Demonic EVPs Captured from Haunted Doll

by Tim Woodpublished on March 9, 2021

These scary EVP demonic recordings were recorded during a recent live which live streamed on Tim first attempted to speak to Carol-Anne the haunted doll by gathering EVP recordings, which is believed to haunted by the ghost of 17 year old girl. As the session went on though something more malevolent started to come through that was caught on tape through these EVP ghost recordings. Was it a demon, or a spirit that simply did not like Tim. Take a listen and give us your opinion!

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In this violent demon attack tape an attack occurs when Tim Wood provokes the demon by using religious provocation. Right before the demon attacks Tim numerous warnings and threatening messages were received on the Ghost Box.   All evidence in this video clip was captured during a live investigation of the Sallie House in Atchinson KS in 2012.

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