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When is the next live video on youtube? I'm new so I don't know if there is a schedule or not. I have turned on notifications on youtube to all so I do get notifications but I get them late. Can someone please help me out. I am really looking forward to a live video. I think I may have made it to one or two live streams. But that is not enough for me. I have been binge watching older videos but the live streams are a lot more fun. I like to be involved. Thanks again Tim for all you do. I love the shows. 

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KelLee xX
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Hey Amber, usually the best place to sign up to is twitter as most of his shows are posted there and if you turn on notifications you will see the link to the livestream. Also youtube notifications as well.

He just posted a few days ago saying shows will be live every Thursday 9pm pst.

His twitter handle is @livescifi

Follow livescifi everywhere to get notifications. Welcome to the crew!