Hells Gate – Demonic Entity Caught on Video

On the third night of investigation at 3:30 am we caught could possibly be the demonic entity that haunts the Sallie House manifesting from the Pentagram in the basement. What makes this piece of evidence really odd to us is the unbelievably high rate of speed which this anomaly manifests and basically runs from right to the left of the frame. One 60 ms is all it took..Please leave a comment below and let us know what you think it could be.

15 thoughts on “Hells Gate – Demonic Entity Caught on Video”

  1. The very last night there was most definitely something strange going on in the basement. Everyone on chat saw it as well. However, what we saw lasted a long time. It was black & was shifting.

    • Oddly enough the full spectrum camera just put a box in that area at that time. Although its not the most clearest image I believe that there is something definitely there.

      • So Tim .. the last night in the basement.. you are saying that there is something there. Bc I was thinking I was going nuts lpl

        • Its the Sallie House, I think that by the evidence that we have displayed over the past 2 weeks taht we have shown there is something there..lol

        • I was thinking the same thing.. Def something there. I believe 100% you guys
          where able to contact something demonic there. (gives me the creeps)
          but, I was beginning to wonder if it was me going nuts bc i was so glued to the
          computer for so many days.. 🙂 glad it wasnt me loosing it…

  2. Outstanding capture! I believe you can rule out a natural occurrence because of their “known” behavior. I also do not believe this to be an odd artifact from the camera or simple matrixing. Firstly, this was a singular event during the entire segment of filming. Secondly the movement of the anomaly in of itself demonstrates it as being independent . GREAT STUFF !!!!

  3. Yea Def the last night/morning there was some strange shifting going on in the basement the shadow to the right of the room seems to manifest.. very creepy. we all seemed to be glued to it. and that was the night i was up for 24 hours watching so i was def glued lol.. but this is a great capture guys. 🙂 xoxo

  4. Thanks so much Deb, the timing and location of the anomaly to us is very interesting. I feel there should be more discussions about not using IR and Full Spectrum cameras on investigations due to the fact they might not be able to pick these types of anomalies.

  5. i have been studying the paranormal for about 20 years. i have come across something that i think you guys should find helpful on this case of the sally house. i reckonized you came across number 6, if i was you i would contact prs (paranormal state) and talk to ryan buell. he has had a few dealings with 6. season 2 episode 11 and season 3 episode 12. 6 is a very very strong black spirit, something that should not be taken lightly. hope this helps.

  6. Tim, that is an awesome catch. I can’t tell you what it is because I have no idea. I can tell you it gave me freaking cold chills.

  7. what a load of absolute garbage! cant see ANYTHING! you lot need to lay off whatever your taking folks…. NO REALLY… YOU DO! (either that or see a shrink!) really disappointed that ive just wasted 3 mins of my life don't do the same as me by watching this!

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