Haunted Banta Tracy II

History Undisclosed location which is the site of a barn that has over 100 years of history. Before the barn was established, it was the site of cemetery for early CA settlers. The land is also on Indian tribal ground. Paranormal Activity Claims Many who frequent the barn and stables report seeing shadow figures, hearing disembodied voices, and being touched by an unknown presence. The previous owner (deceased) has been seen in spector form roaming the grounds as well. Evidence Although we ventured out to the location many times we were unable to substantiate the claims of paranormal activity. Given its close proximity to the 580, audio contamination proved to be a major problem. Hauntings Grade 3/10 Video Archive

San Bruno Colma live ghost hunt

History Tenant was having issues with what she reported to be a spirit of a family member who was trying to contact her. The Condo Complex was built in 2006 and none of the neighbors when polled had experienced any paranormal activity. Evidence High emf flucations due to faulty in the wiring created high fields. No evps or video phenomena was captured. Video Archive

Clovis Wolfe Manor Asylum live paranormal ghost hunt II

History is a mansion that was once part of a sanitarium. The mansion, which is allegedly haunted by ex-residents of the sanitarium, will soon be transformed into a haunted hotel called the Wolfe Manor Hotel. The owner, Todd Wolfe, has reported hearing ghosts walking and talking and even breathing on him. LiveSciFi.tv sent a group to spend the night inside the mansion, during which some unexplained phenomenon reportedly happened, including a door that slammed shut by itself. Paranormal Claims Shadow People, Disembodied Voices Evidence No visual evidence captured during investigation, most of the audio phenomena can be attributed to noise pollution from outside street. Hauntings Grade 3/10 Video Archive