Broadcast Starts Monday 3/15 6pm pst / 8pm cst / 9pm est

Is the Haunted Hill House a Real Portal to Hell. Join us as we investigate ghosts and possible demons at the haunted Hill House. The haunted Hill House is what many paranormal researchers refer to as a Portal to Hell. Over the past few months numerous people have been physically attacked, and possessed, by the demon in the house. We invite you to watch live as we will spending 2 days at the house conducting, multiple paranormal experiments in an attempt to document and further understand the paranormal activity that is occurring at the Hill House.

If you happen to see any paranormal activity during the live broadcast please send us a tweet with your timestamp to @livescifi on twitter. For more information about the Hill House visit 📺 We are a self funded channel and your support helps immensely! 💀 Our Patreon:

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