Experience LIVE ghost hunting on livescifi.tv.

Join us as we venture into the most haunted locations in the world, capturing real paranormal evidence and sharing spine-tingling experiences with our viewers. Interact with our team and immerse yourself in the paranormal activity as it unfolds in real-time. It’s a ghost hunting adventure like no other!

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Experience real-time paranormal investigations on livescifi.tv.

Venture with us into haunted locations around the world, conducting extreme paranormal experiments and capturing evidence of the supernatural. Engage with our broadcasts, interact with our team, and be a part of the action as it unfolds. Our platform is designed to bring you closer to the paranormal like never before.

livescifi.tv live ghost hunts
Paranormal investigators conducting a live ghost hunt

Experience real paranormal activity like never before from the most haunted locations

Watch live and unedited interactive ghost hunts from some of the most haunted locations in the world, all for free! Our primary goal is to capture actual paranormal evidence and share those experiences with you in real-time. Join us and actively participate in the thrill of the hunt as it happens.

livescifi.tv sallie house live paranormal ghost hunt
Feature Haunted Location for live ghost hunts, the Sallie House

Experience the thrill of real paranormal activity.

Get ready to have your spine tingling and heart pounding as you witness real paranormal videos and evidence. Join us on our live-streaming ghost hunting platform and actively participate in the most extreme paranormal experiments. Experience the thrill of the supernatural as it happens in real-time.

livescifi.tv paranormal investigators review psychic sketches
The livescifi paranormal investigators reviewing a psychic sketch

Dive into the world of the supernatural.

Get your dose of chills and thrills with our collection of spooky articles about demons, ghosts, exorcisms, and paranormal activity. Immerse yourself in the supernatural and explore the unknown. Join us on our live-streaming ghost hunting adventures and experience the thrill firsthand.