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demon caught on camera

Real Demon Caught on Camera at Haunted House

Are the photos, images of a the demon that is believed to haunt the Sallie House?? While combing through some footage for a current project we are working on, we discovered something that we couldn’t explain on a couple of shots that were taken with an sony IR camcorder at the Sallie House. The first …

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Gods Helmet Ganzfeld Ouija Ghost Session

What is the Ganzfeld??

A ganzfeld experiment (from the German for “entire field”) is a technique used in parapsychology which claims to be able to test individuals for extrasensory perception (ESP). The ganzfeld experiments are among the most recent in parapsychology for testing telepathy.

scariest ouija board experience

What is the Gods Helmet?

The “God Helmet” refers to an experimental apparatus originally called the “Koren helmet” after its inventor Stanley Koren. It was developed by Koren and neuroscientist Michael Persinger to study creativity and the effects of subtle stimulation of the temporal lobes. Reports by participants of a “sensed presence” while wearing the God helmet brought public attention and resulted in several TV documentaries.The device has been used in Persinger’s research in the field of neurotheology, the study of the neural correlations of religion and spirituality. The apparatus, placed on the head of an experimental subject, generates very weak fluctuating magnetic fields, that Persinger refers to as “complex.” These fields are approximately as strong as those generated by a land line telephone handset or an ordinary hair dryer, but far weaker than that of an ordinary refrigerator magnet and approximately a million times weaker than transcranial magnetic stimulation.

Persinger reports that many subjects have reported “mystical experiences and altered states” while wearing the God Helmet. The foundations of his theory have been criticised in the scientific press, anecdotal reports by journalists, academics and documentarists have been mixed and the effects reported by Persinger have not been independently replicated. The only attempt at replication published in the scientific literature reported a failure to reproduce Persinger’s effects and the authors proposed that the suggestibility of participants, improper blinding of participants or idiosyncratic methodology could explain Persinger’s results.Persinger argues that the replication was technically flawed, but the researchers have stood by their replication.


REAL Ghost / Demon Caught on Tape ZoZo

real exorcism photo

All demon / ghost footage is REAL and is caught on tape during a live Ouija Board session. Is the entity which calls himself ZoZo a Ghost or a Demon? Tim has been using a haunted Ouija board which is claimed to once be in contact with entity known as ZoZo. Many people …

Ouija or Ritual

meet a real exorcist

Ouija or Ritual? Pick what Tim does for next weeks live paranormal show by voting below. If there is a specific ritual or urban legend that you would like Tim to perform live on the show please feel free to leave a comment below we would love to hear from you. By commenting …

Table Tipping Paranormal or Fake?

table tipping seance

Have you ever tried table tipping? If not you should….
Humans have been attempting to contact the dead since the earliest of times. It was so much of a concern, that God forbade people to seek out mediums as recorded in the book of Leviticus.
However, throughout the years, humans continued to seek out ways to contact …

Creepy Pasta Ritual or Live Ouija Session

zozo zoso ouija

For those of you that don’t know, for the past 8 years we have been streaming very week.  Whether it is a live paranormal talk show, live ghost hunt, ouija board session, itc sessions, or creepypasta ritual, I thought it would be fun to let you guys decide what I will be doing later this …

The Gods Helmet, Its Indie Science

gods helmet picture

The Gods Helmet, Its Indie Science
The “God Helmet” is an experimental device predominantly used in the field of Neurotheology  for the purpose of synthesizing paranormal experiences by manipulating the brain by using electromagnetic stimulation. It is placed on the head of an experimental subject and stimulates the brain with fluctuating magnetic fields.
A cognitive neuroscience researcher …

Ouija Board Video, ZoZo Ouija Board Experience

ouija board video

Real ZoZo Ouija Board Experience summoning caught video. Tim documents his Real Ouija Board Experience with demon named ZoZo in this ouija board video. This Ouija Board experience is completely real and should serve as a Ouija Warning for those that decide to use the board. Is the Ouija Board demon ZoZo communicating with Tim …