Creepy News of the Day

It Follows True Horror Story
Paranormal News / March 21, 2015

IT Follows REAL Horror Story? Watch online now! ZoZo The real horror story begins as It Follows its victims around after playing unbeknownst with the Ouija Board. Many people believe that the is real horror story, and ZoZo follows its victims until it captures their soul. Who is it that follows Tim, what started this real horror story? The real horror begin last month for Tim as he was using the Ouija Board live. Many demonic horrifi...

The Sallie House LIVE Online Paranormal TV
Paranormal News / March 11, 2015

Ready for 48 Hour Online LIVE Ghost Hunt from one the most haunted locations in the world? Join for a online LIVE Ghost Hunt Broadcast from one of the most haunted houses in America, the Sallie House. The online live ghost hunt broadcast will begin Friday 13th at 8pm PST / 11pm EST and will conclude Sunday at 11 am EST.  The team will be conducting numerous experiments online that will further help document the paranorma...

Is Lazarus Effect based on a real story?
Paranormal News / February 27, 2015

Always in the mood for a good horror movie, last night I was able to catch the Lazarus Effect in the theatres.  Although the Lazarus Effect is not based on any real events, it did rely on the factual information of the  drug DMT and its link to outer body experiences, which was used on the lab animals and eventually the main character.  DMT has been linked to people who have had outer body experiences, and near death experiences.  DM...

Ouija Board Rules
Paranormal News / February 27, 2015

According to William Fuld there are five Ouija Board Rules to follow during a session.  Fuld was kind enough to print the directions for conducting Ouija Board sessions on the back of every wood Ouija Board that was manufactured. Below are 5 Important Ouija Board rules you should follow when conducting your next Ouija Board session. Ouija Board Rule 1. Placement Although it sounds silly, the placement of the Ouija Board is a very imp...

Is Candyman Real?
Paranormal News / February 11, 2015

Is Candyman Real, he could be real…listen to the scary, evp recordings from the Candyman mirror ritual that were captured during the live paranormal investigation. As Tim chanted, Candyman, Candyman, Candyman, Candyman, CANDYMAN, five times there were numerous EVPS that came through the recording. Is this Candyman or do you think it was another entity trying to communicate! Do you think the Candyman is real? Leave us comment an...

Haunted Doll Caught on Video Tape
Paranormal News / February 11, 2015

REAL Haunted DOLLS Caught on Tape! Can Dolls be possessed by Ghosts, Demons, or by an evil presence? Will Tim capture proof that these haunted dolls are possessed by an evil entity, by using EVP, the Ghost Box, Ouija and other devices. Are the dolls that were sent in by the viewers haunted, or possessed by unseen phantom forces?

Real LIFE PARANORMAL ACTIVITY caught on tape Entry 7
Paranormal News / February 11, 2015

Real LIFE PARANORMAL ACTIVITY caught on tape !! Is it a Ghost or Demon. Real Paranormal Activity caught on tape entry 7 as Tim communicates with Ouija Board Demon ZoZo live on his show. This paranormal activity caught on tape is raw footage and has not been edited or manipulated in any way, this is REAL LIFE Paranormal Activity! ZoZo the Ouija demon is a real demon that makes contact and torments people through there use of a haunted...