Ghost Boxing – Demons Don’t Like Roses

This is a video excerpt is from Day 2 of the Sallie House LIVE Investigation.  A lot of people asked why we had numerous roses on the paranormal investigation. It was reported that back when the Pickman’s lived in the house the Sallie House a rose burned from the inside out by a paranormal force when it was placed on the kitchen counter.

We decided to run several experiments to see if we could get any response from the energy in the house if had reintroduced the fresh roses in the house, and to our amazement we did. In this video we held a rose in one hand and conducted numerous evp and ghost box sessions.  Within seconds of starting the session we immediately started getting intelligent, demonic responses on video.

Roses in many religions are viewed as purity, and it has been reported in numerous cases were a person has been successfully exorcised that the fresh smell of roses seem to emanate from the exorcised. Could this be why there were such negative responses during the session? Feel free to leave a comment below, and let us know what you think.