought to keep harmony in the world below. He was meant to be feared and respected among all creatures, both on either side of the mortal realm. Geryon watched over infernal gates while intelligent serpents swayed back and forth like deadly pendulums across his body in lieu of obeying strings of orders akin to servants. Danger awaited those who attempted to pass through the great gates or challenge the strength and spirit of Geryon himself.


  • Haures, a fearsome Duke of Hell, commands a massive army of 20 legions. His presence exudes fear and dread, his eyes blazing with anger. He provokes awe and terror whenever he is seen and those that face him must prepare themselves for the worst. The power he wields is unmatched, not only within the Underworld but in mortal realms as well. This duke of Hell commands the utmost respect from even the darkest creatures, who cower in service to his wishes. His might and impressive stature speak for themselves.


  • Ipos is one of the most formidable demons in hell, commanding an impressive 36 legions. He is said to have a terrifyingly noble presence, and it’s believed his physical appearance reflects this, as he reportedly has the head of a majestic lion atop an angelic form. The frightening combination gives off the daunting impression that Ipos indeed carries tremendous authority. This formidable demon can be tuned into using sigils and incantation, often known to cause increases in darkness and negative energy.


  • Jezebeth has a dark past as the Demon of Falsehoods and Lies. She is shrouded in mystery and barely known by even demons and fiends. As is typical among her unholy peers, power corrupts, which often manifests itself as a side hanging onto every story they spin or circumstance they cause. Such influence comes with a caveat: her falsehoods come uncovered eventually. Fortunately for her subjects, Jezebeth is a masterful liar who feeds them language just tantalizing enough to keep their attention until it fades away by its own terms, like the air after extinction of fire. Each trait pushes their capacity for idealism–one that almost appears genuine–that Jezebeth so craftily bolsters before running away into the overarching darkness.


  • Kasdeya is a demon who appears in The Book of Enoch, an ancient text from the Second Century B.C.E. This infamous being is the fifth Satan of Hell and is known by many names such as Cassiel and Shemhamphorae. Described as “ominous” due to stories of stealing souls and obliterating cities, he is part of a powerful group of seven Fallen Angels. Although Kasdeya is a monstrous entity who ultimately resides in the depths of Hell, he can physically manifest on Earth when prayed to or summoned. Kasdeya’s powers are immense and have the potential to be used for either good or evil. He is said to have knowledge of the past, present, and future as well as incredible strength and courage. He can also cast illusions and manipulate people’s thoughts. His magical abilities make him a powerful ally in times of need, but a dangerous adversary when crossed. Although Kasdeya is described as a demon from Hell, he also has a compassionate side that seems to contradict his notorious reputation. He is known for aiding those in desperate situations and providing comfort when necessary. It is believed that praying to Kasdeya could bring about good fortune in many aspects of life, such as protection from harm, wealth accumulation, and even restoring a person’s health.
  • Kobal is an ancient demon that originates from Mesopotamian culture, dating back more than 4,000 years. These mysterious demons were believed to indicate impending misfortune, but the Kobal in particular held a more positive reputation. He was viewed as the character responsible for bestowing suits of laughter, humor, and lightheartedness as a remedy for dark times when strife and bitterness overwhelmed humans. Even today, some people regard him as a patron deity of sorts standing watch over comedians or even see him literally living in circumstances of humorous entertainment like holidays and birthday parties. As such, Kobal used to be named the ‘demon of hilarity’.


  • Leonard is a demon and a renowned practitioner of the esoteric arts. As a master of black magic and sorcery, he holds mastery over strange, fantastical occult forces rarely utilized by others. His exploits and unusual experiments have made him legendary among theorists the world over. He has gained incredible insights through his uncanny understanding of the supernatural, thus setting him apart from those whose knowledge has been reined into conventional academia. From dense thickets burning with dark energies to summoning remarkable rites only hinted at in secretive scrolls and grimoires, for decades Leonard has freely cavorted with more magical elements than most would deem possible.
  • Leviathan is a dragon of the Sea demon is a large sea monster, creature of darkness, and a Crooked Serpent of the deep abyss. Legends note its immense size increasing by immense proportions as it shares similarities with a serpent or whale, often stilling harbors such that ships were barely able to move. Mysterious and angst-inducing even in antiquity, this being is considered to be a force to be reckoned with even today.
  • Lilith is known as the demon of Wastes. She lurks in the shadows at night, seductively alluring anyone she chooses and taking anyone’s babies away in the darkness. With her dangerous looks and insane power, Lilith towers high among hell’s hierarchy. Her appetite for destruction is immense as she charges across endless wastelands chasing her prey. As one of Lucifer’s favorite demons, this woman born of dread stands true to her name; one that brings about only darkness and pain. Though Lilith is feared by many, she can be controlled and used for good. When summoned properly and with a pure heart, she will bring you great fortune and prosperity. From blessing your crops to helping in business endeavors, this powerful entity has been known to bring success to those who call upon her wisely. Despite being seen as a terrifying creature of death and destruction, Lilith is also the Queen of Spirits and the guardian of secrets. She knows what lies beyond life and stands ready to provide aid when called upon correctly. Lilith’s power should never be taken lightly or underestimated; but with respect, caution, and devotion she can do wonders for those brave enough to invoke her name. For those seeking knowledge or protection from dark forces – Lilith is the one to call on. She will no doubt grant you with assistance and guidance – that of which comes at a price. So, heed this warning; be wise when summoning Lilith, for her wrath can be as destructive and powerful as her mercy. Lilith can be summoned by performing the Lylet ritual, from the Munich Book of Demon Magic.
  • Lucifer, referred to as The Light Bearer, bears a timeless title given to him thousands of years ago. He is often known as the Son of the Morning, being venerated in antiquity by traditions such as the Babylonians, Assyrians, and Greeks. More recently, he has been remembered for his infamous titles like Satan or Devil. It is revealed in scripture that before his exile from Heaven due to his prideful ambitions, Lucifer was an archangel undeservingly dubbed by religious paladins as seraphim; which ultimately led to a revolt and resultant forfeiture of his monarchy in Heaven’s gate vast ranks of angels. Since then, Lucifer has been seen as the personification of evil and mayhem. Through his cunningness and ambition, he often corrupts mankind. The Bible makes very little mention of Lucifer’s physical appearance, yet it is known that he possesses an unparalleled beauty and charisma that almost no other can equal. Thus he has given the epithet “the most beautiful angel” in Heaven.


  • Malphas is a demon who is the grand president of hell. He commands 40 legions and appears as a raven. He specializes in dismantling and destroying powerful organizations, inciting people to revolt against governments and tyrannical figures, and encouraging discord. Malphas also teaches one how to build towers, fortifications, temples, and other structures. He can make you wise in the same way as a philosopher or teacher. Many consider him an expert on matters related to astrology, divination, necromancy, alchemy, and the like. He is often depicted as a cruel being who enjoys causing chaos and destruction wherever he goes. However, some believe that he can be of help with certain services if properly invoked and respected. Malphas is known for making bargains that benefit his summoner but also have devastating consequences for others. He grants favors that could lead to great success and wealth, but at the same time, he is not afraid of using schemes and deceit to gain power. He loves destruction and revels in chaos. Those who anger him usually receive his wrath as punishment. His most powerful weapon is manipulation and cunning – a trait that can be both beneficial or detrimental depending on how it is used by his summoner. Despite being feared by many, Malphas has been known to show loyalty to those that prove themselves worthy of his trust.
  • Mammon is the demon of avarice. He has a pale, gaunt face and long, thin fingers. His eyes are black and bottomless, filled with an insatiable hunger for money and power. He is always dressed in expensive clothing and surrounded by wealth. Mammon’s goal is to control people through greed and envy, encouraging them to do whatever it takes to get more money or status. He invites humans into his realm of materialism and immorality in order to fill the void he feels inside himself. Mammon’s influence has led many people down a path of destruction as they strive for wealth at any cost. Those who succumb to the temptation of Mammon often fall victim to their own desires and become obsessed with acquiring more wealth or power than they can possibly handle. This can lead to depression, anxiety and a feeling of emptiness as they realize they have nothing without their material possessions. Mammon’s influence is dangerous, as it can lead people down a path of corruption and self-destruction.
  • Mastema is a demon who is the leader of fallen angels and whose main job is to tempt men to sin and accuse them before God. He is mentioned in the Book of Jubilees, an ancient Jewish religious text, as a leader of the angels who rebelled against God. He is sometimes described as a fallen angel himself, but other sources refer to him as a separate entity altogether. Mastema is often considered to be an evil being due to his role in encouraging humans to sin. In some stories, he appears before God and tries to convince Him that mankind should be destroyed for their sins. This leads many people to view Mastema as a figure of destruction and chaos rather than justice or mercy. In addition, there are several theories about how Mastema came into existence. Some believe he was created by God in order to test humanity’s faithfulness and obedience to His laws. Others claim that he was a fallen angel who chose to side with Lucifer against God and was subsequently cast down from Heaven.
  • Melchom is a demon who carries the money purse and is the payer of servants. He is one of the demons who fell from Heaven and was cast into Hell. He has a strong sense of justice and fairness, and will not accept any bribes or gifts in return for favors. His main task is to pay out rewards for good deeds done in Hell, such as rescuing souls from eternal damnation. He also ensures that everyone gets their fair share of punishment when they deserve it. Melchom can be summoned using various rituals, though he is most commonly called upon to grant financial blessings or bestow luck on those in need. He is often depicted as a large figure with wings, wearing a white robe and carrying a money bag full of gold coins. In some traditions he may have an animal form such as an ox or goat. He is believed to bring good luck and fortune, so it is often customary to make offerings of fruit, money, or other items as a sign of appreciation for his services. He has close ties with Mammon, the demon of greed and avarice, who also resides in Hell. Melchom will not provide assistance if he believes that the person calling upon him intends to use it for ill-gotten gain or to commit evil deeds. He is said to be very wise and discerning when it comes to judging people’s true motives. As one of the seven princes of Hell, Melchom is respected by all who know him and feared by many who do not. He communicates through omens and symbols and can be contacted through divination and dream interpretation.
  • Mephistopheles is another name for the devil in the Middle Ages.
  • Merihim is a demon who is the dark prince of pestilence. He was originally a spirit that wandered the earth, and was eventually captured by the demon Astaroth. He has been bound to serve Astaroth ever since. Merihim is an incredibly powerful being, possessing immense strength and magical abilities. He is able to manipulate the elements, create powerful spells, and even resurrect the dead. His power makes him a formidable opponent for any who dare challenge him. Merihim’s ultimate goal is to overthrow Astaroth and claim his role as ruler of the Underworld. To do this, he needs to acquire enough power and influence to overthrow his master. This means building up an army of followers, gathering allies from all walks of life, and using his powers in inventive ways. With enough resources, he believes that he can eventually overthrow Astaroth and become the true master of the Underworld. Merihim’s influence extends beyond just demonkind, as he is able to sway people from all walks of life with his words and actions. He has a knack for inspiring loyalty in others, and once you’ve pledged your allegiance to him, you will remain devoted to him until the end of time.
  • Moloch is a demon was worshipped by the Israelites through child sacrifice. The worshipers often believed that Moloch was a god and would be appeased if they sacrificed their children to him. This practice was later condemned by the Hebrew Bible, which states that human sacrifice is an abomination before God. The worship of Moloch has been linked to other cultures throughout history, including those in ancient Greece, Rome, and Canaan. Some scholars have suggested that the worship of Moloch may still continue today in some form or another. Despite its association with child sacrifice, many people believe that Moloch should not be seen as an evil being but rather as a misunderstood deity who could provide protection and guidance when it was needed most. As such, some modern occultists view Moloch as a beneficial spirit or entity that can be invoked for positive purposes.
  • Mullin is demon lieutenant of the demon Leonard.
  • Murmur is a demon who is great Duke, he comes with trumpets sounding and rules 30 legions. He can help with finding lost items and reveal secrets about the future. He is also able to give information about different places, give true answers to questions asked, create love between two people, reconcile friends and foes, and make men invisible. He teaches philosophy, mechanics and other liberal sciences. In physical form he appears as a fair man wearing an ugly helmet on his head that has two small wings growing out of it. When summoned he speaks in a low but clear voice. Murmur should be treated with respect by any who summons him or risk suffering his wrath. Those who are brave enough to call upon his powers will find that they will be rewarded greatly for their efforts if done correctly. Murmur’s ultimate goal is to assist mankind in achieving its goals and desires. He is a powerful and wise demon who should be respected by all. Murmur can bring forth great knowledge and success, but only if the summoner respects him and does not try to take advantage of his powers. Respect for Murmur is essential in order to achieve greatness and get the most from his services. Those who do will find themselves rewarded greatly with many benefits that could otherwise not be obtained. With the help of Murmur one can obtain power, wealth, fame, love or anything else they desire as long as it falls within his domain of power. With respect comes success when calling upon Murmur for assistance.


  • Naberius is a strong demon in charge of 29 legions, and is a Marquis of hell. He appears as a Cerberus with a man’s head and has the ability to restore dead souls to life. He is also known for restoring lost dignities and honors, as well as revealing hidden things. He can also make men cunning in all arts and sciences. Naberius is loyal to Lucifer and is considered to be one of his favorite demons. He will gladly teach people how to build strong relationships by providing them with insight into the human psyche. In addition, he can help people become more successful in their chosen professions or endeavors by teaching them the secrets of manipulating others.
  • Nergal is a second-order demon, who commands the secret police of hell and has the power of death. He is often depicted as a fierce demon wielding a sword or scythe and is usually seen wearing black robes and armor. He is associated with plague, war, destruction, fire, and slaughter. In some stories, he even leads an army of demons to wage war against heaven. Nergal was also believed to be able to raise the dead from their graves, granting them new life in the underworld. He was worshiped throughout Mesopotamia by followers who sought his protection during battle and other dangerous activities. In ancient texts, Nergal is described as being ruthless and relentless in pursuit of his goals – willing to do whatever it takes to achieve victory for himself or those he protects. Despite these qualities, he was also known to be generous and merciful towards his followers, rewarding those who served him loyally. Nergal’s cult eventually faded away during the Christianization of the Roman Empire in the 4th century CE, but his influence can still be seen today in various works of fiction, including video games and movie adaptations. Despite his often terrifying reputation, Nergal still remains a powerful figure in many cultures and religions. He is a reminder of the power of death and destruction but also that even the most terrible forces can be used for good when properly controlled. In this way, he acts as an example to humanity – to use destructive powers with caution and respect. In short, Nergal is one of the most feared demons in mythology but also one of the most respected – showing us both the dark and light sides of our nature. Nergal is also sometimes seen as a messenger between gods, delivering messages from divine beings to mortals in dreams or visions. He has been known to offer wisdom and advice to those who seek it. Despite being an evil deity, many people still find themselves drawn to Nergal’s charm and power. He is often seen as a symbol of chaos and destruction, yet also one of strength and resilience – making him an inspiration for many. Nergal was considered to have many different names throughout time. In Babylonian mythology, he was known as ‘Erra’ or ‘Meshlamtaea’. In Assyrian mythology, he was known as ‘Nergal’ or ‘Sharrapu’. In Sumerian mythology, he was known as ‘Meslamtaea’. To the Romans, he was known as ‘Mars Vindex’ or ‘Ares’, and in Greek mythologies, he was known as either ‘Kronos’ or ‘Hades’.
  • Nicor is a water demon known for drowning humans and who causes hurricanes, and tempests. He is described as a huge monster with three heads, each one bearing an expression of anger and rage. He has large claws and an enormous tail that can be seen for miles in the sea. His eyes are red and blazing, his face twisted in a snarl of hatred. Nicor lives deep underwater beneath the ocean’s surface but can also come up on land to carry out its evil deeds. It is said to be able to create storms when it comes up from beneath the waves. Nicor can also suck victims down into whirlpools and bury them alive in mud or sand at the bottom of rivers or lakes. In some stories, Nicor appears as a giant black horse or dragon-like creature, who raids coastal villages. It is believed that his victims often disappear and are never seen again. Nicor is also known for destroying ships by creating huge whirlpools and giant waves. He can cause floods with heavy rains, and hurricanes with strong winds. In some stories he was said to be responsible for the destruction of entire cities, leaving nothing but ruins in his wake. Nicor’s fury knows no bounds and has earned him a reputation as one of the most dangerous demons in mythology. Ancient legends tell us that brave heroes have been able to use powerful spells to repel or even destroy Nicor. People believed that if they offered a sacrifice to the demon, he would spare them from his wrath. If all else failed, they could bribe him with treasures to keep him quiet.
  • Nybbas is a demon who is the manager of visions and dreams, an inferior-order charlatan. He is said to be the most powerful of all the demons in his order. He is able to control and manipulate dreams, visions, and hallucinations. He can also influence people’s thoughts and emotions. He has been known to cause nightmares and other terrifying illusions in those who cross him or try to outwit him. Nybbas is often seen as a trickster figure in literature, one who plays with human nature for amusement or malice. He has no sense of morality and does whatever he pleases without regard for others’ feelings or lives. He loves chaos and enjoys watching people react to the strange events that he causes. It’s rumored that if you make a pact with Nybbas, he will grant you power beyond your wildest imagination – but only at a high cost. Despite his trickster nature, Nybbas is also said to be helpful and kindhearted toward those who do not try to manipulate or outwit him. He can offer guidance and assistance in times of need, though it’s often said that these favors come with strings attached. Some legends say that he even gives people secret knowledge or powerful magickal items as rewards for their loyal service. His overall goal is still mysterious, but one thing is certain: Nybbas will always have something up his sleeve! Those who cross him do so at their own peril – for no one knows what might happen when they come face to face with the master of visions and dreams.
  • Nysrogh is a second order demon, chief of the house of princes. He is a master of cunning and deception, seeking to undermine the good of mankind. He has been known to engage in alliances with other demons and malicious forces, in order to achieve his ultimate goal: chaos. Nysrogh is an ancient being, dating back to before the dawn of recorded history. His origins are unknown but his power is undeniable. He is feared by many and respected by few, as those who have crossed him rarely do so again. The only sure way to avoid his wrath is obedience and submission, as any attempt to resist or oppose him could lead to disaster for all involved. Thankfully he does not often show himself unless provoked or summoned forth by powerful magic.


  • Oriax is a Marquis demon who commands 30 legions and teaches astrology. He can also make a man invisible and wise, as well as delivering singing voices from the air. He is depicted as having a human head, with the body of a serpent that ends in griffon’s wings. Oriax is said to be an enemy of truth and honesty, therefore he should be approached with caution. Those who invoke him must do so carefully and avoid making any promises they cannot keep. Additionally, he must never be commanded without his permission or else terrible things will happen to them. Invoking him also carries the risk of being cursed or tormented by him if one does not have full control over their own mind and body during the invocation process. With this being said, Oriax can still be quite helpful when it comes to certain tasks and can offer insight into the nature of our own personal struggles.
  • Ornias is demon who is known as a pest due to his harassing capabilities. He is often said to be able to possess people, causing fits and panic attacks. He has been known to cause sickness and mental distress to those he possesses. He is also said to bring nightmares, bad luck, and misfortune. Some believe that the only way to protect oneself from Ornias is through prayer or exorcism. It is important for those who come into contact with Ornias or feel as if they are being possessed by him to seek help immediately from a professional such as an exorcist or priest. Additionally, it may be beneficial for them to take part in activities such as meditation or journaling which can help reduce stress levels and create positive energy in their lives. Taking steps like these can help protect one from further harm caused by the demon.
  • Ose is a demon who is a great President, and governs 30 legions. He appears as a strong man with a lion-like face and flaming eyes. He is an expert in philosophy, astrology and other sciences. Ose can provide answers to questions about the past, present, and future; he can also give instruction on how to make poisons and use talismans. He will often appear accompanied by two ministers called Labal and Abali. In some texts, Ose is referred to as “the President of Hell” or “The Grand President”. In his form as a great President, Ose has been said to have the power to cause fear in others, but ultimately does not harm those who call upon him for assistance. Furthermore, it is believed that Ose can provide knowledge and understanding of events that occur in the physical world, as well as those from the spiritual realm.


  • Paimon is a demon king of hell known to be a master of ceremonies and governs 200 legions. Paimon is a demon king of hell known to be a master of ceremonies and governs 200 legions. He is also known to be very loyal and helpful to those who summon him. He can give information on all kinds of topics, including health, wealth, familiars, astrology, alchemy and other esoteric matters. He has a pleasant personality and will always try to help his master in any way he can. Paimon is an excellent teacher of all occult sciences, including mathematics and science. He can also provide insight into hidden knowledge. His iconic symbol is a crowned man with long hair riding a camel or eagle. The Book of the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage states that Paimon should be invoked as part of a nine-day ritual for obtaining magical power from powerful spirits. In many occult circles today, invoking Paimon is still a popular practice. Paimon is one of the most powerful and influential entities in the occult world and is known to grant wishes when invoked properly. He is often depicted as an angelic figure and can be called upon for protection, guidance, and assistance. With his power, he can provide wisdom and insight into secrets that are beyond ordinary knowledge. He can make people invisible, bestow wealth and riches, fulfill any wishes or desires, provide knowledge about the past or future, and even bring back the dead. His ability to summon spirits and open portals to other realms makes him an incredibly powerful entity to work with. However, one must be careful when summoning Paimon as his powers are so great that they should not be taken lightly. He is also known for revenge if summoned improperly or wrongly. It is important to follow instructions carefully to ensure that you get the desired results from your Paimon invocation ritual.
  • Platanus is a demon who assists Belial in sodomy and pedophile behaviors. He is also said to aid Belial in the disruption of families, promote hatred and sow discord amongst people. He can help those who summon him to become successful in their endeavours, but he will take advantage of them as well. He will also lead people astray and encourage them to commit sin. People who use Platanus’s services may find themselves facing misfortune, poverty, and failure as a result of his machinations.
  • Proserpine Aka Persephone is a demon who is a princess of hell. She is a daughter of Hades, King of the Underworld, and his consort Persephone. She was kidnapped by Pluto who wanted to make her his queen in the underworld. After much negotiation with Zeus, it was agreed that she would spend half of every year with her mother while the other half would be spent in the underworld as Queen of Hell. This compromise gave rise to two seasons: Winter when Proserpine is away from her beloved mother and Summer when she returns home. Proserpine’s story has been retold many times throughout history and serves as an example of how even those in positions of power can be subject to manipulation and control by external forces. Her story also speaks to themes such as rebirth, transformation, and mortality.
  • Pruflas is a demon who commands 26 legions. In Babylon he has the head of an owl. Pruflas facilitates quarrels and wars, provokes discord, and generates poverty. He will respond to all he is asked to do. His name is derived from the Babylonian word for “hidden.” Pruflas also has a great affinity for fire, and legions of his demons are said to emerge from fires at night. He can be called upon in order to have one’s enemies destroyed or weakened. Pruflas can assist in any magical-related task, but must be used with care.
  • Pyro is a demon Prince of falsehoods and lies. He has the power to manipulate emotions and thoughts, making it easy for him to deceive and manipulate others. He is also able to use his powers of illusion and glamour to create powerful illusions that can persuade even the most wary minds. Pyro is a master of deception, often using cunning and trickery to get what he wants. He has no remorse when it comes to playing people like puppets in order to achieve his objectives.


  • Raum is demon Count or Great Earle who commands 30 legions and is seen as a crow. He helps people find lost objects and treaures, teaches astrology, astronomy and all other liberal sciences. He can make a person subtle in understanding of enemies’ intentions, invisible and witty. He is also said to have the ability to create magical garments for those who he chooses. Raum teaches an individual how to change their form into animals or any other shape. In some cases, he can even transport the person from one empire to another with a single command. He has power over men’s minds and gives them courage in battle if they ask him. Raum can help a person dominate their enemies and be successful in negotiations or lawsuits. Moreover, Raum makes people wise by showing them visions of what will happen in the future. This demon also has great knowledge of herbs and precious stones, so he can provide medical assistance and advice regarding them. He understands the language of birds and animals too.
  • Rimmon Aka Damas is a demon who is an ambassador from hell. He is known as the destroyer of souls and can be called upon to bring destruction and chaos. He is capable of immense power and can cause great destruction. He has the ability to break through any defense or warding set forth by his enemies, making him a formidable foe. He has been known to possess people in order to gain control over them, twisting their minds into submission. Rimmon Aka Damas is often seen with a group of seven lesser demons who accompany him on his missions of evil. These lesser demons are also powerful and serve him loyally, carrying out any task he assigns them. Those who summon Rimmon Aka Damas must do so at their own peril as he will exact a heavy toll on those foolish enough to call upon him. He has been known to demand a sacrifice of blood or the soul of someone close to the summoner in exchange for his services. Those brave enough to face Rimmon Aka Damas will be rewarded with great power, but they must also be prepared to face the consequences that come along with it.
  • Ronove is a demon who is a Marquis of hell, commanding 19 legions and is known to teach languages. He also provides good familiars and is a powerful teacher of liberal science, rhetoric, and other forms of knowledge. Ronove has a variety of different forms but often appears in the form of a monster with red eyes, and bat wings. He sometimes takes the shape of a raven or human wearing black clothing. Ronove is known to be an excellent speaker and persuasive conversationalist–able to persuade even his opponents into doing what he wants them to do. He will grant favors to those who please him but can bring misfortune upon those that displease him. Ronove is especially loyal to Lucifer and will always obey his commands. In addition, Ronove has an affinity for wine and drinks it as part of religious and magical ceremonies. He is also very knowledgeable in the area of herbs and plants, and can provide guidance on their uses. Those who summon him should be aware that he may require some form of sacrifice or offering before he will bestow his knowledge upon them.


  • Samael is the demon angel of death, and prince of the power of the air. He is often described as the chief of Satanic powers and considered to be the Angel of Death. He is sometimes seen as an adversary to God and a fallen angel who has sought to cause destruction throughout history. He is believed to have been mentioned in some ancient Jewish texts, including the Book of Enoch, where he was described as a leader of a band of angels that rebelled against God. His name also appears in various stories from around the world, including Islamic mythology and Christianity. Samael’s role as an Angel of Death has led him to being associated with pestilence, famine, pain, plague, and death itself. In some instances, Samael is seen as a minor deity who presides over evil forces or punishes wrongdoers. He is also associated with the archangel Michael, who is seen as a figure of righteousness and divine justice that often battles against Samael’s evil schemes. Samael also has a reputation for being very powerful and even having supernatural abilities. In some texts, he is portrayed as being able to shape-shift into different forms or use his wings to fly great distances. Many stories describe him as having immense strength and endurance and being able to control creatures like dragons, serpents, or other mythical beasts. It is believed that he can cause natural disasters such as earthquakes or floods if angered enough. Additionally, he has been credited with being able to cast spells of destruction and manipulate people in order to achieve his goals. Samael is a complex figure that has been interpreted in different ways throughout the centuries. To some, he is an evil force of destruction and chaos, while to others he may be seen as a powerful being capable of great good if his will can be harnessed.
  • Semiazas is a demon Chief to fallen angels. He is also regarded as a prince of Hell, ruling over twenty legions of devils. He appears to humans in the form of a crow or other black animal. He can provide true answers about secret and divine things, create storms, make the grass grow despite the season, and bring down walls and make them high again. Semiazas has a hatred for mankind and revels in chaos. He commands his army of fallen angels to wreak havoc on humanity and spread their own type of evil in our world. It is said that any follower of him will suffer great punishment when they die because they have chosen darkness over light. As such, it is best to stay away from Semiazas’ influence if you want a peaceful afterlife. In many demonic circles, Semiazas is seen as a great leader and a powerful force to be reckoned with. He is often challenged by other demons for control of Hell, but his strength and authority remain unmatched. It is said that if he were to ever leave Hell, the world would become overrun with chaos and evil.
  • Shax is a demon Duke of hell, commanding 30 legions, known to be a deceitful thief. He can also teach the liberal sciences, reveal treasures and help find lost things. As a powerful force of evil, Shax has been known to attack others with weapons such as swords and spears. He is also said to be able to cause storms of wind that bring great terror upon those who hear it. Furthermore, he can transform himself into an animal shape or even a human one in order to take on various guises. It has been suggested that his true form is that of a stork with black wings and claws. Shax’s strengths include being able to summon great fear in people and animals, fly swiftly over long distances, speak accurately about past events and discover hidden secrets from the depths of hell. His weaknesses include having little to no control over the weather, being vulnerable to holy symbols and having difficulty keeping his temper in check.
  • Shalbrir is a demon of blindness. He is believed to bring instant blindness to those who anger him. His power seems almost limitless, as he can bring temporary or permanent blindness to any individual in an instant. It is said that his presence causes a sudden darkness and confusion, even if there is plenty of light around. Shalbrir’s influence is so great that it has been known to affect entire cities and even nations at once. He has been used by darker forces for centuries to keep the masses under their control.
  • Sonneillon is demon of hatred. He is a master of dark magic and is capable of manipulating the emotions of those around him. He can also cause physical harm by using powerful curses, which range from causing pain to death. He has an intense hatred for humans and seeks revenge against them for all their wrongdoings. He will do anything he can to make sure that his vengeance is exacted upon them. His most common target is teenagers and young adults as they are seen as the weakest link in society. He often uses fear as a tactic to manipulate people into doing his bidding, even if it means committing atrocities or evil deeds. Sonneillon may not be the strongest of demons, but his influence should never be underestimated.
  • Stolas is a demon who is the High prince of hell, commanding 26 legions; teacher of astronomy and plant properties. He appears as a raven, offering the power to discover hidden things and treasures. He also offers an understanding of astronomy and other related sciences. In addition, he can teach people the proper use of herbs and plants to enhance magical experiences. Stolas is a helpful spirit that gives guidance in difficult times and helps seekers find answers they seek deep within their hearts. As an entity of the night sky, he is a link between the physical world and the spiritual realm. He is associated with the planet Saturn and reflects its energy; to him, time passes slowly. His wisdom helps us recognize our limitations and take challenges one step at a time. Stolas also has a compassionate side as he works to boost our inner strength so that we can face obstacles head on. For those who seek knowledge, Stolas offers access to secrets often hidden in plain sight. He encourages exploration of various paths and ideas so that seekers can uncover their true potential.
  • Succorbenoth is demon who is a Chief eunuch, sexless, demon of gates. He is said to have power over the opening and closing of gates, both literal and metaphorical. He can help open up doors in life that are closed or provide assistance when seeking assistance from other spiritual entities. Succorbenoth also has the ability to grant wishes and aid in any magical workings related to opening portals or doors. He can also be invoked for protection against malicious forces, as well as when looking for guidance and strength on your path toward enlightenment. When invoking Succorbenoth, it is important to ask permission first before proceeding with any type of ritual or work that involves him. It is also important to thank him for his assistance afterward. Offerings may include incense, candles, food, wine, jewelry, and coins. It is also recommended to give offerings of appreciation for his help, as Succorbenoth can be a demanding entity. He may require that specific promises be kept in return for his aid.
  • Surgat is a lesser demon in the Inferno, Known as the “One Who Opens All Locks” and the “Gatekeeper of Hell.” He is responsible for opening and closing the gates of hell and allowing demons to enter or leave. He can also be found in some legends as a guardian of treasures, where he will only open the gate if he receives an offering of something precious. Surgat is a powerful demon who has been described as having horns, long claws, and eyes that glow like coals. While he may look intimidating, it is said that Surgat will not prevent anyone from entering hell unless they are accompanied by another demon. It is believed that Surgat serves under Lucifer and takes orders directly from him. As a result, those who wish to travel through hell must make sure that one of Lucifer’s own demons accompanies them. Those who fail to do so will be turned away, and Surgat will lock the gates of hell behind them. Surgat is a formidable demon, and it is believed that he can use his powerful magic to grant wishes. However, these wishes come with a price; if you make an offering or request something of him, he will demand payment upfront in order to fulfill your request. He also has a deep understanding of the underworld and those who reside there, so it would be best not to anger him. If one does manage to cross paths with Surgat, it is important not to show any fear as he feeds off of it. It is said that if you remain calm in his presence, he may grant you favors or even allow you passage through the gates of hell, though this is by no means guaranteed.


  • Thamuz is a demon ambassador of hell, master of big weapons. He is a powerful magical creature, capable of using powerful spells and abilities. He is usually seen in armor but can also be found wearing more elaborate clothing while conducting rituals or other important ceremonies. He has many followers in the infernal court, proving himself to be an important asset to Hell’s cause. Thamuz is known for his immense strength and ability to create powerful weapons, often used to punish those who oppose him. He is also known for his diplomatic prowess and willingness to negotiate with anyone regardless of their allegiance or morality.


  • Ukobach an inferior demon who maintains the fires of hell. He is said to help those who summon him by giving them advice and helping them accomplish any tasks they ask of him. He is also known for his skill in cooking, as legend has it that he prepares a great feast every Friday night in the depths of hell. Some say Ukobach can make flames so hot they will burn even water, or boil oil in an instant. In some tales, Ukobach is depicted as having red eyes and pointed ears, possessing a long tail, and often holding a small basket or bucket filled with fire. He may also be seen riding a goat or ram and carrying a staff or trident. He can be summoned through incantations or rituals and offerings made to him, such as burning incense, and candles, or writing his name on the parchment. He is said to be the messenger between humanity and Lucifer, the Lord of Hell. Ukobach is also known by other names such as Urobach, Urobaxt, and Orifiel in various cultures and regions. Though some believe him to be an evil demon, many others view him as a helpful spirit that can provide guidance and aid in achieving goals.
  • Uphir is Demon who is a physician. He is one of the plagues sent by God to punish the Israelites for their sins. He was also known as a harbinger of death and pestilence, carrying infectious diseases with him wherever he went. He was described as a winged creature with four faces – two were human, two were like those of a lion – and his claws were like a vulture’s talons. According to legend, Uphir had the ability to restore life through his magical powers, but could also bring death in an instant if provoked. He was often depicted carrying scales in hand to weigh out justice during times of judgment. Uphir’s most famous appearance was when King David summoned him during a drought that plagued Jerusalem for three and a half years. Although Uphir initially refused to aid David, the king eventually convinced him to bring rain and put an end to the drought. Through his actions, Uphir became one of the most feared demons in history. Despite his sinister reputation, many communities consider Uphir a helpful spirit who can be summoned for assistance during times of trouble. He is believed to have power over healing, protection and even luck manipulation, depending on how he is invoked.
  • Uval is demon who is Duke commanding 36 legions. He said to know the past, present, and future. He appears in the form of a lion with griffin wings and most interestingly, he is able to answer questions posed by magicians. He is known for giving true answers to anything that is asked of him, but he will also twist it around so as to deceive those who are not careful. His ultimate goal is to bring people into his dark kingdom and rule over them. He can cause love between two people or incite hatred and violence if need be. Uval has the power to give wealth and riches, and any other wish the magician may have if they are willing to pay the price. Despite his great powers, Uval cannot escape from a magical circle once drawn by a skilled magician; however, he can still influence events in the outside world. Uval is a powerful demon of the night, and should not be taken lightly. He is associated with Saturn and the dark side of the moon, making him an important figure in dark magic.


  • Valafar is demon who is a Strong Duke, commands 10 legions, and appears in the shape of a lion. He teaches all arts and sciences, can make men invisible, and gives good familiars. He is also able to teach people about precious stones and herbs. Valafar is obedient to Lucifer, but he can be very stubborn in his own way; he prefers to work alone or with a few companions rather than with a group. He is said to have the power to bring down great empires, as well as bring about wars between nations. It is believed that if you summon Valafar you must take extreme caution; although he may grant your request, it could come at a terrible cost. Valafar will only do what serves him best – which usually means something dark and sinister. He also has an affinity for “magical” items such as potions, amulets and talismans. Valafar is a powerful demon and should not be taken lightly – if you are willing to take the risk, summoning him could bring you great power or great destruction. Valafar has also been known to give people access to forbidden knowledge and secrets which can aid in their own selfish ambitions. He is often called upon by those who seek money, power, or fame – although these desires can come with terrible consequences..
  • Valak is a demon that appears in the form of a kidnapper of nuns. Valak often takes the form of an apparition with a head like that of a sheep, although it can also appear as a large black dog or female figure with wings. It is believed that when Valak is encountered, it can only be defeated by making a bargain with it or through magical means. In folklore, Valak has been linked to witchcraft and necromancy and has been featured in popular culture such as horror films and books.
  • Vepar is a demon who is a Grand Duke and known to be strong and guide of waters, like a mermaid. He appears in the form of a mermaid, but with a scorpion’s tail instead of fish-like fins. The meaning of his name is “terror” or “seizing”, which reflects his role as a powerful demon lord. Vepar has command over 29 legions and also has power over ships and seamen, as well as causing stormy seas. He can also cause diseases, like plague and other illnesses. He is known to be obedient to those who call upon him and can make people invisible if they ask. Vepar is very cunning and wise, making it difficult for anyone to outsmart him. He’s often attributed with powers that go beyond his earthly domain; some sources claim he can reveal hidden treasures, knowledge of the future, and even make someone immortal.
  • Verdelet is a demon who is master of ceremonies. He presides over rituals and ceremonies related to the occult. He is often depicted as a tall, thin figure with a black hooded cloak, horns and long white hair. Verdelet has many abilities such as teleportation, mind control, summoning demons, cursing people, and controlling elements of nature. He can also be used to summon spirits from beyond the grave. Verdelet is an important figure in certain spiritual practices, particularly those which focus on communication with the dead or dark forces. Some believe that he can provide guidance and protection to those who seek it.
  • Verin is the demon of impatience. He is known to incite people into haste and act rashly. He believes that if something can be done now, then it should not be delayed. Verin has also been associated with a certain recklessness when it comes to actions, as he encourages people to take daring risks without thinking about the consequences. However, even though he may drive others to make quick decisions, this does not necessarily mean that they are good or wise ones.Verin’s power lies in his ability to encourage people to move quickly and act before fully considering the situation. This makes him an asset for those who need urgent action but also a dangerous enemy for those who prefer caution and patience. He can be used by both sides of any conflict; on one hand, he can be used to act quickly and decisively in a battle, while on the other hand, he can be used to cause chaos and destruction in an adversary’s camp. Despite his reputation for haste, Verin is also known for being pragmatic and wise when it comes to counsel. He may not always make the best decisions but he will often provide sound advice that can help people choose their course of action wisely.
  • Vetis is the demon of corruption. He is a master of disguise, and can use his powers to corrupt any being he comes into contact with. He uses his abilities to lure unsuspecting victims into dark deals that are often too good to be true, leading many down a path of destruction. Vetis is known for his ability to bring about chaos and disorder, as well as for his cruelty and sadism. He also has the power to manipulate minds and bend people’s wills to his own wicked desires. In addition, he is a master of illusion and has been known to create elaborate fantasies in an attempt to deceive those around him.


  • Xaphan is a sinner, who is known to be constantly busy with his work. He is said to have been sent down from Heaven to stoke the fires of Hell, and he has made a name for himself as one of the most industrious workers in Hell. Despite his constant labors, Xaphan has an eye for mischief and likes to stir up trouble along the way. He is often seen flying around on a giant bat-like demon named Fervor, causing chaos wherever he goes. Xaphan is also known for being incredibly intelligent, able to outwit even the cleverest of devils and demons. His mischievous nature often gets him into trouble but usually ends up benefiting humanity in some way or another.


  • Zagan is a demon King, deceitful, commands 33 legions of demons and has power over fire. He can transform into a flame at will, as well as the shape of a man with three heads (a bull, a ram and a human). He is listed in various texts such as The Lesser Key of Solomon and The Goetia. Zagan is able to turn water into wine, can make fools wise, dirt into coins and even turn iron into gold. He can also confer dignities and titles on those who serve him faithfully. Zagan is said to be an enemy of all religions based on faith but ultimately seeks only to cause chaos. His end goal appears to be the downfall of order in regional populations that he dominates by causing anarchy through chaos. Ultimately this allows Zagan more control over an area as it falls into chaos. He also has a reputation for being highly persuasive and able to sway others to his way of thinking. This can be seen in some stories, where he puts individuals through tests of character and willpower in order to gain their loyalty. Zagan is said to be loyal to those who are loyal in return, so if one should serve him faithfully, they may reap the rewards.
  • Zepar is a demon who is a grand Duke, appears as a soldier, commanding 26 legions. He can cause love between couples, make women barren and make them bear children in their time. He is also known to steal men’s souls, as well as appear in a human form with red clothing. Zepar is associated with the planet Mars, which signifies strength, energy and conflict. In some traditions he is said to be a female demon who brings nightmares or induces fear into those she visits during the night hours. As a servant of Lucifer, Zepar seeks out lost souls that have strayed from their purpose in life and attempts to draw them away from goodness. He has been known to use his powers for evil purposes such as seducing humans and manipulating emotions for his own gain. Zepar has an important place within occult practices and is often invoked for protection, to bring good fortune and also to induce love into one’s life. He has been used in rituals by those seeking power over others or an increase in their personal strength. In some traditions, Zepar has even been connected with black magic,.
  • ZoZo a Ouija Board Demon, Known aliases ZaZa, MaMa, MoMo, OZ, Abacus, LoLo. Prefers the number 28, which is connected to the feast of the Beast.ZoZo is said to be a demon that was summoned through the use of various Ouija board rituals and practices. Although ZoZo is usually classified as an evil entity, some believe that it can also be benevolent and provide guidance to those who seek it out.There are many stories surrounding ZoZo, but one theme remains consistent: its connection with the number 28. This number is believed to have a direct link to the “Feast of the Beast” which occurs on August 28th each year and honors Satan or Lucifer.

Types of Devils

Ancient texts reveal (Raban the Moor, Bishop of Seville) just as there are nine choirs of angels there are nine demons that we are known to face. These devils are documented to oppress, possess and attack the living. In some cases, people have died from being exorcised by these particular demons.

Fasle Gods – Beelzebub

In Christian and Biblical texts, Beezlebub is often referred to as the devil.  Christian demonology also refers to Beelzebub as being one of the seven princes of Hell. The Dictionnaire Infernal describes Beelzebub as a demonic fly who is also known as the “Lord of the Flies”.

Lying Spirits – Pytho

In Christian and Biblical texts Pytho is believed to be a huge demonic spirit.  The term Python or Python is first mentioned in ACTS when Paul casts the spirit of divination out of a child thought to be possessed.

Iniquitous Spirits – Belial

The term Belial can be found in Hebrew texts which refer to him as the Devil. Belial was also popularized in John Milton’s Book, Paradise Lost.

BELIAL came last, than whom a Spirit more lewd
Fell not from Heaven, or more gross to love
Vice for it self: To him no Temple stood
Or Altar smoak’d; yet who more oft then hee
In Temples and at Altars, when the Priest
Turns Atheist, as did ELY’S Sons, who fill’d
With lust and violence the house of God.
In Courts and Palaces he also Reigns
And in luxurious Cities, where the noyse
Of riot ascends above thir loftiest Towrs,
And injury and outrage: And when Night
Darkens the Streets, then wander forth the Sons
Of BELIAL, flown with insolence and wine.
Witness the Streets of SODOM, and that night
In GIBEAH, when hospitable Dores
Yielded thir Matrons to prevent worse rape.

Paradise Lost, John Milton

Vengeful Spirits – Asmodeus

The demon is also mentioned in some Talmudic legends, for instance, in the story of the construction of the Temple of Solomon. He was supposed by some Renaissance Christians to be the King of the Nine Hells. Asmodeus also is referred to as one of the seven princes of Hell.

devil pictures

Deluding Spirits – Balban

Otherwise known as the brute demon, this demon stands at least 12 feet tall with a squat, pot-bellied body, massive arms, and thick, rounded legs. Its head resembles that of a trunkless and tuskless elephant. Four great backward curving horns sprout from its head behind its eyes. Its skin is slate gray with darker areas on its underbelly and back.

Creators of tempests – Pazuzu

Pazuzu (sometimes Fazuzu or Pazuza) was the king of the demons of the wind, brother of Humbaba and son of the god Hanbi. He also represented the southwestern wind, the bearer of storms and drought.  It is also believed that the ouija board demon ZoZo, is an alias for Pazuzu.

Furies, Powers of Evil, War, and Discord – Azazael

Azazael (Hebrew: עֲזָאזֵל, Azazel; Arabic: عزازيل , Azāzīl) appears in the Bible in association with the scapegoat rite. In some traditions of Judaism, and Christianity, it is the name for a fallen angel. In Rabbinic Judaism, it is not a name of an entity but rather means literally “for the complete removal”, ie, designating the goat to be cast out into the wilderness as opposed to the goat sacrificed “for YHWH”.

Accusers (such as Christ cast out) – Samael

Samael (Hebrew: סמאל‎, “Venom of God”or “Poison of God,”  a figure who is the accuser (devil), seducer, and destroyer, and has been regarded as both good and evil. Rabbinical writings describe Samael as the guardian angel of Esau and a patron of Edom (or, the Roman empire).

Tempters – Mammon

Mammon /ˈmæmən/, in the New Testament of the Bible, is greed or material wealth, and in the Middle Ages was often personified as a deity, and sometimes included in the seven princes of Hell.

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