Real Monster Sighting Story, and Echovox recordings

This story happens, perhaps happened a little more than three years ago. (Crap, time flies when you are old)
My Sister was taking her husband to college, down in Weed. When we would pick him up we would have to wait about three hours while he went to class. It was quite boring indeed, waiting in car, outside of a class, and surrounded by naught more than Tall Pine trees. It can make one a bit tired indeed.

Eventually he would come out of the class room and it would finally be time to make the long drive home. I tend to be scared of the interstate , with all them naughty semi-trucks and what not, so we would take the back way home, on the old highway. The first part of the drive is a drive through nice tall pine trees. During this drive my sister speaks up, and for whatever reason she states that she has the feeling that we are going to see something, paranormal. Granted, she can be a bit paranoid, so I dismiss it.

We finally hit the old highway, and drive along. There is a random hill or two. (Okay, I guess hills aren’t random.) As we come up to the first one, my sister blows the car horn, likely to be a ward of sorts. As we went on, I became drowsy, and rested my head against the safety belt; you know the cavity between the seat and door.

I catch a glimpse of something from the corner of my eye. So I raise my head to look at the object, while my sister taps her brakes! There is a figure crossing the road, in a complete nonchalant manner. (Sorry, but that is the word I always remember, since that was near the time I would use Team speak with my friends.) Anyway, the being crosses the highway, as if nothing is coming, and no one can see him nor does he care about anything really. He was maybe seven feet tall, perhaps a bit taller, and cloaked in black, seemingly. It also seemed like there was a 1920’s style black hat on his head. But the thing that makes it so weird is that his eyes shined bright and yellow, similar to how Mothman’s glow red.

I asked my sister if she saw it. She says she did. She said that she hit the brakes and things. She sped home, and we didn’t really talk about it until we pulled into Walmart, and seen my dad. She described to him the same thing that I had seen.

Creepy as hell.

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That leaves the mp3 I am going to attach. I don’t know which format is best for video editors or whatever, I haven’t really used them.

Anyway, I never got real results with my Echovox, or so I thought. So, I decided to look into how Steve Huff uses his, and used his settings. The first one I did was a little rough, but spirits were coming in by the end of it. What I have attached it is the 2nd session my sister and I did with his setup.

I have it slowed down by 20%, but I can grab the original if you want it to not be slowed down, email me at [email protected] for it.

And, I just realized that the upload function is for images, onto dropbox!

Looks like I remember bits of both, so I will link both. There is a third, but its kinda boring, kuz I did nothing but read the bible.

This is the original first. Excuse the sound of me smoking, I wasn’t expecting that many results.

And at 20% reduction … d.mp3?dl=0

And now for the one I started talking about, before I realized both are important-ish.


20% reduction. … d.mp3?dl=0

And yeah. Feel free to crop out things as needed, but please do not alter it, ie adding, special effects, etc. Please also give proper credit if used ^^

This is Christopher Houle, Chris really. My youtube handle is Xerasful, but that is silly to say. Someone stole Xeras from me! xD

Xeras, btw is pronounced, ZER-iss.

2 thoughts on “Real Monster Sighting Story, and Echovox recordings”

  1. Very cool and thank you for your submission! Where is the town of Weed? Have other people reported seeing this being as well? Are UFO sightings common in your area??

  2. Weed is in Northern California, just north of Mt. Shasta. My sister and I see quite a few UFOs. but, they are not too often.

    As far as I know, we are the only ones to see this. I cannot even find anything online similar to what we saw.

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