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demon caught on camera

Real Demon Caught on Camera at Haunted House

Are the photos, images of a the demon that is believed to haunt the Sallie House?? While combing through some footage for a current project we are working on, we discovered something that we couldn’t explain on a couple of shots that were taken with an sony IR camcorder at the Sallie House. The first …

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Bloody Mary Paranormal Activity Caught on Video

Bloody Mary Caught Paranormal Activity Caught on Camera, Tim performs the Bloody Mary ritual with a twist to help the real bloody mary be caught on tape. If you are unfamiliar with the bloody mary ritual, it is believed that if you complete this ritual you will make contact with this dangerous entity. Tim will perform the ritual with a shard of a anitque mirror that was obtained from a house that had a death in it. Will this object increase the chances of bloody mary being caught on camera. Tune in and find out.

Bloody Mary History

The Bloody Mary ritual initially encouraged young females to trek up a flight of stairs backwards while holding a candle and a hand mirror, in a darkened house. It was believed that as they would look into the mirror, they would be able to catch a view of their future husband’s face. However, if the woman playing bloody marycaught a glimpse of a skull (or the face of the Grim Reaper) they would be destined to die before they would have the chance to marry.

Today, Bloody Mary allegedly appears to individuals or groups who ritualistically invoke her name. It is believed that Bloody Mary can seen by repeatedly chanting her name in a mirror placed in a dimly-lit or candle-lit room. To those who have caught a glimpse of the Bloody Mary apparitio, she is said to appear as a corpse, a witch or ghost; can be friendly or evil; and is sometimes “seen” covered in blood. The lore surrounding the ritual states that participants may endure the apparition screaming at them, cursing them, strangling them, stealing their soul, drinking their blood or scratching their eyes out. The modern legend of Hanako-san in Japan strongly parallels the Bloody Mary mythology.

ZoZo Ouija Board Demon Caught on Video

zozo the demon

Tim uses the ZoZo Demon Ouija Board to summon the Ouija Board Demon ZoZo. Will the demon known as ZoZo be caught on tape during this live ouija board session. Tune in and Find Out! ZoZo the Ouija Board Demon is believe to be extremely dangerous, and you should not attempt to contact the demon …

Filipino Demons, Monsters, and Gods

Below is a known list of Filipino Demons, Monsters, and Evil Gods
Akop – evil entity known to prey on windows
Angul – evil entity known to kill people with an ax
Anlabbang – a demonic entity known to cause fights
Apo – A demonic entity known to eat the kidneys of people who die specifically of dysentery
Bulanglang – …

Paranormal Activity Bloody Mary

bloody mary paranormal activity

Paranormal Activity Bloody Mary
Many people have had very frightening experiences while playing Bloody Mary ! Some believe that Bloody Mary has hails her origins to the English queen known for having heretics burned, beheaded, or otherwise treated unkindly. Some believe that Bloody Mary was once a princess, who was murdered in front of her mirror. Does …

9 Types of Devils and Demons

demon samael

Demons and Devils
Throughout medieval history and lore (Raban the Moor, Bishop of Seville) we discover that just as there are nine choirs of angels there are nine demons that we are known to face. One may ask, “why the number nine?” Odd numbers always play and
False Gods – Beelzebub 
In Christian and Biblical texts Beezlebub is often referred as …

2015 Ghost Pictures

2015 ghost photograph

What makes a good ghost picture?
This is the million dollar question, but who has the photo that noone can contest..So far nobody… It is nearly impossible these days to come up with a ghost picture that no one can refute. These days anyone with a smart phone and an app can make a fake ghost photo. …

The Hat Man A Real Ghost Story

hat man real ghost story

My Encounter with the Hat Man, A Real Ghost Story
Summer was here, I was about 13-14 years old.  I decided with my kid sister to put up the tent in our backyard. The yard was between my home and garage. The garage had a timer so went the time was up the light would turn …