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Sally House Weirdness? (Help? What's going on? What is this?)


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I wrote this primarily in hopes that Tim or Kristin, might, at some point, have time to read this, but it's open for anyone. I apologize in advance if this is long. I try to keep things short, but I fail every time. If no body reads this all the way through, I don't blame them. Also, happy belated Birthday to Tim. I was dumb, and forgot to say anything in my last post.

To kind of pre-empt this, I'm not terribly new to the paranormal. I go by CN, on YouTube. I've had weird stuff happen ever since I was a kid. I'd say my approach towards it is more unconventional. This though... I've never had anything like this happen before. I think in part I'm writing this because I want to know if I'm crazy or not. This doesn't happen as frequently as it did, but once in a while it still does. I would also like to state I have never been to Sally House.

This started happening towards the beginning of last year, 2020, during the winter. At this time I was aware of the Sally House, and probably had watched 3/4ths of Tim's Sally House content. But, by this time, I'd actually stopped watching for a few months. Tim was pretty busy, and not making content as often, and I found it difficult to take the other paranormal channels seriously. By this point, I wasn't heavily caught up in anything paranormal.

What was happening was kind of... Okay, so, last night the guy talked about how Sally House calls for you. This feeling I'm familiar with, because I have a location near where I live that does that. The best way I can describe this is that it felt like this feeling of being "called," but at the same time the Sally House, "came," to me.

I'd started to have these really bizarre dreams about the the Sally House. Sometimes I was upstairs in the closet, other times I'd be in the basement, or in the hole. These dreams always had a very heavy, violent, presence that just seemed to feel like it surrounded me. I never had just dreams of being in the house, I would also see these very... uhm... apocalyptic images. I don't remember anything specific, but it sorta felt like this was some sort of large scale calamity.  It felt like... what ever it was wanted to show this to me. 

It didn't just stop at the dreams. I could feel myself shaking. If you ever been have very cold, and you shake to the extent that it hurts? Like, full body spasms, that hurt ALOT. This felt like that. This persisted after I woke up. It would last any where between 10 to 45 minutes?  That same feeling of a vary heavy black presence would still be all around me, and I could just barely move. All I could do is lay there and shake. It was like I was extremely cold, but there wasn't a very good reason for this.

Mind, you, I said that this started in the winter. I live with an elderly family member, and the house was pretty regularly set to like 80 degrees F in the house. I usually have to have the ceiling fan on because it'd be too hot. These dreams and cold shaking feeling would persist into the summer too. 

When this started happening I was freaked out. I have crazy dreams like this but they often happen in obscure landscapes that don't feel realistic. This, I KNEW was Sally House, and it felt as if i could reach out and touch the dirt in the hole.  Still though, I've had stuff like this happen before, though never this malevolent.  I didn't think much of this, but then COVID happened, the dreams kept coming, and Tim's questions in his video seemed to take a different tone that seemed to be apocalypse related as well. This was around the time of It Feels Evil, and the Pasadena Ritual House. It seemed like something related to or from Sally would follow him.

It takes a lot to scare me. This really shook me, because I've had things follow and chase me across the country before. I was wondering, if the same thing kinda stalking and following Tim, might also be messing around with me. Some of Tim's comments really seemed to fit some of the things I was seeing in my dreams, and I had never felt something like this before. The thing that followed me was pretty malevolent, but it couldn't even compare to this.

I normally don't cleanse. Some people still reading this might take an issue with it. It's for a few reasons. In my experience, cleansing often times has minimal effect, and can just p**s things off more. As I mentioned, I have what might be an unconventional way of approaching this. I see things from a different perspective other than light/ dark, good/ evil, or heaven/ h**l. So, as such, I don't cleanse because I try to leave communication open. Yeah, like this is on me because in doing this I leave myself open to what ever this is. I don't feel that everything we contribute to evil really is, but this is an example of not everything being, "good." I don't want to say it's "evil," because I have issues with describing something like that. Malevolent is a really good way of putting this. I think by most other peoples' standards this might be evil though. 

I don't know if it's something that happens less, or if I've just learned to tune it out or ignore it better. I still have times where I wake up shaking and it feels like Sally House... like the whole weight of the house and everything in it is in the living room where I sleep. I really struggle with how to describe how big and heavy this feels. I want to say a few weeks ago something happened, where I woke up. Same shaking, same presence, but this time I heard a woman crying. This sounded like someone expressing profound grief, and this went on for a while. Like over and hour. I got up and I checked on my mother cause I worried that she got an early morning call that my grandmother had passed away. She was out cold, and even after laying back down this crying continued. 

The house I'm in doesn't have much history. I'd probly date it back to the late 1980s, if even that far back. It's a very modern home that sits on a concrete slab. It feels incredibly neutral and things pass by with out making much of a presence known. I can sorta pick up on some small change in how things feel, but nothing exceptional. just like if someone walked through the room, but didn't say anything.

I've heard that things like this can make their ways into people's homes from watching stuff online. I experienced something similar, when I showed a friend a picture of the place where the other thing originated from. She had something in her apartment start messing with her.  But, that's why I mentioned that I'd not been watching paranormal shows for a few months prior to when this started. I hadn't even thought of Sally house for a pretty long time.  Even still, maybe if this was the case, an entity could come through, but can a whole location? That's really what this feels like, the full Sally House location just picked itself  up and moved itself into my living room. House, demons, and all.  Does that happen?

When I feel afraid from this, it's not like.... I don't feel like mine, or anyones' I know life is in immediate danger. I think it wants to inflict pain and fear but it doesn't want to destroy me. 

Anyways this was pretty long, and I'm sorry. At the time that this happened pretty frequently, I tried reaching out to Tim, because I was really scared. But, I think it was the things I would see in my dreams that scared me the most. I always wondered if there was a correlation between what I was seeing in my dreams, and some of what Time might've been told by the thing that was following him. I don't think I can ever write these things with out sounding crazy, or incoherent, or at a decent length that doesn't waste a lot of everyone's time. I know Tim and the Rest of the crew are busy and have their own things going on. 

Thank you to anyone who is reading. I guess if you made it this far, I still have your ear. So, if it's okay, I was wondering if I could just take one more itsy bitsy moment of your time. I think Tim is probly one of the few investigators that I respect. Many others seem to include a lot of shenanigans that make it difficult for me to take seriously. So, when I say this, I am not trying to throw any shade at Tim or the rest.

It's regarding his recorder. Am I missing something, or not able to tune in or something? When he does play backs I can hear Tim say something, then Kristin say something, then some kinda crackly scratchy noise. Then Tim, the chat, and everyone gets excited and I'm like, "What am I missing or doing wrong?" I did a little research on his recorder and i understand some of the reasons someone would use it. I've thought about getting a recorder of my own, so I can do some EVPS. I know Sony is supposed to be mediocre, and I've heard that newer digital recorders don't work as well as the older. So, it's like you want the older scratchy recorder because it's voice activated and pics up EVPs better, but I can't understand the old scratchy one. 

Anyways, thanks Tim, thanks Kristin, and thanks to anyone else who might've read this and given me your time. I'm interested in knowing anyones's thoughts.

Best wishes,

-Star (CN)


Tim has his own portal to the sally house in the Lylet mirror. I sometimes sense the same energy and see the same entities when he uses it.

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Hey CN! Nice to meet you since you!  The audio recorder that I prefer to use on the livestreams is the Panasonic RR-DR60.  One of the main reasons why I use the Panasonic RR-DR60 is due to that it allows me to quickly run audio burst sessions live and quickly review them any evps. This allows me to quickly comb through areas while investigating and focus on areas, or subjects that it may be responding to.  

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Also I'm sorry for any horrible typos. I have a difficult time typing and it's only gotten worse with age. I started reading after I made my post and thought, "Oh god, this is horrible."

its okay I need to wear glasses now my eyes


Hey Hy Everybody & Tim,

There is smth. I want to tell you Tim about the last Night Oujia Board Session (10th Day) ! But yesterday I was too tierd sorry ! So I miss the conversation today aswell hmmm ?! But I hope, that I can write you today about what I need to tell you Tim !!! Sorry, Iam also a horrible typer ... Bc of the grammar & so...

3 words...pineapple...Crowley....&....Runes,


Glg Salamat iyo Mahal Kita, Stay Safe & Healthy (all of you guys!) & Have a wonderful day,

Many Hugzz & Kizzez of Vienna, Greetings,

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