Evidence of Ectoplasm at the Sallie House?

During our last investigation at the Sallie House in May we captured what we believe to be an anomalous substance that appeared to ooze from the basement floor. The “goo” appeared underneath the investigators foot as they were conducting an EVP session above the pentagram that was once used for rituals in the basement of the house.The substance had some what of slippery texture to it, yet also seem to be cool to the touch. Unfortunately we did not have a sample kit at the time of capture. The “goo” roughly stayed on the floor for about 30 minutes before it was completely evaporated. Below are some of the photos that were taken after we noticed the substance on the floor. It is important to note that no where in the basement was there any wet spots at the time when this occurred or any other part of the house. Could it be ectoplasm?