Demon Names and Info, Iphone App

Ever been on an investigation and wanted to learn more about a specific demon that your client believes has been tormenting them? Well now there’s an app for that. Back in the old days, way back when before there were apps and smart phones, investigators would have to take valuable time away from the investigation to perform background research. Yes even I remember those days…Now with apps such as the Demonolgy App for the Iphone and Adrioid based OS smart phones, one can get a quick overview regarding unfamiliar demonic entity names and save time.

The app pulls information from Wiki pages and places it in quick 500 word summary so that the reader can get a quick overview of the demon and its characteristics. I found this app to be quite useful during a live ITC, and ghost box session that we performed last month were, the ghost box kept saying Malfus, and Enlil.

If you looking for a quick resource guide to Demonology when your out in the field, purchase it, and download it.