Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions.  If you have any other questions that aren’t answered below please contact us.

How do we investigate the paranormal? has been streaming its live ghost hunts on the web since 2007.  We use a variety of techniques (scientific and spiritual), and equipment in an attempt to document the paranormal. Visit our About Us page to learn more.

Help my place is haunted?

  • Do you investigate private homes?
    • Yes, we have investigated many private homes and commercial buildings for signs of paranormal activity.
      • If you would like for us to investigate your home, please email us at [email protected]

Where does post it’s paranormal evidence?

  • Do you review paranormal evidence?
    • Yes, we review all evidence collected from the show as well as viewer evidence captures.
  • Where is the paranormal evidence posted?
    • Paranormal evidence is currently posted on our YouTube channel. registration?

  • Does it cost anything to register?  
    • No. The site is completely free, however, you are required to sell your soul to us.
  • How do I register for the site?    
    • Registration is closed, however, you can subscribe to our YouTube channel.

How do I watch a live ghost hunt?

  • What are the computer requirements to watch the live ghost hunt?
    • If your computer or phone can watch YouTube videos you can watch!
  • How fast does my internet connection need to be? 
    • We recommend at least a 1.2 mps download connection (basically anything other than dial up.)
  • My video is not playing what do I do?
    • When the show starts the video player automatically will start streaming the LIVE Ghost Hunt, on the rare occasion it does not immediately play, click the triangle button on the bottom right to start the LIVE video feed.
  • How do I adjust the sound?
    • To adjust the sound click the speaker button, and toggle as desired.

How do I chat on

  • Do I need to register to watch the chat? 
    • No, you don’t have to be a member to watch the chat.
  • How do I register for the chat?
    • There are two ways that you can register for the chat, Facebook authentication,  and Twitter authentication.
  • Does the chatroom say it’s full?  The current chatroom is limited to 500 concurrent users, if you are having issues due to capacity reasons be patient and try again. If you do not wish to do so you can use Twitter, and use @livescifi to interact with members and the investigators on location.
  • What are the rules of the chat? 
    • No harassing mods,  viewers & chatters. Racial slurs, hating or sexual orientation bashing is not allowed. No linking, spamming, advertising or promoting your outside info without prior permission. We ask you to please stay courteous and on topic.
  • Someone is harassing me in chat, help! 
    • Send visit our contact us page, all emails are always looked into promptly and all information is kept anonymous for your safety.
  • I have been banned, what can I do?
    • If you have been banned and you believe it to be a mistake, send us an email by visiting our contact us page.

Other Tid Bitz

  • Quick! I saw something paranormal how do I let the crew know?
    • The best way to let the crew know that you saw something is to TWEET it. We can be reached by sending us tweets @livescifi .
  • What tools do you recommend for screen capturing items during the live show?
    • Windows 7 snipping tool works pretty well, cam twist for macs, webcam max, don’t be shy – ask others in chat!
  • How can I show others what I captured during the LIVE show? 
    • Please post any captures that you may get on Twitter and tag @livescifi

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  1. Totally Love you guys. I cannot wait for the next live ghost hunt since Hurricane Sandy prevented me from catching the live hunt at  Sallie House this past Haloween. BTW, are they ever going to re-air that?

  2. I LOVE THIS WEBSITE,, i just have one question, DO you guys believe in the AL DAJJAL ?? in islamic culture he is known to be in the bermuda triangle, can any one tell me if HE can be contacted by any body? espicially dealing with the anu naki 😉

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