List of Demon Names

Demon Names

Below is a complete resource list of known demon names along with a brief description. If you are looking for more information for specific information about a demon, please check out our complete guide to demons.


  • Abaddon
    • Hebrew root meaning “to destroy”, same as Apollyon.
      asomodeus demon sigil
      Amsodeus Demon Sigil
  • Apollyon (Abaddon)
  • Abigor
    • Christian demonology – commands 60 legions.
  • Adramelech
    • Arch Demon whose name means, “King of Fire”.
  • Agares
    • First Duke of the East, commands 31 legions; appears willingly.
  • Alocer
    • Strong Duke commands 36 legions; lion’s face, dressed as a knight on a horse.
  • Amduscius
    • Great Duke, governs 29 legions; looks like a unicorn.
  • Andras
    • Marquise, commands 30 legions; bird head with angel-like wings.
  • Asmoday
    • Prince of demons; thought to be the serpent that deceived Eve.
  • Asmodeus
  • Astaroth
    • Strong Duke over 40 legions and the treasurer of hell.
  • Aym
    • Great Duke, who commands 26 legions; from Christian demonology.
  • Ayperos
    • Prince, commands 36 legions; from Christian demonology.
  • Azazel
    • Chief of the goat-demons or “hairy demons”.


  • Bael
    • Head of the Infernal Armies of 66 legions.
  • Balam
    • Terrible king with three heads and commands 40 legions.
      bael demon sigil
      Bael Demon Sigil
  • Beelzebub
    • Prince of Demons, aka Lord of the Flies, former highest ranking angel in heaven.
  • Belial
    • Chief of all devils, brings about wickedness and guilt.
  • Belphegor
    • Demon or “god” of the Moabites, Numbers 25.
  • Berith
    • Great Duke of hell who governs 26 legions, appears as a red soldier on a red horse.
  • Bifrons
    • Declares the understanding of geometry, astrology and other arts.
  • Botis
    • Appears as a viper, and proclaims the past and future.
  • Buer
    • President of hell, of the second order, and commands 50 legions.


  • Caym
    • Great President who takes the shape of a thrush; rules 30 legions.
  • Charon
    • The boat man who brings souls across the river Styx.
  • Cresil
    • Demon of impurity and laziness.
  • Crocell
    • Grand Duke who appears as an angel, and governs 48 legions.


  • Deumos
    • Female demon with 4 horns and a crown.


  • Eurynome
    • Superior demon who feeds on corpses; the Prince of Death.


  • Focalor
    • Grand Duke who drowns men and overthrows ships of war.
  • Furfur
    • Count of hell, commands 26 legions; appears as angel with a flaming tail.


  • Gaap
    • Prince of hell, intensifies love and hatred; transporter demon.
  • Geryon
    • Giant centaur, guardian of hell.


  • Haures
    • Strong Duke of hell, commands 20 legions and is very frightful with eye aflame.


  • Ipos
    • Demon count of hell who commands 36 legions; looks like a lion-headed angel.


  • Jezebeth
    • Demon of falsehoods and lies.


  • Kasdeya
    • From the “Book of Enoch”, the 5th Satan.
  • Kobal
    • Demon of hilarity.


  • Leonard
    • Master of black magic and sorcery.
  • Leviathan
    • Dragon of the Sea, the Crooked Serpent of the abyssLilith : Demon of waste.
  •  Lilith
    • A Dangerous demon of the night, who is sexually wanton, and who steals babies in the darkness.
  • Lucifer
    • Light bearer, son of the morning; former seraphim cast out of heaven.


  • Malphas
    • Grand president of hell, commands 40 legions; appears as a raven.
  • Mammon
    • Demon of avarice.
  • Mastema
    • Leader of fallen angels whose job is to tempt men to sin and accuse them before God.
  • Melchom
    • Demon who carries the money purse; payer of servants.
  • Mephistopheles
    • Another name for the devil in the Middle Ages.
  • Merihim
    • Dark Prince of pestilence.
  • Moloch
    • Demon worshipped by the Israelites through child sacrifice.
  • Mullin
    • Demon lieutenant of the demon Leonard.
  • Murmur
    • Great Duke, comes with trumpets sounding and rules 30 legions.


  • Naberius
    • Strong demon in charge of 29 legions, a Marquis of hell.
  • Nergal
    • Second order demon, commands the secret police.
  • Nicor
    • Water demon known for drowning humans; can cause hurricanes, tempests.
  • Nybbas
    • Manager of visions and dreams, inferior order charlatan.
  • Nysrogh
    • Second order demon, chief of the house of princes.


  • Oriax
    • Marquis, demon who commands 30 legions; teaches astrology.
  • Ornias
    • Name of the harassing demon.
  • Ose
    • Great President, governs 30 legions.


  • Paymon
    • A king of hell, master of ceremonies; governs 200 legions.
  • Philatanus
    • Demon who assists Belial in sodomy and pedophile behaviors.
  • Proserpine
    • Aka Persephone, princess of hell.
  • Pruflas
    • Head of 26 legions, has the head of an owl; provokes wars and quarrels.
  • Pyro
    • Prince of falsehoods and lies.


  • Raum
    • Count or Great Earle, commands 30 legions; seen as a crow.
  • Rimmon
    • Aka Damas, an ambassador from hell.
  • Ronove
    • Marquis of hell, commanding 19 legions, teaches languages.
  • Ronwe
    • Inferior demon, commands 19 legions.


  • Samael
    • Demon angel of death, prince of the power of the air.
  • Semiazas
    • Chief demon of fallen angels.
  • Shax
    • Duke of hell, commanding 30 legions, deceitful thief; appears as a stork.
  • Shalbriri
    • Demon of blindness.
  • Sonneillon
    • Demon of hatred.
  • Stolas
    • High prince of hell, commanding 26 legions; teacher of astronomy and plant properties.
  • Succorbenoth
    • Chief eunuch, sexless, demon of gates.


  • Thamuz
    • Ambassador of hell, demon master of big weapons.


  • Ukobach
    • Inferior demon who maintains the fires of hell; appears ablaze.
  • Uphir
    • Demon physician.
  • Uvall
    • Duke, commanding 36 legions, knows the past, present and future; strong and scary.


  • Valafar
    • Strong Duke, commands 10 legions, appears in the shape of a lion.
  • Vepar
    • Grand Duke, strong; guide of waters, like a mermaid.
  • Verdelet
    • Master of ceremonies.
  • Verin
    • Demon of impatience.
  • Vetis
    • Demon of corruption.


  • Xaphan
    • Second order demon, former fallen angel, fans the furnace flames.


  • Zagan
    • Demon King, deceitful, commands 33 legions.
  • Zepar
    • Grand Duke, appears as a soldier, commanding 26 legions.
  • ZoZo
    • Ouija Board Demon, possible connection to Pazuzu. Known aliases ZaZa, MaMa, MoMo, OZ, Abacus, LoLo. Prefers the number 28, which is connected to the feast of the Beast.


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