Bath Game Ritual Daruma-san

What is the the Bath game Ritual, Daruma-San?

The Bath game ritual, or Daruma-san is a ghost summoning ritual which was recently popularized by creepy pasta. Basically this scary ritual involves summoning a grotesque ghost from your bath tub which is supposed to terrorize the summoner all day. The rules of this creepypasta ritual are quite simple, to play the Bath Game ritual you must:

-Do not open your eyes when the ghost first appears.
-Do not allow the ghost to trip you when you get out of the bath.
-Do not re-enter the bathroom after you leave.
-Do not drain the bathtub until morning.
-Do not allow the one-eyed woman to catch up to you.

What happens when you play?

Tim from decided to play the Bath Game Ritual live, these were the results that he had, which included numerous evps, could this be the spirit of Daruma-san or possibly another spirit that was trying to communicate with him?

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