Eyewitness Paranormal Report

Have a Real Ghost Story, or other eyewitness paranormal experience that you would like to share with livescifi.tv  community? Paranormal Evidence that you or your paranormal team captured? We want to hear about your experiences with the paranormal.  Submit your paranormal experience with us now!

Examples of past paranormal activity reader submissions that we have featured are:

  • Alien Sightings and Alien Encounters
  • Ouija Board
  • ZoZo the Ouija Demon
  • Ghost Sightings
  • Demonic Possession
  • EVPs
  • and more!

When emailing us about your paranormal encounter please be sure to include the following in the form below:

  • Date / time paranormal encounter
  • Where did the paranormal encounter occur
  • Detailed description of your paranormal encounter
  • Submit any detailed photos, audio, video clips of your paranormal encounter
Please complete the required fields.

*by submitting your story to us you agree that we may publish your story and use any information that you send along with the submission in your paranormal submission, any media that you submit to us may or may not be used in your story.

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