Paranormal Videos, LIVE Ghost Hunts

Created by Tim Wood, our first livescifi ghost hunt aired in 2006, and was the first POV livestream on the net.  We conducted the first live-streamed overnight ghost hunt in 2008. Since then we have aired over a thousand live paranormal investigations from hundreds of haunted places in the US.

We have been showcased on, Yahoo!, Ustream, Travel Channel, Machinima, and YouTube, where we have aggregated over 400 million video views. Throughout the year we have live-streamed hundreds of ghost hunts investigated hundreds of haunted locations, and shared countless paranormal experiences with our live audience.

As a result, we have created numerous paranormal videos that cover ghosts, occult, urban legends, and spirit communication methods.  Our live paranormal broadcasts; are continually evolving as we strive to better understand and document the existence of paranormal activity, collectively with our audience. Our vision is to continue to make our live paranormal platform and viewing experience the best in the industry.

Our live ghost hunts, Capture REAL paranormal experiences,  with real paranormal evidence, for millions of viewers worldwide. 

Our live ghost hunt series takes our viewers to some of the most haunted locations in the world while performing some of the most extreme paranormal experiments. Our primary goal is to capture real paranormal evidence and share those paranormal experiences with our viewers.  Our platform is designed to let our viewers actively participate, interact, and experience the paranormal activity as it happens in real-time.

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How to watch a live ghost hunt

Currently, livescifi’s ghost hunts are live-streamed bi-weekly on and on our YouTube Channel. If you miss a live broadcast our paranormal videos are instantly embedded on our website.  To interact during with live paranormal investigation we recommend that you tweet us @livescifi.

Is ghost hunt worth watching?

Our Ghost Hunts are completely free, we do not charge any fee to investigate.  Since 2008 our paranormal investigations have been completely free and will remain so.


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World’s Largest Ghost Hunt

In 2012 broadcasted a live 48-hour overnight paranormal investigation from the Sallie House on, which became known as the World’s Largest Ghost Hunt.  This live paranormal investigation reached over 4.8 million live views in 48 hours.  With these millions of viewers participating and interacting with the live paranormal investigation livescifi quickly became a viral phenomenon and was tagged with having the World’s Largest Ghost Hunt.

Haunted Places

Our paranormal team performs live overnight paranormal investigations on historic places, people, known haunted destinations, public places, businesses and private residences. These haunted places include Bobby Mackey’s Ghost Hunt, ZoZo Demon House, Welles House, Monroe House, Whispers Estate, Waverly Hills, and the Haunted Hill House. If you have a location that you would like us to live stream or conduct a paranormal investigation please send us a tweet.

ghost hunt ghost town terror

About the Paranormal Investigators

The team has over 50 years of combined paranormal experience.  Our team is made of highly trained and qualified paranormal experts.  Our paranormal team is currently featured on Travel Channel’s, “Ghost Town Terror” and has also been featured on Discovery +’s Paranormal Declassified, It Feels Evil, Fright Club, and Haunted Salem LIVE.

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