Welles House – Living in a Haunted House – Day 2

Welles House – 46 South Welles Street, Wilkes Barre PA; Day 2

After another day of getting settled into the location we decided to go around the location with the Mel-Meter (EMF Meter) to get some baseline readings for our future reference. After going around most of the location will little to no fluctuation, we encountered a weird spike in the middle of the staircase. It went between a 0.4-1.4 with no pattern or source we could find. Because of this we decided to do some provocation to try and entice some interaction. Upon doing so both Tim and myself had the feeling of someone directly behind us pulling/tugging on our shirts. In addition we began to hear a hissing sound near us. It happened three times with each getting progressively louder and the last of which happening extremely close to us and being extremely loud. The only thing I can equate it to is if you’ve ever heard a large alligator hiss. Needless to say it startled us and we backed up rather quickly. In an attempt to try and find the source of the hiss we went in to the basement at which point something grabbed Tim’s arm. Since we were getting a lot of activity we decided to begin do an EVP session on the staircase. Upon review of the session we found a few voices. The first of which had a message for us saying “Get outta here.” Another voice we captured had a response to our question about its name stating “I have no name.”

Having these experiences we decided to try and wind down and get some sleep, but sleep did not come easy. Throughout the night while trying to sleep I heard loud disembodied voices which sounded like two people having a conversation in an adjacent room, as well as, loud footsteps that sounded like boots on a hard floor. At one point in the night I had the overwhelming feeling of dread and seriously contemplated leaving the location. After talking to Tim about it and some of the similar things that he was hearing I decided to stick it out for the rest of the night. This is probably the most freaked out I have ever been at a location. Night 2 in the books, let’s see what the rest of the stay has to bring.

46 South Welles Street Welles Paranormal Caught on Camera

The Welles House is located at 46 South Welles Street in Wilkes Barre PA.  In 2014 we lived at the house for three months straight trying to document the paranormal activity that was reported for the past century.  The paranormal activity in the home climaxed during the 1970’s when the Bennett’s left all of their possessions one night.   The basement of the house over the years has had numerous reports of paranormal activity and it is one of the oldest areas of the house.  It is speculated that before the house was completely built, the residents used the basement as a temporary place to live while the rest of the home was being built.

46 South Welles Street, Wilkes Barre PA

The previous owner lived alone in the house for ten years.  Wellness checks were preformed once a week by her family, during the checks her family would find her in the basement with the lights off talking to the walls in the basement. When asked what she was doing, she wouldn’t reply.  Other family members experienced unexplained cold spots, voices, and feelings of being touched there.  Unwilling to move she eventually died in the home.

While we stayed in the home we experienced many of the same things that the family reported.  Often times I was drawn to the darkness of the basement, and sometimes I saw blue orbs that would manifest on there own out of no where.  I remember the first night that we slept in the house we had wondered down to the basement when he had heard an unexplained scream that seem to emanate from the walls of the house.

Paranormal Caught on Camera at 46 South Welles Street Wilkes Barre

During this video Tim was investigating the basement when his shirt was pulled by an unseen force.  Before this happened Tim was using playing audio from an islamic exorcism prayer as a means of provoking the demonic entity.  Soon after Tim started playing the exorcism tapes numerous audible evps were captured on his voice recorder, and the atmosphere in the basement became extremely heavy.  It became so heavy in fact that Tim during the live ghost hunt said that he was having trouble breathing. Soon after that his shirt was pulled by the entity on camera.

Welles House – Living in a Haunted House – Day 1

Welles House – 46 South Welles Street, Wilkes Barre  – Day 1

I still can’t believe that I am purchasing a haunted house.  While meeting with the family members we discovered some paper work that was left in the house by the mother who had died in the house.  They included numerous newspaper clippings and paperwork showing the Ed and Lorraine Warren had investigated the house in the 1970’s.  After meeting with them we finally got settled in the house around 7pm and started unpacking.

When JJ and I started unpacking some of gear and exploring the house we were standing in the living room and heard 3 bangs that were immediately followed by scurrying sound, as if something was running on the side of the walls, almost as if child was running. I have heard mice before and this wasn’t anything of the sort, overall I would say JJ and I both heard it about 10 times throughout the night which really makes me wonder if it was something paranormal in nature, I guess we will find out.

As JJ and I continued to clean the house we decided to take a break and travel down to the basement to see what lies down there and check on the broiler. As we got down into the basement it reminded me a lot of the same type of feeling that emanates from the Sallie House, real dark, depressive, and as if something is always watching you. It really didn’t take us that long all but 1 minute to hear something could be paranormal in nature. There was a loud, deep moaning moan which turned into a growl that surrounded us. We didn’t have any recorders at the time, however there was no mistaking that it originated from the basement. As I lied in my bed hours later, footsteps could be heard upstairs, pacing back and fourth as if it was watching over something..I was awoken this morning by something tapping me on the head, as I opened my eyes I realized that JJ was still asleep. One thing I noticed is that it is really cold in this house, even though the temp reads 7o.

Welles House Day Paranormal Investigation Video

Haunted Whispers Estate History and Paranormal Activity

Whispers Estate is located in Mitchell, Indiana and has been one of our favorite haunted locations to investigate over the years due to the various types of paranormal activity that we have been able to capture.

Whispers Estate History

The earliest records show that Whispers Estate was built in the year of 1894.

Whispers Estate first residents were Dr. George and Sarah White.  Various historical records show that its second owners were Dr. John and Sarah Gibbons, who purchased the haunted estate in either 1899 or 1901. Not being able to have children of their own, Dr. John and Jessie Gibbons reportedly adopted abandoned/orphaned children.  10-year old girl named Rachael who was one of their adopted/orphaned children met a tragic fate on Christmas Eve morning and is still believed to haunt the Estate. On Christmas Eve, she accidentally started a fire in the front parlor, being badly burned, and died 2 days later in one of the upstairs bedrooms.

Another death was that of a 10-month baby, Elizabeth.  Elizabeth died in the master bedroom of unknown causes.  Many paranormal investigators, and visitors report smell of baby powder, and can hear her cries that echo throughout the house.

Jessie Gibbons would later die, the master bedroom died after a fight with double-pneumonia. Guests sleeping in that room often awake to labored breathing and coughing. Some even report feeling as if someone is sitting on their chest. The most common paranormal activity in this room is the closet doorknob will frequently jiggle for a few moments, stop suddenly, and the closet door will pop open. The maximum reported count for repeatable occurrences is 5 within a couple minutes.

Dr. Gibbons was a prominent doctor in town, having his office in the 1st floor rooms in the house. Given the time period and medical field, it is likely many patients died there during his practice of ~26 years.

Stories of subsequent owners/occupants suggest others have encountered their own demise, such as a gentlemen in the 50s/60s that died in the upstairs bathroom, a young boy that died from falling down the front staircase.

In 2006, The previous owner bought the house after being vacant for a few years. During its restoration, strange activity started to occur. Activity in the house continued, and even increased, subsequently earning the name ‘Whispers Estate’ after guests repeatedly reported hearing disembodied voices whispering in their ears.

There are supposedly 4 graves in the backyard, not including, what psychics have called, a pit-grave which they say contain amputated limbs, internal organs, aborted fetuses, etc…

Paranormal Activity at Whispers Estate

  • There is reportedly a portal/vortex which runs up through the house from the front parlor into the 3rd floor room/attic. the room in the attic is said to be the heart of the house. Guests that are brave enough to sleep in this 3rd floor room report horrible nightmares and sometimes hear something trying to get in the room via the door (door knob jiggling).
  • Visitors have reported sighting a shadow, which is now called ‘Big Black’, an entity which psychics says ‘is not of this world’. While most commonly encountered in the doctor’s rooms, it has been seen throughout the house.
  • Guests have experienced earthquake-like tremors while in Doctor’s bathroom… No… not ‘those kinds’ of tremors… we’re referring to tremors of a paranormal origin.
  • EVP sessions have revealed many entities in the house at any given time, Many young women have reported hearing Dr Gibbons whisper in their ears, as well sometimes grabbing/gropping them.
  • Guests claim to see the beds/couches visible shake, while still others sleeping on beds and couches have reported having them shake violently…..
  • Sometimes, upon leaving the servant’s quarters, just after the last person exists the room, the solid, heavy, wooden door slams with unrestrained force by unseen presence.
  • Pleasant smells of baby power drift throughout the house, but the scent of pungent cologne/aftershave, cigar/tobacco, rancid meat/cabbage, dirty medical bandages, and more are not uncommon.

Real Ghost Attack Caught on Video

One of the scariest moments of my paranormal investigation career occurred at the Warren House. This ghost attack caught on video happened on the third night while I was staying at the house. One of the very first things that that I remembered before I was attacked in the stomach was the feeling of hot panting, almost like a dog that I felt on my face.  As I laid down on my sleeping bag, trying to figure out what it was and somewhat frightened, I decided to turn over, put my headphones, and tweet to the fans who were watching the stream to ask if they could see anything.  About 15 mins later I felt a force that felt as it were a shockwave which went through my stomach.  Here is the video of the ghost attack as it happened.


Sallie House LIVE 48 Hour Ghost Hunt Broadcast

The Sallie House in Atchison Kansas is known as one of the most haunted places in America.  Starting Friday February 26th – Sunday February 28th livescifi.tv invites you to watch, and interact with our ghost hunters on location for a live paranormal, ghost hunt broadcast.

Get Prepared for Night of Chilling Paranormal Activity, and New Experiments LIVE

livescifi.tv has visited the location numerous times in the past were they have documented numerous demonic attacks, dark shadow manifestations, unexplained anomalous activity, and unknown audio phenomena that was recorded as EVP.  On one of the trips to the Sallie House the team conducted a Ouija session in the basement were one of the team members became possessed and had holy water placed on him, after which bubbled and steamed of his neck.

In another occurrence the team captured a shadow figure on camera that darted out of the room known as “Sallies room”.  This time however the team will be conducting new experiments that could possibly yield conclusive evidence of paranormal activity, and give more answers to its origins, and why it manifests at that specific location.

Who will be will be on the live ghost hunt?

The livescifi.tv will be joined by; founder, lead ghost hunter, and paranormal investigator Tim Wood, Patrick Langdon, paranormal investigator and csi photographer, Scott Dilalla paranormal investigator and videographer, and Kristen Manning psychic sketch artist.

How do I watch the live show?

When?: Starts February 26th 8pm PST to February 28th 12pm CST.

Where?: To watch live ghost hunt broadcast visit our youtube channel, and click on this link.

How To interact? Tweet the livescifi team during the broadcast  @livescifi

Want to learn more about the Sallie House?

the history of the Sallie House located on 508 N. 2nd Street in Atchison Kansas, types of demonic entities and ghosts, and other paranormal activity at the house, click here.