ZoZo Ouija Board Demon, Who and What is the ZoZo Demon?

In recent years, many videos have featured mysterious and creepy appearances by the Zozo Demon. Commonly referred to as “the Ouija Board demon”, its true identity has remained largely shrouded in mystery – that is until now! With the explosion of technology since the 2000s providing more information than ever before, new light can be shed on this ancient being’s enigmatic past.

But regardless of our newfound knowledge surrounding its origins, one thing remains certain: combating a force such as Zozo proves impossible for even those most experienced with exorcising demons from Christ-era times onward; leaving us to ponder why?

History Of Zozo Ouija Board Demon

The first mention of any entity named Zozo occurred in an 1818 reference guide written by Jacques Collin de Plancy, a self-proclaimed occultist and author, in his Dictionnaire Infernal. The story as related in the Dictionnaire’s entry under the word POSSÉDÉS (Possession, in English) goes as follows:

In 1816, a young unmarried woman from the Picardy region of France made startling claims: she was pregnant and possessed! Walking around Teilly on all fours, or at times even upside down with her hands as support, she announced that three “imps” were inhabiting her body – Mimi, Crapoulet and Zozo. Angered by their removal attempts through an exorcism performed by a Jesuit priest from Spain; Zozo went so far to shatter one of the church’s windows in his fury whilst Crapoulet clung

 desperately to any part he could grasp onto before finally retreating inside its victim’s genitals – only relenting when commanded by great religious authority.

Nineteenth-century France in the wake of the revolution and the ascendance of Napoleon prided itself on its science and logic and fought against old “superstitions” like exorcism or demonic possession.

Although the author of Collin du Plancy’s book had no expertise in researching, it did capitalize on popular spiritual movements and ultimately became a successful literary work. Perhaps its greatest contribution was an impressive collection early 19th-century engravings and illustrations about occultism and demonic entities – none of which included Zozo prior to publication. Despite numerous claims otherwise, there is simply no historical evidence linking this creature predating the Dictionnaire Infernal.

zozo ouija board demon steals soul

Since the sixteenth century, there has been a sigil known as Zoso—a magical symbol believed to possess mysterious power. This occult image is used for representing Greco-Roman god Saturn who governs Capricorn in the zodiac and was famously adopted by famed Thelemist Jimmy Page for Led Zeppelin’s fourth album cover. It’s rumored that this might be evidence or proof of secret mysticism at play but it should not be confused with modern references to different sorts of entities now commonly known as “Zozo”.

The earliest verified use I’ve found of the Zoso sigil is 1521 (some references list the publication date as 1511, making the 1521 book a second edition) grimoire entitled Le Veritable Dragon Rouge–a book about necromancy that you can download if you really want to. The first well-documented use of the sigil appears in Gerolamo Cardano’s 1557 book Ars Magica Arteficii, which translates roughly to “The Art of Magic” or “The Magical Arts”. Cardano was a mathematician and physician, and in the sixteenth-century astrology was an important part of both sciences. So the sigil, at least, appears some five hundred years ago.

What is Zozo? 

The mysterious Zozo Demon has a fascinating linguistic history. Its name is derived from two distinct sources: in Haitian Creole, it means “bone” (or slang for the penis), while Louisiana French Creole gives us the word ‘zozo’, meaning blackbird or raven—a relic of the medieval Basque language rooted between southern France and northern Spain.

As early as the twentieth century, Pazuzu was being referred to by French travel guides in Greece under an alternative name: Zozo. This word has roots that are particularly significant; In Zulu culture ‘uzozo’ is used to describe a wound which never heals while its modern-day incarnation of ‘izoso’ or ‘zozo huts’ refers to small dwellings crafted from tin and located within impoverished areas of African cities. It has since been adopted into today’s slang where it often carries connotations ranging between “nitwit” and simply “dude”.

Though the name may seem innocuous, its etymology reveals a hint of something sinister.

Unveiling the truth can be a powerful act. Understandably, Catholics have long known that knowing an entity’s true name gives them control over it. But in the case of Zozo Demon–a paranormal figure encountered through Ouija boards around the world!–something doesn’t seem quite right: could this demon actually give up its own identity? Or is something else at play here…?

ZoZo on the Ouija board

After the traumas of the civil war brought grief to many parts of society in 19th century America, an invention hit shelves that promised a way for citizens to contact lost loved ones. Charles Kennard patented ‘The Ouija Board’ and it quickly became a popular form of entertainment as well as part of the healing process. 

By the second half of the twentieth century, strange and unexplainable encounters with an unseen entity called Zozo had become linked to Ouija board use – a popular pastime among those under twenty-five. As decades passed and internet access became more commonplace, reports of victims sharing similar experiences rose significantly. Then in 2008, Darren Evans opened up his website as a platform for these testimonies; subsequently flooded by endless amounts of  ZoZo Demon pictures and ZoZo Demon videos related to ZoZo Ouija Demon sightings.

Of course, the reason for that is easily explained. More people are looking for Zozo.

While still seen as paranormal by many, the Zozo entity has become an increasingly real threat. Reports of its existence date back centuries to being a product of subconscious minds (tulpas) or drug use in 1975. Whatever its origin may be, this powerful demon is gaining strength day by day due to society’s fascination with it and should not be taken lightly when encountered during Ouija board sessions.

stalked by the zozo demon

Stalked by the ZoZo Demon

Zozo is an entity with deep-rooted ties in Blackbird Louisiana and various religious blends stemming from French, African, Basque, and other sources. The Demon Zozo  has multiple associations including the number 28 as well as sex or sexual assault; humans possess animals to serve their will while it also reportedly possesses people through an Ouija board.

Ghostly hauntings have been reported at locations associated with this malicious force that can take on the form of deceased friends and family members for contact purposes before announcing itself ominously onto boards used by unsuspecting participants.

The planchette either begins to move rapidly from side to side in an arc between the letters Z and O, or it starts an escalating series of figure 8 movements in the center of the board.

A powerful yet strangely benevolent entity, Zozo is renowned for its presence during Ouija board sessions. Whether appearing as ‘Zozo’, ‘Zaza’ or one of several other aliases, this mystical being often speaks poetically about a utopian paradise and arms people with the incantation “abracadabra”.

Since the 2nd century AD, “Abracadabra” has been attributed to various cultures such as Gnostics, Greeks, and Sumerians; however, it’s likely Hebrew/Aramaic in origin. Malaria sufferers would wear an amulet with this word written inside a triangle for protection against illness. More recently strange behavior of many paranormal entities has started to include countdowns from ten down to one which is usually followed by terrible consequences.

The Ouija Board Demon Zozo is renowned for its ability to forecast malevolent happenings and events. It appears with an eerie countdown from 10-1 that often signals extreme paranormal activity to come.

Reports of it recalling intimate details only ever experienced by one person – like childhood memories unknown even amongst intimates or choice in underwear color – have spread across supernatural research circles since first appearing; these reports are further backed up by professionals such as investigators and clergy who recognize it as demonic in nature.

In 2017, Tim Wood launched a groundbreaking paranormal experiment so that he could better understand this demon. His month-long journey of discovery collected evidence and opinions from over half-a-million YouTube subscribers while striving to protect himself, others, and his LiveSciFi.tv viewers from demonic activity. After arriving at some startling revelations about this mysterious being’s true identity, it became clear that Zozo was not simply another demon – rather something far more complex.

Summing a Demon Real Life Paranormal Experiment

Tim’s ZoZo Summon Real Paranormal Experiment showed that the entity ZoZo is not one single demon, but rather multiple demonic entities masquerading as one and using unsuspecting victims for their own nefarious purposes. Unlike exorcising individual demons, this dark force cannot simply be sent away through traditional methods.

ZoZo is a revolving door to Legion – potentially releasing powerful and malevolent forces on unsuspecting victims who unleash it from its hidden depths. Exorcisms conducted against this force are often fruitless due to the fact that multiple demons use this name as an alias while they oppress or possess their unwilling subjects over weeks, months and even years before any hope of deliverance can be found through spiritual warfare technique used by Catholic clergy members.

If someone feels they are connected to Zozo, it may be simply a sign of the start of an attachment. To sever this connection and prevent further harm from coming their way, one should stop mentioning or acknowledging the name altogether. If there is already an established relationship between them marked by demonic infestation or possession, however, then more drastic measures must take place in order for deliverance – namely discovering and cutting ties with whatever spirit has been manipulating them under the guise of Zozo’s moniker.

Be warned; those who are intrigued by the mysterious Ouija board should exercise caution. Inviting interaction with any entity through this form of conjuration is a dangerous proposition – especially if it is identified as Zozo. Sincere insight or malicious misdirection, you can never be sure what will come across the talking board: always take care before opening yourself up to its hidden realm!

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