True Filipino Ghost Story

We went to Balete Drive first. While we were filming I never actually heard the hissing sound, as the sound of the jeepney was very loud. It was later that night in the condo while I was reviewing the tape when I first heard it. I shrugged it off as just “noise.” It was days later when I did the aswang interview with Kaye that I realized the sound she describes is a similar sound on the video tape. Actually I had been told that before, that the presence of an aswang is preceded with a hissing sound.

I suppose since we were on a street known for ghost sightings some might theorize that the noise could be an EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) but I never analyzed the sound for any type of voice. But that’s the cool thing about the Philippines and its folklore. You go to video footage of ghosts and you get aswangs instead.