21 FT Croc Discovered in Philipines

A 21 Ft croc? Sounds like a feature plot for B Horror movie right. Well, such things aren’t nightmares but a reality as one Philippine community found out today.

The 21-foot, 600-kg seawater crocodile caught in Agusan del Sur may very well be the largest one captured but certainly not the first nor will it perhaps be the last one to be captured in the wild.

Project director Ronald Nuer of the Bunawan Municipal Council said it took them 21 nights to snare the behemoth which, to the alarm of those who caught it, twice got out the restraining ropes before it was finally tied down after which it became overly “aggressive” three times.

Nuer added that according to the Palawan Wildlife Conservation Center which helped capture the crocodile, it is a male specimen.

Those who carefully constructed a frame around the reptile to restrain it had kept their eyes on each and every move of the crocodile’s tail and snout.

Residents were relieved with the capture of the reptile but none more than Luciano Auxtero, who believes that it’s the crocodile that ate his sister who had gone missing.

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  • http://livescifi.tv/members/doomsdaydeb/ Deb

    Good grief, its humungus, it looks like it swallowed a water buffalo, I can easily see it consuming a child like they suspect. I wonder what they are going to do with it.

    • http://livescifi.tv/members/admin/ livescifi

      Just imagine how much food that beast consumes in a week! Scary!

  • http://livescifi.tv/members/devilgirl/ Jennifer

    Sad to say they will prolly cut it up and eat it the thing looks dead already to bad not often u see such a big crock mind u it was prolly a nuisance

    • http://livescifi.tv/members/devilgirl/ Jennifer

      i should of read the article i hope they send it to some kind of zoo

      • http://livescifi.tv/members/admin/ livescifi

        Its probably going to end up at Marine World lolz

  • http://livescifi.tv/members/calichick420/ Mandy

    They should let it go back into the wild where it belongs but away from people .That`s awesome to see such a big croc.

    • http://livescifi.tv/members/admin/ livescifi

      Yeah but scary too, who would of thought they get that big, those ropes dont look to secure