Ouija Board Rules, How to Safely Play the Ouija

According to William Fuld (the creator of the modern day Ouija Board) there are five ouija board rules to follow during a session.  Whether or not Fuld made these rules so that it would facilitate safe communication on the Ouija Board is still up for debate.  If you are curious to see what happens when Ouija Board sessions go from fun to bad click here. Fuld was kind enough to print the directions for conducting Ouija Board sessions on the back of every wood Ouija Board that was manufactured.

Ouija Board Rules How to Play the Ouija Safely

1. Placement

Although it sounds silly, the placement of the Ouija Board is a very important rule to follow.  If you are having a Ouija Board session with another person the board should rest upon the knees of the two person(s). Fuld believes it is important to have mix genders’ playing, and I myself do find this rule to be true as well.  Some of my best spirit communication sessions with the Ouija Board, have been when I have been using it with the opposite sex. aleister crowley ouija

2.The Planchette

I have seen many different techniques over the years about how to hold a planchette however at the end of day finger placement is not important.  The most important rule to remember when using the planchette on the Ouija board, is the amount force that you apply to it.  You should be gently touching the it, and careful enough not to apply a lot of pressure to it when using it.  The planchette should be able to move easily and freely on the Ouija board.

3. Focus, Focus

Focusing while using the Ouija Board, is very important to having communication session, meaning your thoughts should be focused on who or what you are trying to communicate to, and not with your date was with last night.  Fuld believed that great care should be taken when using the Ouija board and asking questions to it.  He also believed that only one question should be asked at a time, and that the persons who are using the board should be focused on those questions to obtain the best results.  If you are a paranormal investigator using the Ouija board for the first time, think of the Ouija board as a EVP session, so that you allow the spirit enough time to communicate.  The Ouija board participants should be respectful and serious at all times.

4. Care of Ouija Boards

In today’s world Ouija boards come in different types wood, plastic, paper, particle board, plastic, resin, etc.  The most important thing to remember with this Ouija Board rule is to make sure that your board is smooth, and that your Ouija board isn’t left out in the elements; dust, moisture, etc. so that when you do use your Ouija board that the smooth remains as smooth as possible.

5. Have Fun, and Close the Session

Although spirit communication is supposed to be a serious matter there is no reason why you can’t enjoy it. Hell if you don’t enjoy it than why would you want to do it.  As with any spirit communication it’s always important to remember to close your Ouija Board sessions, especially if you believe that you have come in contact with a demon or ZoZo. You can simply do this by politely saying “Good Bye” and moving the planchette to “Good Bye”.  If there are any Ouija board rules that you think we left out please feel free to leave us a comment below.

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  1. Isn't it bad if the entity you're communicating with tries to count down or tries to move the planchette off the board?

    • If the planchette is trying to move off of the board, it can be seen as a sign that the entity you’re communicating with is trying to leave the board. The counting down could just be the entity showing you it has control over the planchette, but it could also be associated with ZO-ZO

  2. Thanka for sharing Tim, see u live tonight! Is it bad I buried my board after I got that zozo evp I sent u

  3. Sweet, Atleast when or if I do play with a ouija board I’ll have some solid rules to follow!!

  4. Can you operate a Ouija board without asking it a question? That is, simply let the “spirits” tell you what it knows?

  5. i used a oujia board with my friend yesterday and we got zozo and beelzebub and it was our second time but we stopped the session when it was going to spell hell which zo-zo was spelling and i was being touched all over but i’ll say more like flys or something cause i got red spots all over my arms is that good did that happen to you tim

      • there gone plus beelzebub hepled me open my third eye saturday and we did another session yesterday and got mostly beelzebub cause apparently zo-zo was stuck in hell and also we did a evp session which we got some good results but they tried to possess me so they can show me memories of my past live which apparently was necessary so i can be stronger spiritual and i can sense zo-zo and beelzebub right behind me too which was weird cause i kept looking at the area zo-zo was in

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