scary picture of the demon zozo caught on camera

ZoZo Ouija Board Demon Ghost Story

So My Ouija Story Begins…

I had been playing the ouija with my friends and we kept getting a spirit with the name ZoZo. I had already heard of it and I was really interested in what it was and what it knew. One night as soon as I grabbed the planchette it had started to move, then it began to move faster and faster, so fast it was incredible! I knew immediately this was not a normal spirit you could feel that ZoZo was actually there unlike any other spirit you may talk to its a true feeling. The demon constantly insisted we get off the board although I took this as no warning I knew to stop the figure 8 motions ahead of time. I didn’t like the feeling that they were giving off. ZoZo was extremely friendly to us for the most part and liked me specifically the most as it claimed it would be always beside me. It also said that it nice to me as scary as that sounds.

scary ouija board demon caught on video tape

So I continued to play Ouija..

More and more until new years eve, one night during an ouija board session it started to spell he was coming. When we asked how, it spelled Satan, it was at this moment I yanked the planchette off and flipped the board over. I still don’t know what it is or anything about it really just that I still itch to play the game that thing it can answer so much it’s amazing it’s so unreal that a force like this actually exists and I don’t care how crazy it may sound. ZoZo is there and if you don’t believe me go buy the board ask for ZoZo. I’m sure it will answer, I know right now if I had someone with enough balls to play I could go have a full-on conversation with it. Now I don’t know how the conversation will end but I can at least I can say I’ve talked to a demon before. As untrue as this sounds there is actually something moving in my house as i typed this. The closet next to my trash can was open, and there were plastic bags on the floor I have no clue what it is or what it wants but this is a good lesson if you don’t believe in ghosts or demons, go buy an ouija board.

-A Member Submitted Story