Ouija Board Warning – ZoZo the Ouija Board Demon

Warning Signs of ZoZo the Ouija Board Demon

Every day we get emails from viewers and other Ouija Board users who claim that they have come in contact with the demon ZoZo. But what are the warning signs, and what should you do if you believe that you have come in contact with the entity?

Who is ZoZo the Ouija Board Demon?

First contact with it’s victims is always through the ouija board.  Even though some experiences may start off positive, they always end up being negative, which is one of  them main reasons why many researchers believe that ZoZo is a demon.  There are many false internet sites that are creating a false history of the entity.  Some falsely claim that the entity was responsible for the possession of Roland Doe, others claim the entity is connected to Annelise Michel, however, it’s origins remain a mystery.  We have only found two references to the name:

  1. Manuel A. Malet’s 1906, book the Infernal Dictionary, ZoZo appears under the name of the demon known as Pazuzu.
  2. According to a 1900’s article, Brook Kenilworth had her soul stolen by her husband “ZoZo” who was mystic.

The one thing that can be substantiated is the extreme negative psychological, and physical experiences that people have.  Some of these experiences include bad luck, depression, thoughts of suicide, and in some instances rape.  Some paranormal researchers believe that the demon may be either a incubus or succubus or a thoughtform.

What is ZoZo?

Thoughtforms or Tulpa beings are generated through the subconscious and grow by collective conscious over time.  One experiment that made this theory prevalent was the “Philip Experiment”.   The experiment highlights a case were in the early 1970’s, researchers successfully created a ghost, by using the collective conscious of its test subjects.  Could the entity be the modern day Philip? It is no doubt that the terms “ZoZo” and “Ouija Board demon” exploded once Darren Evans began posting his experiences on the internet in 2008.  Was this because people actually had similar experiences, or was it because his stories were something for horror and creepypasta fans to latch on too.

Even though most ZoZo experiences found on the net have ties with the Ouija board, many have reported contact with ZoZo by using other forms of spirit communication. People report that they have made contact with this entity during pendulum, automatic writing, electronic voice phenomena (EVP) and even spirit photography sessions.  I have personally recorded numerous class “A” EVPs of an entity proclaiming itself as the entity.

ZoZo’s power seems to come from the name being spoken. During one ouija board session that I had with another ZoZo Demon survivor Darren Evan’s the responses through the Ouija Board became stronger and stronger once the name was repeated over and over.  Many ouija sessions were true ZoZo communication occurs involve the plancette sliding over Z-O-Z-O, which causes not only the participants to say it’s name but to also focus their subconscious energy upon that entity.

Abracadabra is an ancient Aramaic phrase that means, “As I speak, I create”.   This phrase seems to hold true for the  ZoZo demon.

Ouija Board Warning Signs

ouija board demon zozo

Below is a list of warnings signs that may indicate contact with the entity during a session.  While there tons of paranormal entities, ghosts, and demons that may emulate the entity, these are the most common signs that it may be present.

  • Rapid figure eight movements of the planchette
  • Rainbow side to side movements of the planchette
  • Planchette spells out: ZOZO, ZAZA, ZiZi, MAMA, OZ, OZOZ, ABACUS
  • The number 28
  • Extreme sense of uneasiness, thoughts of depression during or after ouija board session
  • Dark shadow movements in or around ouija board area.
  • Mentions of PARADISE
  • It will try to befriend you
  • Give correct answers about the future
  • Will draw you back to the board
  • May make sexual advances to the participates, by physically touching, or by messages.
  • Ouija Participants will lose track of time
  • Sense of empowerment
  • Bad luck

How to protect yourself against the ZoZo Demon

  • Don’t Panic, darker entities especially demons, feed off of fear.
  • Close the session, as soon as possible.  If you are using a Ouija Board move the planchette over to Good Bye
  • Set boundaries, before starting any spirit communication it is important to set boundaries with ghosts, entities, demons that you may be communicating with
  • Smudge area, and Ouija Board participants
  • Do NOT use the same Ouija Board again
  • If the Ouija Board’s planchette spells out ZoZo or if a player feels compelled to say it’s name while playing, STOP.

Understanding the ouija warning signs is critical to protecting yourself when coming in contact with the demon ZoZo.  If you need help, would like to share your experience please leave a comment below, or send us an email.