Bobby Mackey’s Demonic Possession

bobby mackeys

Bobby Mackey’s is known as one of the most dangerous nightclubs in America due to its demonic history. It is believed that Carl Lawson while working as a caretaker at Bobby Mackey’s was attacked by multiple demons and was eventually possessed by the devil while working as a caretaker there. Haunted History of Bobby Mackey’s … Read more

Best Recorder to Pick Up Evps

evp panasonic rr dr 60

Over the years we have used many recorders in hopes of picking up EVPs at some of the most haunted locations in the US. When choosing a recorder for EVP always comes down to preference. There is no specific recorder that will guarantee the capture of EVP, and I have found the more you use your recorder for EVP capture the more in-tuned your recorder becomes over time to the phenomena.

Types of EVP

Class A EVP: A word or phrase that is clear and easy to understand. Everyone agrees on what is being said.

Class B EVP: A word or phrase that may not be recognizable by every investigator. It may be unclear or hard to understand.

Class C EVP: A word or phrase that is very soft and faint. You need headphones to hear it clearly. Even then, it may be hard to understand what is being said.

Class R EVPR: This audio can be played in reverse and you can still understand what is being said.

Best EVP Recorders

The following list contains the best EVP recorders for paranormal research. We have tested all of these recorders and can confirm that they work well. If you have a recorder that records excellent EVPs and is not on this list, please let us know.

Olympus VN-3100PC / VN-4100

Features USB port, 3.5 jack for an external mic, 3.5 jack for headphones, Indexing capabilities, records over 100 hours of audio on the lowest setting, 20 hours on HQ. Overall a great recorder, we have over the years picked up some of the clearest, and most compelling pieces of audio evidence with this device. Although the recordings can at times be a little noisy, the noise seems to benefit the device for EVP recordings due to the fact that EVPs seem to pop out more.

Price $20 usd

Panasonic RR-DR60-IC

The RR – DR60 is a recorder that only operates in voice activation mode.  Rumor has it that when Panasonic produced this recorder numerous complaints were received by users that they were recording disturbing “ghost-like” voices on the recorder. Although some groups and researchers swear by this device, we have found that while you can record many unexplained voices on the recorder the quality of the EVP is almost always class B or lower.

Due to the device’s age, it only features 60 mins of playback, and it does not feature a USB port for downloading audio.  Due to the pricing and the other restraints on this recorder, we don’t believe that it makes it suitable for long investigations or weekend-long ghost-hunting trips.  However, if you are running around on a location, we recommend the recorder for EVP because it can facilitate almost real-time communication with the dead. Price $3,000 usd

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Sony ICD B16

A classic for a digital recorder, we have captured some of our best evps on paranormal investigations using this recorder.  The recorder does not pick-up evps at the high rate of frequency as the RR-DR60 but the evps tend to be caught clearer and with less back ground noise.  The cost on seems to fluctuate a lot, and like most of the older recorders supply is limited.

Zoom H1

he Zoom H1 is one of the most popular recorders not only in paranormal research but also in music production. We have found the device does an excellent job picking up evps, and at times has even captured class A EVPs on investigations. When shopping for these devices we highly recommend purchasing one with a built-in mic instead of purchasing an external mic, as the main issue we find with external mics is that there seems to be interference from other equipment such as cell phones or audio monitoring devices nearby. Price $150 usd

Marantz PMD661

This is a great recorder for paranormal researchers looking to capture quality audio evidence. The Marantz features one of the best mics available on most digital recorders today, and it also features a USB port for downloading audio. The device also provides some nice options such as low-cut filter and adjustable gain, which allows you to fine tune your recordings so you can find that sweet spot for getting clear evps without too much background noise or hum.  Price $400 usd

Finding the right evp recorder

These are just a few of the digital recorders that paranormal researchers and investigators have used to capture evps. We suggest researching different models and finding one that suits your needs, budget, and experience level before purchasing any recorder for paranormal investigations.

In addition, it is important to remember that capturing evps is not only about the recorder but also about the environment you are recording in and how you interact with the spirits during an investigation. Good luck on your journey, happy hunting!

Insidious Gas Mask Seance

insidious gas mask seance

What’s the deal with Insidious gas mask scene? For those that haven’t seen Insidious look away! A lot of you are probably wondering if the InsidiousGas Mask is real, and can this experiment be used for spirit communication.  Well, I am afraid that we have not heard of or seen this technique before.  However, there … Read more

Villisca Axe House Demon Possession Video

villisca axe house

The Villisca Axe House in Villisca, Iowa is one of the most haunted houses in America due to its tragic, violent history, and remains one of the greatest American Unsolved Mysteries.  If any house in America has malevolent, dark energy within its wall it’s this house.  Once you know the history of the house then you can see how, and why the Villisca Axe Demon video happened.

The Victims of the Murders

On June 10th, 1912, Josiah B. Moore and his family returned home after spending the night at church. Also visiting that evening were two young children, Lena and Ina Stillinger. Everyone retired for bed shortly after 11pm- only to never wake again. At around 4am neighbors discovered the gruesome scene; all 8 victims had been slaughtered with an axe while they slept in their beds. Despite extensive investigations by local law enforcement officers, no suspect was ever found or arrested for the crimes.

Possible Suspects and Evidence

Over the years, investigators have pointed to numerous suspects in connection with these murders; among them are Reverend George Kelly, Frank F. Jones, and even state senator William Mansfield Jr., who allegedly had an affair with Sarah Moore (the mother of four). However, despite leads pointing to potential suspects, no one was ever convicted of these heinous crimes due to a lack of evidence against any specific individual or group of individuals.

Timeline of Events

The timeline surrounding these murders has also been heavily scrutinized over the years by both amateur sleuths and professional investigators alike. On June 9th at 8 pm Frank F Jones left Villisca on a train headed for Des Moines before returning around midnight on June 10th- mere hours before all eight victims were found dead in their beds at 4 am that same morning. A mysterious figure known as “The Man In Black” was also spotted throughout that evening wandering around town wearing black clothes and a wide-brimmed hat – leading some to speculate he may be connected with these heinous crimes somehow.

Tragically this man was never identified nor apprehended – leaving us with more questions than answers about what exactly happened that fateful night in Villisca, Iowa over 100 years ago…

The Villisca Axe Murders remain one of America’s oldest unsolved mysteries with few clues pointing towards any definitive answer or resolution anytime soon. Despite its fame (or infamy) among true crime aficionados worldwide, however, many people are unaware that this small town is still haunted by those events today – both literally and figuratively. From paranormal investigators flocking to “the most haunted house in America” to tourists visiting for ghost tours – it’s clear that interest in this tragic case will continue for many years to come…even if justice for these innocent victims remains elusive forevermore.

villisca axe house murder, family picture

Demon Possession at the Villisca Axe House Video

In 2009, a live paranormal investigation at the Villisca Axe Murder House took a shocking turn when one of the investigators was possessed by a demon shortly after using a Ouija board. This incident reignited an age-old debate as to whether supernatural phenomena can be awoken by unlocking spiritual pathways through human intervention. Whatever your beliefs may be, one thing is certain: this house has earned its infamous reputation and continues to draw the interest of curious minds.

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One of the things to watch in this video is an orb that goes into Tim’s mouth.  While we are not a big fan of orbs typically, this orb shoots into Tim’s mouth right before the demon possession occurs on the Ouija Board.  Could this be the demon that haunts the Villisca Axe House?