Haunted Santa Rosa Rural Cemetery

santa rosa rural cemetery

The first time that I visited the Santa Rosa Rural cemetery was in 2005, and we were able to capture some amazing paranormal activity on camera.  Since that first visit this cemetery has always intrigued me and has become on of my favorite haunted locations to investigate.  Scott, Patrick, and I decided to revisit the … Read more

Real Demon Drawings and Psychic Sketches

valak ouija board psychic sketch

Being an Empath and Artist I have been an Artist and an Sensitive Empath my entire life. I call myself a Sensitive instead of a psychic or medium because I find those names to be used to liberally and most times untrue. I believe I am sensitive to the other realm. It’s as simple as that.  Over the past 5 years … Read more

Welles House – Living in a Haunted House – Day 2

livescifi live ghost hunts

Welles House – 46 South Welles Street, Wilkes Barre PA; Day 2

After another day of getting settled into the location we decided to go around the location with the Mel-Meter (EMF Meter) to get some baseline readings for our future reference. After going around most of the location will little to no fluctuation, we encountered a weird spike in the middle of the staircase. It went between a 0.4-1.4 with no pattern or source we could find. Because of this we decided to do some provocation to try and entice some interaction. Upon doing so both Tim and myself had the feeling of someone directly behind us pulling/tugging on our shirts. In addition we began to hear a hissing sound near us. It happened three times with each getting progressively louder and the last of which happening extremely close to us and being extremely loud. The only thing I can equate it to is if you’ve ever heard a large alligator hiss. Needless to say it startled us and we backed up rather quickly. In an attempt to try and find the source of the hiss we went in to the basement at which point something grabbed Tim’s arm. Since we were getting a lot of activity we decided to begin do an EVP session on the staircase. Upon review of the session we found a few voices. The first of which had a message for us saying “Get outta here.” Another voice we captured had a response to our question about its name stating “I have no name.”

Having these experiences we decided to try and wind down and get some sleep, but sleep did not come easy. Throughout the night while trying to sleep I heard loud disembodied voices which sounded like two people having a conversation in an adjacent room, as well as, loud footsteps that sounded like boots on a hard floor. At one point in the night I had the overwhelming feeling of dread and seriously contemplated leaving the location. After talking to Tim about it and some of the similar things that he was hearing I decided to stick it out for the rest of the night. This is probably the most freaked out I have ever been at a location. Night 2 in the books, let’s see what the rest of the stay has to bring.

Violent ZoZo Ouija Demon Attack Real Story

ouija board demon zozo

One night me, my wife Felicia, and her friend Shannon decided to go to some mansion ruins in Cartersville GA zozo ouija demon attack where we lived at the time. It had been storming like crazy till we got to the mansion ruins, and everything calmed down which was very eerie. We started by doing a basic EVP session didn’t get a whole lot of action on it. So we decided to bring out the ouija board(being that my wife is pregnant I don’t let her use the ouija right now). Shannon and I started the session by laying out the rules, then we asked ” Is there anyone here that wishes to communicate?” It took a minute, but the planchette slid to yes. I got a little excited until we asked ” Are you a human spirit?” This time the response was rather quick and was a definite NO. At that moment I knew we were dealing with something dark. The energy in the place changed in a blink. I felt very uneasy and like something was watching me. We preceded to ask ” What is your name?!” The planchette started moving strange and went down to “6”. I said rather firmly “Tell us your name!!” The planchette went crazy then went to Z then O from there it went very rapidly ZOZOZOZO etc. My wife not being a big believer started taunting. I got pretty frustrated with her,and told her not to, but she didn’t listen. As the session went on I began feeling very nauseous and dizzy.

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