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Evidence of Ectoplasm at the Sallie House?

During our last investigation at the Sallie House in May we captured what we believe to be an anomalous substance that appeared to ooze...

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Sallie House–History or Myth?

sallie house
In the small town of Atchison, Kansas at 508 N. Second Street sits a small, unprepossessing nineteenth century cottage which is the site of one of America’s most famous hauntings. Commonly known as the Sallie House, this circa 1870 bungalow first came to public...


Tim calls (666) 666 - 6666 GONE WRONG AT MIDNIGHT ! (666)666 - 6666 is believed to be phone number to the Devil.  SATAN CALLED BACK.  WATCH AS CALLING 666 GOES BAD! Numerous people have reported being cursed by the Devil once the phone...

Hinsdale House Contest–Come Investigate With LiveSciFi!

Did you ever watch a LiveSciFi show and think, “Man, I’d love to do that”? Ever imagine yourself being there while Tim and the team are exploring a notoriously haunted location? Ever wish you could be a part of the LiveSciFi team? Well today's...

Playing Ouija Alone – Demonic Activity Caught on Video

Tim plays Ouija Board alone in an attempt to capture paranormal activity at home during a live paranormal ghost hunt.  During this session Tim gets numerous evps and even has something that attacks him during the video.    

The Zodiac Murders Haunt This Old Lovers Lane

On the night of December 20, 1968, David Faraday had his first date with Bettie Lou Jensen. They were young, normal California teenagers—he was driving his family’s station wagon, and she was supposed to be home by eleven o’clock. As with most adolescent couples,...