REAL Ghost / Demon Caught on Tape ZoZo

All demon / ghost footage is REAL and is caught on tape during a live Ouija Board session. Is the entity which calls himself ZoZo a Ghost or a Demon? Tim has been using a haunted Ouija board which is claimed to once be in contact with entity known as ZoZo. Many people question whether ZoZo is a ghost or demon, who do you think he is? Perhaps the answer, will be caught on tape during tonights show. ZoZo or ZaZa is known to terrorize Ouija participants by attacking them mentally, physically, and even sexually. He is known for moving the Ouija Board planchette over the letters z o z o, z a z a, or even m a m a. Followed by rapid figure eight movements on the Ouija Board. Have you have had an experience with ZoZo? Tell us below by leaving a comment!!

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11 thoughts on “REAL Ghost / Demon Caught on Tape ZoZo”

  1. enjoyed the show as always. great evp’s tonight. keep up the great work. really looking forward to the next show as each one is different and anything can happen 🙂

  2. Hi,
    [20:50] DOXIII can be Do XIII is the roman number 13 so maybe “Do 13” ?
    [22:29] 15 Princes
    [24:14] Read Mark 5 : “Jesus Restores a Demon-Possessed Man” & “Jesus Raises a Dead Girl and Heals a Sick Woman”

  3. Hi, im 15 years old and a few weeks back I done a Ouija board with my friend, after a few weeks nothing has happened but now something is going on, I have things knocking over, im randomly blacking out and my hand starts moving in the motion it would a Ouija board,it will spell out zozo and now even on my laptop its spelling out ‘die now’.
    When I done the Ouija board it wasn’t zozo I was in contact with so im really confused, sometimes I start walking and I don’t remember what I do but I will be stood infront of any mirror and my face looks angry and then it looks like my eyes go completely black?
    Does anyone have any clue if ive been possessed or not an if so how can I get it out.

  4. In regards to Mark 5, the entity that you were speaking with was most likely referring to 5:1-15 which talks of Jesus casting the demon called Legion out of a man and into the herd of swine. Mark 5:9 says: And He asked him, What is thy name? And he answered, saying, My name is Legion: for we are many.

  5. I dealt with zozo about 30 years ago,but he used another name. I get concerned when I hear people speak any demons name becwuse it gives them strength, power. He came into my home on a board that my daughter used on her 16th birthday, just a game right? WRONG! My daughter completely changed. It followed us from michigan to oregon and got worse. My daughter was at a vulnerable point in her life and he held on tight. The first time I saw him he was standing in the corner of her room, he looked like a huge boar and the back of his shoulders touched the ceiling. He held a sceptor in his left hand. I had many dealings with him over the years and even now, I feel him swirling around one of my grand kids. He told me his name is hugg and he tried really hard for years to defeat my daughter. I took it personally and confronted him every time he came, dont mess with a mother! With the help of an indian shaman, I was able to keep him at bay, but once they know your name..they never leave you. That is only one small reason that when you go looking you need to protect yourself, your family..your friends and home. He came to me in a dream one time as a man dressed in black, with long black hair slicked back in a ponytail. He stood in a bright white room and spoke to me, he was friendly enough but I knew something was wrong and wouldnt turn my back on him. Finally he smiled and said “I know you” it was then that I knew for sure and I told him”no…I know you!” You have to constantly be on guard, when they come to you in dreams it is because that is when you are the most vulnerable. My daughter used to have a recurring nightmare that she was in a long hallway, the only light was from single light bulbs that hung from the ceiling about every 10 feet. She could hear screaming and would walk down the hall towards the sound. She would come to a door, when she opened it there was a naked man covered in blood under a single light bulb screaming over and over. This happened for at least 15 years, and then one day she was talking to some guy on an online game called kaneeva. Some how they started talking about freaky dreams and he told her his….he was in this room, and the only light came from a single light bulb hanging from the ceiling. He looked down and realized he was naked and covered in blood. He started screaming and then the door to the room opened and he could see a girl with black hair looking at him….this was the point they would both wake up. You have to keep yourself safe, because they are around always, they have all the patience in the world…they have nothing but time. Once you contact them they imprint on you and can come back long after you have forgotten and when you have something more a family. Please be safe…I know how hard it is not to be involved, it is a passion. Just be aware and be as safe as you can. God bless..

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